Independent University

In order to approach these arguments most interesting it is to make it through some economic concepts, cultural or popular that conform a diverse and ambitious project. Alphabet of 15-M for one reforms economic of qualification. They are three: Moody' s, Standard & Poor' s and Fitch. They are key piece of the financial gear and their curricula accumulate multitude of chapters of illicit activities. With its qualifications on the countries or the organizations they exert an enormous one to be able and they press until marking somehow the economic policies. In Spain a complaint against them has appeared.

Europe says to want to put boundary to them, but, like at the time with " refundacin of capitalismo" , of the saying to the fact an abyss mediates. Attac. This international organization takes to years constructing speech from the academic and intellectual world. Its flag is " economic justice global" and it is an opposition to the dominant liberal thought in the economic debate. Its last campaign promotes a tax to the financial transactions (Tobin Rate).

Bank. The paper of top enemy incarnates. Culprit of the financial crisis considers itself that began in 2007. The rescues of organizations have given rise to a debate around the necessity of a public bank. But, in addition, according to the economist in the Independent University of Barcelona and president of Justice i Pau, Arcadi Oliveres, the ethical bank is an important alternative, since " he is transparent as far as the money that receives and to that they give. And in addition, they give it following criteria ticos". Booty, Emilio. Songs, cartoons and placards personalizan in the president of Banco Santander the figure of the banker who becomes rich at the cost of the set of the society. His recent judicial problems by presumed fiscal fraud, in which part of its family is implied, it does not seem that they are going to contribute to an improvement of his image.