Samuel Ferguson

The inciativa ' Lee has premio' he has managed to remove from his books to personages like D' Artagnan, Celestina or Robin Hood so that they cross the Spanish cities. Its intention is to promote the reading and to invite the citizens to submerge in thousands and the one adventures that can find in books. D' Artagnan has left to a side its adventures and the Celestine has stopped in her Picardy to leave her books and to look for new readers in cities like Cordova, Burgos, Lleida thanks to the initiative ' To read has premio'. In this cultural adventure by the streets of the cities they accompany other classic novel personages to him of adventures and by Literature like Sherezade, Robin Hood, doctor Samuel Ferguson, Cleopatra, the Valiant Cid, Don Mendo and Robinson Crusoe. Everything to invite the citizens to submerge in thousands and the one adventures that can find in books. Summer, time of books the campaign, coordinated by Gerald Miguel and organized by the Federation of Unions of Publishers of Spain, is carried out by a ten of actors who give life to these personages and who they animate to the people to read. According to it has indicated Gerald Miguel, the campaign becomes in summer because he is when there is more free time to approach books.

Delay in the reading habit Miguel has considered this promotion of the reading necessary because Spain has a delay in reading habit and, " although it has grown years in the last, is certain breach with respect to countries of the north of Europa". The objective is " to reduce that distancia" and has been " very optimista" because in the last years have seen how the greater index of reading population is between the young people of 10 to 24 years. The campaign can be followed through the social networks Twitter, Facebook and Tuenti as well as in the Web where routes, calendars, summaries are detailed and even anecdotes. To read has prize has happened already through Burgos, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Huesca, Lleida, Teruel, Albacete, Cordova, Ciudad Real and the following shutdowns will be in Segovia, Zamora and the 28 of July finalize in Ourense. Source of the news: D' Artagnan, the Celestine and the Valiant Cid leave their books to look for new readers

Book Awards

To make a decision about his hobby, you must: 1. Focus on yourself 2. Feel your true desire 3. Connect intuition 4. Identify benefits for the other 5. An effective strategy to begin to act organizing their hobby 1.Nayti hobby that you would be fascinated, granted the joy and benefit 2.Nayti time for hobbies and habits 3.Organizovat secure place for your favorite classes 4.Sozdat atmosphere that will help you switch to a hobby 5.Nayti fans and support from their relationship 6.Uchitsya and improve their skills 7.Nayti mentor who will help you cope with the complexities and support your interest 8.Naslazhdatsya! Such a strategy is a powerful means to live in harmony with each other, get new experiences, be interesting to talk and enjoy life. There are many stories as a hobby is not only a hobby, but a matter of life.

Here is one of the most recent. In a small town in the south Portugal lived a tutor in English. She passed the exams fail to Oxford, her parents insisted on a French department univesiteta Exeter (Exeter) in Devon, although she wanted to study the native English. She had favorite hobby – writing. After lunch, she gave lessons, and in the morning – penned. The first two novels have been abandoned as a bad job over the third has just begun. It was in 1993, she was 28 years old. At this time she married, gave birth to child and divorced her husband, a student.

Often, she visited a cafe in Edinburgh, where he wrote of his novel. After several refusals, she finally sold the book and U.S. $ 4000 was the ninth heaven. A few months later her Book outbids another publisher, but for the same amount that the teacher already can not work. A year later, her book will recognize in the UK the best children's book of the year. She writes a sequel to the story, and film studio Warner Bros. buys film rights to two novels. Her series of novels translated into more than 60 languages. Throughout the world, selling over 250 million books. The success of a series of readers, as well as films, shot on the novel, brought her worldwide fame and state. It yalyaetsya the richest woman in Britain. Forbes magazine estimated her fortune in $ 1 billion. She becomes the owner of many prestigious literary awards, including the Children's Book Award and was awarded the Order British Empire and is actively involved in charity work – up support for single parents and fund research on multiple sclerosis – a disease from which her mother died, marries and has a son. Hero of her novels was a boy who accidentally discovered that he was a magician and got into a magic school. His name was Harry Potter. As you may have guessed, this incredible story about obsession writing, which became the cause of all life, on the British writer known by his pen name JK Rowling. Do you have hobbies?