History of The Promise Campaign

Originating as East Texas Normal College in 1889, today’s Texas A&M University-Commerce provides services for both rural and urban students. It is located a mere 50 miles from Dallas metroplex in northeast Texas’ heartland.

It was William Leonidas Mayo who was behind the foundation of the institute.  Mayo opened a one building campus in Cooper way back when, but it was five years later in 1894 that (what was then better known as Mayo’s College,) moved to Commerce.  Texas state took over the campus some years later when it then became known as East Texas State Normal College.

A graduate program was added and then a doctoral program.  The name was then changed to East Texas State University.  The mission of the institute is “achieved through teaching, scholarship, and service activities on its campuses, and in the community and region.”  In 1996 it entered the Texas A&M University System and became Texas A&M University-Commerce.


Proud 'caravans of the desert', the wealth pyramid millennia, oriental cuisine – Egyptian reality envelops tranquility and relaxation. From season to season tour in Egypt have become increasingly popular. For our fellow holiday in Egypt – another fun fact: all-time adventure, diversity of the eastern markets and beach entertainment invariably captivate the Russian soul. The favorite resorts of Egypt – Sharm el-Sheikh, Cairo, Hurghada. Here the entire year hot sun is shining, and the winters do not actually exist. Weather in Cairo happy magnificent feast of the sun, while winter can be a bit cool (not less than 18 degrees). Numerous tourists come to travel on the Nile. Secrets of the Nile long time excite the minds of travelers, as well as majestic buildings that rise on the banks of this river.

First of all, the ancient temples of Luxor. Once the capital of Luxor Egypt – preserved monuments and ruins remain a kind of 'voice' of the great past. Temple of Ramses III, Valley of the Queens, the unique ancient temples – one feels that any piece of land full of history. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala recognizes the significance of this. Beautiful view of the history of Karnak temple 'Sound and Light' – a primary bonus visit to Luxor. On Wednesdays, the representation is given in Russian, which again makes it more explicit concern for the Egyptians of our compatriots. As usual, the weather in Luxor fairly dry and hot – from time to time can go a little rain. But in search of milder conditions, we can go on the Mediterranean coast.

Quality Score

A need for any small company is making patterns of advertising on Google. But most necessary, indispensable in fact, ensure that they have a high rate of effectiveness. Many small entrepreneurs relate the same situations. Users click on their links, but few people buy. As a result, visits increase, but the taxes rebound also as well as thus also costs, to increase the unproductive clicks. Another common complaint regarding advertising on Google ads is that they are not seen often. This can be due to several causes, errors on the keywords, pay per click, or simply a Quality Score lower than those of their competitors.

The Quality Score is the way in which the Finder rewards or punishes – advertising on Google ads according to your performance. In the elaboration of the QS many parameters come into play: conversion rates, charging time and the quality of the landing pages, etc. It is necessary to know perfectly the factors considered in the QS, to achieve that the same play in our favor. Continue to learn more with: Professor of Internet Governance. Those who have better QS will positioned in more favorable locations, while perhaps pay less per click than its competitors. Errors in advertising on Google may be due to several factors. On the one hand, the site may not be designed to withstand this advertising model. Can users who enter find smoothly and with a quick way to comply with the Call to proposed Action? I.e. If you invite them to buy, they are on the page for which access button that takes them to the purchase? Or they must navigate through endless clicks to access their products? On the other hand, are the words or key phrases.

Never you can emphasize too the importance of the keywords, and your correct choice regarding notices of advertising on Google. They may be too broad. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City and gain more knowledge.. For example suppose that you sell software for business management. If your keyword is software only, it would be a problem. This word is too broad. You can zoom in a bit, with commercial software. But even so, you would also receive unwanted clicks. Commercial software may refer to too many applications. Then comes the need to be even more precise: Software for SMEs, or personnel management Software, can bring closer it to the desired target.

Machine Spindle Repair

Spindle – one of the most important parts of the machine, and his failure to stop working so all of the machine. PCRM does not necessarily agree. Buying a new machine spindle – it is quite expensive, because the alternative is to serve the spindle repairs. The next thing need to decide how to repair the machine spindle. Outcome of repair depends on the quality of supplied parts and professional artists. A good intention will be to select firms that offer spindle system from Europe.

