Educational Centre

29 – March 30, 2008 Education Center "STAGE FLIGHT took part in the annual International Workshop ICEF Moscow, which was held at The Ritz-Carlton at ul. Tverskaya 3. This international educational fairs held exclusively for professional educators, attracting many leading international universities from around the world and professional educational consultants from Russia, Asia and eastern Europe and is the largest professional vrokshopom its kind held in the territory of Russia. During the delegate package Representatives OC "STAGE FLIGHT" held dozens of meetings with schools of Great Britain, Canada, Ireland, Malta, Austria and Greece, among them – private schools, colleges, vocational and higher education, language centers for business people, businessmen and professionals, as well as companies – organizers of the summer language programs for children and youth. Aim was to establish new and develop existing contacts, as well as familiarity with the educational programs and standards of foreign educational institutions and conditions of enrollment. In addition, issues of educational technology, visa and organizational problems, legal issues, as well as possible ways of cooperation. The result of the participation of the OC "STAGE FLIGHT" ICEF Moscow in 2008 was the selection for yourself strongest from the academic point of view of foreign institutions offering innovative and / or high-quality educational programs of the different categories that will facilitate the development directory, whose main objective is to improve the quality of information about educational opportunities and learning of foreign languages abroad.