Meteorological Organization

The festividades in our city Guarabira-PB, Christmas, New Year etc. had been all, and adentramos as Christian the Campaign of the Fraternity (2011), with a subject sufficiently divulged in all the media. The Campaign of the Fraternity and the Life in the Planet have as subject ' ' The creation moans in pains of parto' ' (RM 8,22). The magnitude what it deals with and it approaches the subject global heating climatic changes lode in good hour. The church through the National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil? CNBB, will sufficiently have activities and work in passing to the Christians the importance not to degrade. The cause of this climatic disequilibrium is argued by the researchers has decades, also in different chains. The skeptics and the scientists place the subject in holistic and careful way.

Some understand that the global heating is deriving of process of the proper nature and others affirm, that the planet this presenting heating, that has as origin to the great amounts of emissions of effect gases greenhouse that if they intensify from the moment of industrialization of many countries, is resultant of the antrpicas actions. But what it is the global heating? According to site (, the global heating is a climatic phenomenon of wide extension? increase of average temperature of the surface of the land that comes happening in last the 150 years. However, the meaning of this increase of temperature, still is object of many debates between the scientists, natural causes or antropognicas (provoked for the man), it has been proposals to explain the phenomenon. The IPPC (Intergovernamental Panel for the Climatic Changes established by United Nations and World-wide the Meteorological Organization in 1988). In its report, more recent it says that the majority of the heating is observed, during last the 50 years. If it very must probably to a effect increase greenhouse, having strong evidence, of that the majority of the heating, either had the activities human beings (including stop beyond the increase of the greenhouse gases, others alterations, as for example, had to a bigger use of underground waters and the ground for agriculture and industry, beyond, of a bigger energy consumption and pollution).

Auriferous Company

In a escravista society, the main protagonists were the slaves, the free and poor men. At the hands of them they had passed the gold and the precious rocks that had fed the finances of Portugal, and enriched on public agents the Crown in Brazil. If all the wealth, that fed the finances of Portugal and its public agents in Brazil, passed at the hands of the free and poor men, because these had not enriched? Because of the oppression of the treasury department and the laws that defended the interests of the Crown and local rulers. To show for population that the society was igualitria joust and, some religious festividades in the Captainship of Mines had been carried through. The preparation for the parties was enormous, the cities luxuriously were decorated and decorated for the religious festividades. The Chambers of the Metropolis and of the Colony esbanjavam money in these religious parties and finished being without money, for the expenses as conservation of roads, improvement of the condition of life for the population and other things more.

The religious yearnings in these parties they passed far, therefore, were in them that the populations of the city if found and if they communicated, therefore, was the great amusement of the people. The religious yearning, did not exist, what he was festejado in the truth was the success of the auriferous company. As that if at that moment, all had to the reach the precious metal, the gold. During the religious parties, it fell in the esquecimento, to the social differences and conflicts. The image of a rich and full society of good, manipulated for the pomp of the baroque parties, was in the truth a form to hide the poverty and the hunger that the mineradora society devastated.

Therefore the conditions to make richness, with the capitation of the precious metal, were almost impossible. This because, the treasury department, the taxation on the slaves, the purchase and maintenance of would escravaria, the expenses you did not quantify, this everything, in the end of the accounts the balance, was always negative. The more, the production of the gold increased more profit was extracted, for the Crown through the system fiscal. As it says the popular said one: ' ' From above one goes up and of low desce' '. Then the appearance of wealth, luxury and ostentation of the baroque parties was for hiding the poverty that was for backwards of a gold that in the truth alone existed for the Crown and the public agents in Brazil. In truth nothing escaped of system fiscal colonial, that by means of the treasury department, taxation on slaves and other things more, was the way that the Crown had to remove the gold, of the captainship. Thus generating a bigger poverty, disabling the colonist, to buy slaves, in a escravista society and this still more moved the poverty and the decay of the mining society. Making with that some people abandoned the Mines, in search of agriculture in other captainships. The biggest victim of the fiscal system of the Crown, was the son of the Mines, therefore they had been, without nothing of its, gold and diamonds, that were absorbed by the Portuguese sponge. Leaving them thus, in the misery, hungry and in the decay. The hunger, misery and the decay are equal to the increase of the unevenness of conditions of life of the men.