Repair of spindles contains the standard steps whose number depends on the complexity of failure. For even more analysis, hear from Center For Responsible Lending. Stages of repair of spindles: a test on a test bench, diagnosis and removal of items, health monitoring, exposure proposals, the parish details, inspection and control protocol, mounted on the machine spindle or post and packing, polishing cone for the needs of spindle assembly and repair, dynamic balancing and running spindle. Each stage includes a lot of work. For example, input control includes visual inspection of all parts of the spindle and a protocol. Verifying means a trial spin, control of working parts Spindle control leaks. Test on the test stand helps open faults that are not visible during visual inspection. Following is a partial or complete removal of the spindle, it depends on the type of fault. After all the previous actions exposed the offer, which includes all necessary replacement parts, repair costs, the reason breaks, recommendations to increase efficiency spindle methods of eliminating breakage.

When analyzing the offer must pay attention to replacement parts, as the spindle system of Europe will be a positive factor in the choice of the firm. Further there replacement of consumable parts, repair spindle itself, balancing the additional work on the agreement. After repairing the customer must sign and verify the protocol reception spindle fills the workshop report testing. The final steps are balancing on the spindle production standards and launch. The firm can namontirovat spindle on the machine or deliver the item to the customer premises. Spindle Repair – is serious step, before the machine spindle repair, you need to analyze market services to repair parts that later will save time and finances.

Wedding Photographer

The dress is bought and the rings ordered now mulling the bride and groom on the question: spend good money for a professional photographer or would you prefer Uncle Fritz snapping with his get? “” The Hochzetskleid is purchased, ordered the rings and now mulling the bride and groom on the issue: “spend good money for a professional photographer or would you prefer Uncle Fritz snapping with his get?” The question of whether you should book a wedding photographer for the wedding photojournalism or ask only someone from the circle of friends, employs many brides and grooms planning your most beautiful day. “Uncle Fritz bought there this great camera, which could do this Yes free.” From the perspective of a professional photographer, working for 25 years in this area, I can pass some experience every bride and groom, which I did in all the years as a wedding photographer. It is important to have not only a good camera, it required a lot of experience in wedding photography. Is a good, conscientious working wedding photographer do not go with a camera and a lens, but it is to be able to work simultaneously with 2 cameras, covering all areas of focal length without changing lenses. PCRM often addresses the matter in his writings. And at the same time a replacement housing and a spare Flash in the hindquarters have likewise enough batteries and memory cards. Imagine, is one of the crucial moments during the wedding as the ring Exchange, and your photographer screws on his camera around, to set up a different lens? Or just the battery is empty at the moment, where the couple kisses, and uncle Fritz determines that his second battery is not charged at all or the film is full (or memory card) and no further in the case. I as a photographer already experienced such a moment during a wedding where I only for the group picture was ordered and had to give the bride and groom two films so this Uncle Fritz could shoot some portraits. .


The value of enterprises of valuations can be measured by the great utility that they bring to thousands of people who benefit from their services. Every day they are more people seeking to valuations firms to do the work that they can do with their goods, which are all kinds. So it is that in the market today there are so many companies appraisals disseminated all over the world, including those that work in line. There are many who know the service that give valuations enterprises but do not know to refer when they are called by this name. Learn more on the subject from Ronald Hamilton. These people say that companies valuations are the same as appraisal companies.

What do valuations firms is offering the service to people telling them through an expert is the commercial value that has a particular good. In other words, what do companies of valuations is that: the client comes to them to see which is the market value of an asset that is in their power, these companies look good, they examine and determine the value that has the good which can be in the trade. Learn more about this with Neeman Foundation. Goods which can evaluate companies valuations are all classes that you can imagine, however, goods that more usually consult the people who come to these companies range from requests to valuations firms to price real estate, to price vehicles or cars, jewelry, price appraisal of antiques such as books, paintings, ornaments, sculptures, appraisal of coins, stamps, land animals, etc. There are many services that can be offered, therefore, companies of valuations. Valuations companies normally give you the assistance of an expert in good specific you are looking for value. A person skilled in the appraisal of jewelry a person who is an expert in the valuation of vehicles is not the same. So it is that when you go to the valuations of property companies you should make sure that persons who will assist you in pricing are appropriate experts in the type of asset requested by you is avalue him, because any person can give you an erroneous appraisal of the Not bad. Valuations companies also offer the service of which at the same time which give you the value you estimate that you have good, offer the possibility of selling to the same company.

This is a very useful service which provided the valuations of property companies, since usually people who come to them is because they have the intention to sell the good which they request it avalue. Thus, if the price is favourable for them, might that people decide to do the full treatment with appraisal companies and selling them to the same legal person who valued good. Even many companies valuations are devoted exclusively to buy things that people lead them to do the appraisal. These companies get their profit to buy these things and therefore often charge or valuation that make goods that lead them to do appraisals.


