Gold Subscription

News website. Newsletter announcing the published material, updating websites, etc. Discussion list. The difference lies in the fact that writing in the list can not only author, but all the subscribers of this sheet. Blog. Unlike a blog from newsletter is that the main text of the blog, written by the author or presenter, can comment on the authors and subscribers to the site.

Classes: Bronze mailing. All first public distribution will automatically become 'bronze' and fall into a separate folder 'Bronze' mailings. Join a mailing is free and free of charge. The author has access to the control dispatch immediately after registration. More to the rules of bronze mailings can be found on page Silver subscription. From the 'Bronze' in the 'Silver' carries only the best in terms of administration, literate and interesting to list subscribers.

More here Gold subscription. Best Mailing transferred from the class 'Silver' in class 'gold'. On the advantages and criteria for such translation read this Corporate subscription page. Newsletter, which, without consent of the administration authors publish any commercial information, and place advertising, including third parties. This class is a commercial and will have to part with a certain amount of money. More information here Because this article is intended for beginners, then think a bit more detail on individual newsletter. It is in this category, I would recommend begin authoring activities. Describe the process of registration and the creation of dispatch, I will not, because everything is wonderful and detailed administration and should not cause any complications.