Under James I, who it covered the parents begging was considered ' ' vagabundo' '. Apanhado, was beaten in convicted public and the six months of arrest. Recidivist received a conviction from two years. Such legislation would only be abolished in 1714. In France, the century XVII, ' ' vagabundos' ' they occupied Paris and they were under similar legislation. Luiz XVI, commanded in 1777, ordered to the welshman all man is and robust, of 16 to the 60 years, that profession or way of subsistence did not have. Almost two hundred years before, in 1537, Carlos V conceived a decree for Country-Low, through which the population of the fields, violently expropriated and reduced to the vagrancy, was submitted to the whip, the marks with iron in live coal, to the torture and the slavery. The wage-earners, appeared in the Second half of century XIV, did not form seno a small part of the population.

Its position was protecting in the field for the independent peasants, and in the city for the masters and apprenticees socially joined. The subordination of the work to the capital one was only one formality, specifically capitalist, with the changeable element of the capital prevailing on its element constant. In the truth, the legislation on the wage-earning work started with its matrix of exploration and was being successively directed against it in England, in 1349, as the Statute of Labourers, of 19 Eduardo III, through which it was forbidden, duly warned arrest, to pay or to receive wages higher than the established one legally. Curiously, the penalty shaving who received was bigger! In 1630, another statute allowed a master to get the work for the legal table by means of corporal violence. Since century XIV up to 1825, the coalition one of workers was considered crime. The wages in money went up very, however, of form slower than the depreciation of this and the corresponding rise of the prices of the merchandises, what it meant fall of the real wage.

Wooden House

What is life in an apartment building? It is not always a pleasant interaction with neighbors, noisy companies under windows and staircases, and to put it mildly, not very healthy environment "" Probably the majority of readers have anything to add to this by no means a complete list of "charms" living in a glass-concrete kingdom. And probably no accident revives the tradition of building his own house on the ground. But the question is: how, from what and for what price to build their homes, which will be really convenient, comfortable and will not harm the health of the household? Cost per square meter in Chelyabinsk varies from an average of 27 to 35 thousand rubles. House of laminated veneer lumber Turnkey with the finished roof, windows and doors of the company's "Eco-House Ural costs 25 thousand rubles for a" square ". Standard "" area of 72 square meters would cost about 2.5 million rubles. For the same money you can build a house of laminated board of 90 "squares" (including basement).

A house made of logs of the same general area will cost 810,000 rubles (including basement). Has long been in Russia for the construction of homes used wood. It Wooden houses are considered one of the most environmentally friendly types of housing. Best properties of wood combined with the durability absorbed laminated board. This material is traditionally considered one of the most expensive and is used for building houses the business and elitklassa. But it turns out, the houses from glued beams may be available to a wider range of buyers! "The fact that buyers of cottages from laminated veneer lumber manufacturers often offer the option, without which you can easily dispense with the well to save without sacrificing quality, – the head of a group of companies "Eco-House Ural Maxim Stepanich.

Gabbana Beauty

If a person builds a this beautiful form, and his desire is 'clothed' in endless love and good returns. In other words, beauty is in the form of Kabbalah, meaning of love and the impact that 'puts' on a wish. Eternal striving to embody love So why are we so fascinated beauty that willing to pay for her own good money and effort? Do you want to – believe it or – no, but each of us laid the inner desire to be like, no more, no less, as the Higher Power. A higher power – it the pure force of bestowal and love acting around us. And, despite the fact that we are conducting themselves like wild beasts at times (forgive me readers for this comparison), at heart we are still striving to become similar to that Higher Power, as it is it is our root, and a stronghold of the embodiment of beauty.

That is the reason why (the real reason, but not Claudia Schiffer, Angelica, or Joules), which makes us instinctively ignited from the earth's beauty, because we are really looking for a source of endless beauty. However, due to the fact that now we are cut off from awareness of the truth, to seek, we are trying to reach that inner beauty with the help of external tricks. But the real beauty is not found in any makeup, not in good manners, nor even a chic dress, for which I paid a thousand (!) Dollars. True beauty lies in our attitude to people, to ourselves, to the world around us. And the essence of that beauty lies in giving and loving others. So start hugging people on the street? Not at all! We're not going to put on a sweet fake mask on the ugly face, saying so will gain the inside beauty.

We already went through. All you need to do – is to start a fascinating journey into your inner world, revealing themselves for who we really are and discover what a huge domestic potential hidden within us. Kabbalah says that none of the desire does not arise in a person just like that. And if we live in a never-ending quest to be beautiful, it is because we can find the most extraordinary beauty in our society – the beauty of the Upper Force. Beauty that even now, when we cry, hate, or envy, lives within us. And now that we have clear rules of the game, you just begin to reveal themselves to this beauty, because she herself, as We see no manifest itself, even if we make ourselves a thousand plastic surgeries. Where to start? Need to change your inner attitude towards life. In the present, aimed only at filling itself, the attitude return neighbor. And to help in this adventure, leading us to a meeting with the beauty of the Upper Force, we have to Kabbalah. She awakens and develops the study of man he was sent, the beginning of a loving, his inner beauty, helping to become internally in this timeless and eternal beauty, without spending a penny at Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani. Let's be beautiful in its every action … Source article –

Gemma Gray

But he goes. As a magician. And waiting, the dream decorating, descends to the throne of the shadows. We are the first thing we hear – Hello! VISITING SCHOOL FRIEND A. Sveshnikov Day on the heels of me went, becoming a reflection and shadow: I was gay and he shone, sadness – dived into the damp cell.