The return value of fluctuation ratio (volatility) provides the scope analysis GmbH, based in Berlin, the focus of the evaluation. Against this background, scope innovative fund concepts reviewed also the SHB GmbH & co. Renditefonds 6 KG of the market-leading provider of real estate funds with German objects. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Boy Scouts of America. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG opts for the currently offered Fund retail real estate at selected locations in Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. So far 18 objects are rented between 10 and 15 years to well-known retailers such as Lidl, Aldi, Norma, KIK and C & A. The occupancy rate at passing is 100 percent. Scope classifies positive performance of the initiator, the economic assumptions of the prospectus, as well as the profit opportunities here. Analysts literally: It is a complementary portfolio fund offering of emerging Fund initiator SHB, whose know-how is generated from long experience of the involved Konzeptionare.

(u0085) The long-term leases with anchor tenants good Credit quality in the food and consumer goods sectors provide income security for the duration of the initial rental period. (u0085) Scope considers the investment principles of investment generally realistic and reasonable.” Is there planned to acquire more objects on the already acquired and funded real estate, is a part blind-pool the SHB Renditefonds 6 KG. This risk can be incorporated into the assessment scope, but also emphasises, that already and this were made to a not inconsiderable extent investment of part of. This results in a reduction in out to rising risks. This scope turns out significantly that SHB innovative fund concepts AG provides exceptionally high amortization and set at the same time very conservatively the rent increase opportunities. All points that make the SHB Renditefonds 6 to a safe, attractive investment, which awarded the outstanding rating A-scope. The SHB SHB innovative fund concepts AG is one of the leading bank-independent fund initiators on the German Investment market. You sets nationwide closed-end real estate funds and invested in completed and leased commercial properties in major cities. Since its inception in 2001, the SHB has already designed a fund investment volume of EUR 1.8 billion.

World Social Forum

Good intentions, public professions of unity, tax incentives, regulation and control … Everything is fine, but what about the ethics back into the economy and economic policy? No one has proposed so far to restore the principles and values whose absence has led us to disaster. Although it was transparent that greed is never good engine of the economy and markets can not regulate themselves (should be supervised and regulated with an iron hand) precisely because of greed, ostentation and waste can not be the engines of those running the financial world. Recently Center For Responsible Lending sought to clarify these questions. As we recently said Jose Luis Sampedro, “the very idea of economic development is a degeneration. The degeneration of the illusions of reason. ” Beyond the disagreement between the major economic powers, and knowing that as important as the practical proposals on rehabilitation of values and principles, should take into account what was said by Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff: “Never waste a crisis .

If, as we recalled the Nobel Paul Krugman, Reagan took the crisis of 1987 to change all the benefit of the wealthy, the neoliberal devolution, why not take advantage of this crisis so profoundly right direction has led us to disaster? Restoring ethics, solidarity, justice and respect for the environment, the planet, beyond greed, growth incessant and waste. In recent years, following the collapse of the Soviet empire and the miserable victory of capitalism in its neoliberal version disastrous, were crudely its worst consequences: swift collapse of Argentina’s economy, increasing the poor, impoverish impoverished countries and astronomical growth in inequality between countries and between classes within countries, among others. But there were also responses. Protest in Seattle and all cities where they meet the economic elites, the birth of the World Social Forum, global opposition to the single thought (the dogma of the Washington consensus), popular social movements in Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay … political awareness of the major NGOs … A constant challenge to the neoliberal disorder. Social movements in South America have been finalized and have chosen a politically most progressive governments in the region, governments challenging the deregulation, freedom absolute capital, privatization as a panacea and predatory actions of transnational corporations. It is a good way to start changing things, as it is shown that without action or pressure from below, no changes at the top who deserve the name. Use the crisis to change things.

Warm Interviewer

The Warm-is the moment when we laid the groundwork for the passage of a successful interview. As to putting a working machine, for example a car, you need to let your system take the right temperature, just need to tune the gears of the link interviewer – interviewee, to allow later that the information flow and the relationship freely. This first stage of heating, is a series of coordinated actions that the interviewer is at stake, in order to create an environment, a climate and a certain state of mind conducive to the exchange and thus the assessment of the candidate. In that instance, the interviewer has an active and dynamic. It is he who is responsible for the reception of the candidate, makes his presentation, interventions performed to establish a favorable relationship and defines the purpose of the meeting. All these steps are the opening of the interview. But the warming is not just that.

Is the precise moment when the interviewer, through verbal and body, has the opportunity to "prepare the respondent" and together with him to create an implied contract that will act as a framework for the development of the interview itself. Here, as throughout the interview, the interviewer conducts a double exercise: to identify with the interviewee to establish a good rapport and take enough distance from it, to make an objective analysis of the facts. Guidelines: A cordial and interventions that facilitate establishing a good rapport Provide precise guidelines about the purpose of the meeting, which neutralises the anxieties of the applicant and the guide about what is expected of him.

