The Foundation

Is it possible to calculate the sediment logs? Depending on the initial moisture content of logs, it varies Within 1/20-1/30 height of the wall So over boxes of window and door openings leave a gap filled with oakum. What is the technology of laying log walls? Baulk at first do not add up to the foundation, and in the side to give him , wait for 9-12 months. Outer side of the log is determined that where the annual rings are denser. Because there is stronger than wood. To align the crowns of horizontal beams laid butt in different directions. The first (lower) of the framework (it is called a salary) should be thicker than the next centimeter-ditch 5.

The wall will be safer if the first crown to collect oak and larch. Along the entire length of the logs, stacked in for the next salary wreaths, an ax felled a round groove, so that they would like covered with the previous ones. For connection logs vertically chisel every five feet hammering holes for studs (diameter – 4.3 cm). They are not alone under the other, but staggered. Sheep slaughter is not to the bottom of the hole, and leaving 2-3 cm of emptiness. Before we move frame to the foundation should be put around the perimeter of several layers of roofing material and tarred board thickness of 20 or 30 mm. As fixed angles of walls of wooden houses? There are 5 ways: in the butt to poldereva, a thorn in the cup, in a paw.

Only the third way (a spike) rescues from drafts in the corners. But it is the most time-consuming way. Therefore, builders without the effective area of the home. When logging in the "paw" should be very careful when marking and , or cutouts on the ends of rims do not match. When you need to caulk wooden walls? Simultaneously with the erection. At each crown fits dry tow or moss layers. Each layer should be slightly wider than the groove next crown. Insulating layer should be thicker than an inch, and over the windows and doors, taking into account future shrinkage and shrinkage at home, 4-5 cm more a year later, when the timber finally "find their place, the remains of moss and hemp need caulked into the grooves. How to "ennoble" outside the walls of wooden houses? Log house looks good even without paint, but brusovoi house desirable to sheathe, for example, a board-lining or even impose a brick (a half-brick) Although wooden wall not tolerate such a finish as worse than the "breathing". That the wall did not dampen, to take care of ventilation. And no Do not upholstering the wooden walls of roofing material: heat saving a little, but the rotting wood will be thorough. What are disadvantages of wooden walls? In addition, the walls of wood are flammable and are exposed to insect decay, after the construction of wooden walls before they finish must be at least a year until the walls "settle". The magnitude of rainfall could reach 10%, significantly higher than that of stone or Karka governmental walls (1 -3%). Timber during drying may be deformed. walls – a complicated and expensive procedure. Therefore advisable to use wood in the construction of small houses (not more than 2 floors).

Patrol Limits

By 2014 the volume of payments for environmental pollution of water bodies is expected to increase by six times. Head of mep Trutnev, called the existing system levying environmental charges 'inefficient and korruptsionnoemkoy'. Now Russia has a system of 'provisionally agreed limits' and the penalty factors for exceeding these limits. mep offers from 2009 opt out of the institute 'temporarily agreed limits', saving a penalty factor 25 for all excess emissions. By 2014, the penalty factor is proposed to increase to 144.

Experts explain that the increase in penalty factors associated with the desire of the Government to compensate spends 35 billion rubles for wastewater treatment. Opponents of the new initiative of the mep noted that the overall improvement of environmental charges will to an unjustifiable increase in tariffs for the population as a formal pollutants are utilities that collect runoff two categories – domestic and industrial. Domestic waste water does not pose a serious environmental threat, although dominated by the volume of pollution. The city authorities have criticized the 'environmental rating' Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian capital is of the view that became popular in Recently, environmental rankings of cities and regions do not actually correspond to reality, since in most cases they are scientifically unfounded. Questioned the capital specialists are also subject to counted in the ratings performance, criteria and methodologies for the collection of environmental information. For example, for the second time 'inherited' from the capital's environmental specialists of earlier environmental rating Subjects of the Russian Federation, sponsored by the ngo 'Green Patrol'.

Community Andalusia Method Chest

Promote awareness of the Method Chest in all instances related to the rescue in both domestic and international disasters, especially in programs of cooperation to establish Andalusia. a On November 15, 2006, HE. City of Seville, capital of Andalusia, approved by resolution that the method 12 561 num Chest is the formal system of training and intervention to rescue dog teams. 3) Legislative background outside the Community Andalusia Method Chest, after making formal proposals relevant to the respective Government Institutions by Corps Commander General of Police, Heads of Fire Departments, delegates Politic , based on the considerable operating implies endorsement level of effectiveness demonstrated detection and rescue of people buried, among other things, has been elected and approved as the official system for various Government institutions: Chest Method Approved as the official system by Ministerial num: 009, January 27, 2004 of Ministry of Government Ecuador. Chest Method Approved as the official system by Ministerial num: 103, June 2, 2004 of Ministry of Internal Affairs of El Salvador Approved Method Chest as the official system by agreement num: 683 July 23, 2004 of the Ministry of State of Governance and Justice of Honduras approved the method as the system Chest official num Resolution 3666 of December 17, 2004 from Ministry of Municipal Government of Pereira, Colombia Chest Method Approved as the official system for num Resolution 05/2005 of the National Board of Fire Corps Paraguay and AJ num Opinion 351 March 3, 2005 the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Paraguay Method Approved Chest as the official system num Resolution 042/2005 of 12 May 2005 from the Ministry of Security and Justice, Ministry of Government of Black River, Argentina Chest Method Approved as the official system for nu108/38 Agreement.

The Annunciation

Izenheymsky altar in its entirety demonstrates a variety of color characteristics, color effects and color expression, which is true can speak of it as the universal intellectual color composition. 'The Annunciation', 'Choir of Angels', 'Crucifixion' and 'Resurrection' is a picture quite different from one another as a drawing and color. For the sake of artistic truth Grunewald even donated a decorative the unity of the altar. To be truthful and objective, he has placed himself above the rules of scholasticism. In his art psychologically expressive power of color, its symbolic and spiritual essence of a transfer realist truth, ie color in all its three components of exposure, fused together in the name of the semantic depth of the work. Rembrandt (1606-1669) is considered to be a painter of light and shade.

Although it is Leonardo, and Titian, and El Greco used contrasts of light and shadow as means of expression, the Rembrandt is happening very differently. He felt the color as the solid matter. Using transparent shades of gray and blue or yellow and red color, he created a pictorial matter the deepest impact forces, matter, living their own amazing spiritual life. Using a mixture of tempera and oil paints, he achieved a texture, which produced unusually suggestive effect. In Rembrandt's color becomes materialized light energy, full of tension, and pure color of light, just as gems out of the darkness of their frames. El Greco and Rembrandt bring us into the very center of the color problems Baroque.


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