Are you hard barkers Come to Sunday on Monday. Forgotten or no longer knew what I inveterate hypochondriac. She – Juno and wife hocus round fun. On the call, and wandered into memory, spill from his youth hangover. How to do everything before he died trying, shaking the weekdays, but that sung, not finish singing and do not bloom in the basement of the tubers. The day was born with a forelock of the sun, but soon began to turn gray. Zapletal and drifting snow in the evening and the ring tired of snow. Unknown to the Voynich you see the trail, screaming souls In the blood, not rum, but the poison potion.

A Gadfly with a lame leg lead to mortal execution. And a bird with scarlet tears of impotence beat on the glass, flying in the shadow of a flame under a hail of sparks, its heat. But the icy gray buzz around moaning and extinguishes the candles. Where parting there, and he wiping out any hopes for the meeting. … On perekor fate of others, through the ditch insults, just change suddenly descend from heaven into the arms of Arthur live pretty Gemma.

The Holiday Was A Landmark

More recently, the whole team 'Daddy's daughters' celebrated the end of filming. Between their television on such an event called the "cap". The event was The Killers. He confessed that he loves the show and still worried that it did not take on the role of Buttons. Almost all of Participants filming tv series 'Father's Daughter' came to congratulate each other. Of course, there was also a huge family Vasnetsov: Miroslava Karpovich, Lisa Arzamasova, Dasha Melnikova, Nastia Sivaeva, Katja Starshova and, of course, "Mama Nonna Grishaeva. Only male Andrei Leonov could not attend because he was in Sweden visiting his son.

Also in the restaurant to the "daughters" came Anna Dimova, Nina Persiyaninova, Michael Kazakov, Alexander , Maria Semkin, Tatiana Orlova, Kokshenov, Sergei Panov, Alexander Golovin, Vlad Lisovets. All those present cared only one question: "Is episode ended?". ceo tv sts Vyacheslav Murugov promised that it "just a comma, not a point in the project." Congratulations to "Daddy's subsidiaries with blestatelnym the shooting came ceo of ctc Media, Anton Kudryashov, with his semey.Posle official tabulation, it is time to present a party in an informal setting. Nonna Grishaeva performed for all present her new song. It was certainly a big surprise. Girls do not like debt and sang the title song series twice.

The second time, all the familiar words "Life sometimes lets out the sting of " the girls sang in the style of rap. The Killers at this moment asking the rhythm of the drums. After their presentations, the guests rolled grand dance. Nobody wanted to leave. The girls made a promise to each other more often to meet. However, over these three years, they became a real family. Incidentally, the series premiere sitcom "Daddy's Daughter" in which "dessert" has been reviewed all the fun will be shown at jts in the new tv season.

Radiators In Heating Systems

Radiators in heating systems. Heating system – a closed network, which includes the boiler, pipes and heating appliances. In the guts of the system is filled with sparse heat conductor. In the role of the heat conductor can fluid consumed, and still others, the hot fluid or antifreeze. Boiler – a special unit of blood supply of the heating system where hot heat carrier. From this place krugovraschatelny pump on the system channels giving water or a substitute for heating devices (batteries) are the same, in other words, and give warmth to the huge house.

These are the main parts of heating circuit. Its stable functioning of the guarantee and even other small but necessary mechanisms. Tank for the expansion needed to fill the increasing temperature of the liquid in the networks of heating systems used fittings, in addition, the circuit is provided dampers, and many others. Radiators have become an important part of the heating circuit. Besides the fact that the parameters of the radiator is dependent on heating in rooms, in an aesthetic sense radiators – face the heating system.

Today's radiators are made of different alloys, they acquire a variety of shapes, different design features, not remembering is that if you want you can buy or repaint the radiator installed in every color of the rainbow. Those features make radiator core fragment of the interior design of apartments. Structurally radiators have the opportunity to divide into four main categories: panel, pipe, coil and panel radiators. Coil or plate batteries are a one or a few pipes with metal plates. Air flows, running through the convector upwards, raises the temperature of the numerous hot plates. In some radiators this form provides flow control-moving air through a special valve. The system of tubular radiator is vertically raised curved metal tubes that connect the upper and lower reservoirs. This type, per kilowatt, is expensive. Revealing indicator of this group are towel. Sectional radiators consist of separate sections, parts, and produce them out of these metals as iron, steel, aluminum. There are also so-called bimetal sectional radiators – their body is created from aluminum, and the tube – made of steel. Maximum consumed in the networks of individual heating radiators association iron steel panel battery, so stopped in their characteristics with greater precision. The panel also called battery nesektsionnymi. Most often, radiators in this category are from a two welded together from sheet metal, with linear channels. In the cavity of the direct channels There is circulation of heat carrier. In order to increase the heated plane and consequently the heat transfer to the rear surface of the panel is welded steel ribs in the form of a 'P'. Iron panel radiators can be characterized by a small thermal inertia, so there is easier to measure the temperature in the room. Main pressure most of the models of radiators is limited to 9 atmospheres. A wide range makes it possible to choose the best on the characteristics of panel radiators in each place. The disadvantage of panel radiators, as well as others made of metal panels, is susceptibility to corrosion, in addition, they are distinguished as increased sensitivity to water shock and high blood pressure. For this reason, prefabricated radiators have a chance to easily apply for heating buildings and small suburban villas, but in the case of urban apartments must attentively read the manufacturer's requirements and specifications.