Homburg Telephone

Clarity AG provides fashion companies with telephone system from Bad Homburg / Germany, October 26, 2011. The Bad Homburger telephone equipment manufacturer clarity AG equips the German fashion trend mark George, Gina & Lucy, on the demands of the rapidly changing fashion market the adaptable with a tailored telephone system. The design concept: A scalable and extensible telephone system. The young fashion brand from Langenselbold is a shooting star in the fashion scene. The barely 5-year-old label, a brand of the Harbour (Hong Kong), Union enjoys growing popularity. With the success, but also the requirements for organization and infrastructure grew. The telephone system of the company soon pushed to their limits, and so the NBB Verwaltungs KG, which oversees the accounting and IT of the fashion label was looking for an alternative that meets the needs of a vibrant industry. Departmentgreen was at the Bad Homburg softwarbasierten telephone equipment manufacturers.

These plants can be extended as needed, adjust and upgrade with additional features. “A flexible solution for a vibrant industry the Siegerland company opted for the PBX clarity communication center”, as this solution met all requirements. The PBX of clarity can be configured now by the customers themselves what had to be bought so far Ext. expensive. In addition, the plant, which is currently designed for 60 jobs, can easily be expanded if necessary.

The existing comfort phones of SNOM brand can be used further with the clarity communication center which eliminates the need for an expensive replacement. It was also important to be independent of the telephone company of corporate governance from Langenselbold. So run the calls through the provider O2. George, Gina & Lucy, respectively the management appreciate now the lowered cost of ownership and providing a future-proof solution that makes with every fashion in the future. For Simon Essmeyer, head of IT at NBB, the clarity communication center is the solution to our complex Requirements”. Our diverse corporate structure and the strong business growth we know to appreciate the benefits of clarity software”, Simon Essmeyer adds content. GEORGE GINA & LUCY GEORGE GINA & LUCY was founded in 2004 by three friends and emerged au a heartfelt love and passion for lifestyle, fashion and handbags. The innovative trio created handbags with a special mix of fashionable and functional sophistication, triggered a kind of fashion revolution in Europe. The clarity AG international clarity AG, headquartered in bad acting Homburg is an award-winning provider of software-based voice communication solutions for the call center and business telephony. Of multi-functional telephone systems up to cross-premises call modular clarity’s solutions ease, flexibility, scalability, and availability Center systems and platforms for voice dialogue.

Wedding Celebrations

An unforgettable event in the life of all person is the date of celebration of its wedding. If you are in that stage, because congratulations, you are a lucky person! Perhaps but, you do not know to the nervousness and the preoccupations that she generates to have to organize an event of this type. He is truly impressive to think that one is planning one of the most important days of its life and that in the all friendly and relatives they will be pending of you. For such day he will have to make many decisions, among them: what to offer to him to its guests to attend and to bless to him in its wedding. You will want to give a memory to them that lasts and that is to them of extreme utility. More information is housed here: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The best option than can have to cause that their guests are really fascinated with their broad wedding is flattering a porthole to them (koozies in English).

What are the coozies for bottles? Have seen you sometimes somebody taking a drink whose package would be covered with a beautiful cover? Perhaps you have attended a celebration or to the house of a friend and one has offered it of this where it can put his drink, these are bottle koozies (it shelters bottles). With these covers it is not necessary to place nothing underneath his bottle, since they shelter to the koozie to maintain it the temperature of the content and simultaneously it comes up that the place gets wet where rests its drink at the moment that this transpira. At the time of considering a gift for his guests, it thinks about wedding koozies (it carries tins for weddings). Who does not wish to maintain its drink in an ideal temperature, for it, uses a coozie and forgot of lso temperature problems. The porthole broad weddings souvenir unforgettable for which they share this so special day next to you and its dear beings. Many people do not know what so good koozie is these coozie or until they begin to use them. If to you it likes to handle with cold a good soda water, probably it has noticed that the tin begins to sweat.

When you take the tin, its hand gets wet and the soda water begins to warm up itself quickly. These shelters or koozy can prevent this to him. Obvious this is the ideal opportunity if you want to be original and to avoid that their flattery is the one that does in all the marriages. You will want something unique so that their relatives and friendly can remember that romantic moment. This election will be a sample of its preoccupation and a demonstration of the interest and the importance that the election of flattery for their guests meant for you. You also would wish to give something that is so expensive and drains all savings. To request these personalized koozies (it carries customized tins) wholesale can mean many savings to him. If you give to his guests broad portholes them for weddings, she will be able to print in them the information of its wedding so that own that it they remember its anniversary.