Independent University

In order to approach these arguments most interesting it is to make it through some economic concepts, cultural or popular that conform a diverse and ambitious project. Alphabet of 15-M for one reforms economic of qualification. They are three: Moody' s, Standard & Poor' s and Fitch. They are key piece of the financial gear and their curricula accumulate multitude of chapters of illicit activities. With its qualifications on the countries or the organizations they exert an enormous one to be able and they press until marking somehow the economic policies. In Spain a complaint against them has appeared.

Europe says to want to put boundary to them, but, like at the time with " refundacin of capitalismo" , of the saying to the fact an abyss mediates. Attac. This international organization takes to years constructing speech from the academic and intellectual world. Its flag is " economic justice global" and it is an opposition to the dominant liberal thought in the economic debate. Its last campaign promotes a tax to the financial transactions (Tobin Rate).

Bank. The paper of top enemy incarnates. Culprit of the financial crisis considers itself that began in 2007. The rescues of organizations have given rise to a debate around the necessity of a public bank. But, in addition, according to the economist in the Independent University of Barcelona and president of Justice i Pau, Arcadi Oliveres, the ethical bank is an important alternative, since " he is transparent as far as the money that receives and to that they give. And in addition, they give it following criteria ticos". Booty, Emilio. Songs, cartoons and placards personalizan in the president of Banco Santander the figure of the banker who becomes rich at the cost of the set of the society. His recent judicial problems by presumed fiscal fraud, in which part of its family is implied, it does not seem that they are going to contribute to an improvement of his image.

Electoral Advance Forces

EP Of all of them, CiU is the unique one that has proclaimed its head of list by Barcelona. A position that falls by third time to the UDC leader, Josep Antoni Duran. PSC and ERC had programmed for this autumn their respective congresses. Zapatero announces the advance of the general elections to 20-N. The advance of the general elections will force the Catalan parties to activate the machinery and to accelerate the strategies this same August since of all of them, CiU is the unique one that has proclaimed its head of list by Barcelona, position that falls by third time to the UDC leader, Josep Antoni Duran.

It is about to see how the new calendar will affect the PSC, whereas ERC maintains so what the congresual process as was predicted. Both parties had programmed for this autumn their respective congresses, to strengthen new leaderships and strategies after their respective defeats in the Catalan elections of 28 of November and policemen of the 22 of May. Barn of socialist votes the PSC must like main mission return to be a fundamental barn of votes for the result of the PSOE: in 2004 and 2008, the campaigns based on the fear to the PP went keys to mobilize the Catalan electorate, with already mythical If your you do not go, they return devised by the equipment led by the secretary of Organization, Jose Saragossa. The own direction of the PSC already has admitted that the minister of Dns to, Car to me Chacn, will be most probably her number one: in fact, their visits to Catalonia have been increased in the last weeks. Chacn occupied this place three years ago, when the Catalan Socialists reached the 25 deputies and secured the best electoral result of their history. Besides the incognito of if there is or not ' CTO Rubalcaba' , the PSC has summoned for the 28, 29 and 30 of October its congress, that enters their main challenges, is the one to define its relation with the PSOE, before the exigency of some sectors critics, as the platform Nou Cicle, of which the own group in the congress recovers.

Euros and Companies

Nevertheless that does not seem to matter to him to the different companies that recruit personnel. It seems that the more apt, the more young the more advisable Nobel the more. Being therefore the things, then, they have forced to me to hang chimpnes and without to have had great campaigns, nor to have won what the today soccer players win. Now I am sorry to me of not to have chosen soccer like profession. Perhaps if greater interest had put him when I decided to prove me in a distrital league another one it had been the thing. Because I consider that badly it did not do it.

A single contract in the then professional if somebody discovered to me and assured to me economically. It is enough to see the ascent of the soccer players of first order to know to the enormous difference between the producers of entertainment and the other producers of the society. Reviewing the numbers than some of them they win per year, months, hours and until per minutes like million, thousand and hundreds of Euros and dollars it is for remaining dumb and stupefied. And to think that I to the day, in my last work, daily removed 27 new suns that to the present change would be 10 dollars. In aim it is for sighing. There have been moments in which shared a call or qualification of work with young people who could be my smaller brothers. If, more and more young they and more and more old I.

It is necessary to also consider that since the woman began her way of independence, because I have had to often compete the position with a woman. It is more, in several announcements of use it is asked for specifically personal feminine and sometimes with better payment than others of the same activity. I can assure that I have not secured the position not for want of conditions or of formation. If I must compete now with a woman, I must also it do against the own age. So I am out of play. In a country del that says the analysts, grows in the great numbers of the economy, I I comprise of the number that is not including in that one economic development. I am the part of the statistic that is across of the bonanza, besides the opportunities offered to few (mainly young) and denied to many, mainly " viejos" like I. One that it must get used to playing in the smaller leagues or the matches masters. Retired by the force and never by own will. Almost resigned to receive the gratuities by the cachuelos that from time to time anybody does not want to realise. Stuffed of requests of salesman as if it did not serve more than to sell and without to really know what. (as if all had an innate spirit of salesman). Finally faced the reality del that has aged before time. Perhaps good, after all, this free and vacated time is a good occasion to share these lines with the readers. And like this dot for length, then, I believe that I am going away to be here seated to write my autobiography.