Europe Samovar

Thus, summarizing the findings, we can say with confidence that in spite of diversity, from small to large samovar is constructed the same way. Any samovar has such obvious components: a pitcher – a pipe located inside the samovar, which fuel in the form of wood chips, firewood or torches cap – the cap on the burner, cover the pot to burner – a functional element in the top of the jug teapot and for air flow through L-shaped tube handles – are attached laterally to the wall and serve to move the samovar repeek – a special plate, which cuts into the faucet and need for securely attached to the wall of the samovar thread – handle faucet, often decorated with a key or stem – cast cylinder valve to release the water wall – very noticeable part samovar, which is filled with water to heat the bottom of a – welded to the neck, can to force the flame neck – grille at the base of the jar, giving a flow of oxygen required to maintain fire dushnichok or otdushnik – a small hole on top to cover the samovar O steam at boiling range – full ring, which is at the top wall of the pallet – the massive support the samovar with stable legs. Early samovars sometimes graced diverse chasing and engraving. In fashion the motives Baroque. Sometimes under difficult curls could see the copper torso. By the final 18 th century immense popularity not only in Europe but in Russia won the classicist, and with it the severity of symptoms.

Advertising Castration Kotov

Berlusconi became the star of Advertising Castration Kotov German branch PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – an organization “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”) has opened another campaign, entitled “Too much sex (Too much sex). One of the new posters photo even got Silvio Berlusconi. The purpose of this promotion is to call the owners of domestic animals, such as dogs and cats to clean their pets. The reasoning is simple: the streets too many homeless animals. These posters organization reads: “Too much sex can end badly … even for dogs and cats (Too much sex can be a bad thing … for dogs and cats too). In their experiments, PETA members have gone further and put on one one photo of the Prime Minister of Italy.

Recall that Berlusconi has repeatedly become the epicenter of the scandal’s wearing of a sexual nature, while as the media with an enviable rate of reported him more and more fan. PETA has already used in their advertising campaigns, “Too much sex ‘famous figures such as golfer Tiger Woods, pornoaktery Ron Jeremy, Sasha Grey and Jenna Jameson. Also note that Berlusconi is accused of sexual relationship with an underage prostitute Moroccan Karim El-Maruga nicknamed Ruby, which, according to reports, Prime Minister paid for sex. Itself 17-year-old girl has denied the allegations. The first hearing on the case against Mr Berlusconi in Milan court appointed April 6. However, the defendant denies his guilt, on the grounds that he had never used the paid services of a sexual nature. So, gentlemen, is my advice: do not prilyubodeystvuyte!