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Critical Areas

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First the great localities that had suffered estruturadoras interventions had been the quarters of Mangueira and Mustardinha, through an accord between the municipal city hall and the government of the state (Compesa). The Hose possesss an area 64,6 ha, with a population of approximately 19,671 inhabitants, contends four critical areas or slum quarters, called Sigismundo, Field of the Lice, Well of the Hose and Street Otaviano de Pink Almeida; these communities, stuck in a quarter endowed with some infrastructure had been benefited with Sanitation Integrated in its completude, including the construction of houses inside of its perimeter and a habitacional set in next land. In the Mustardinha, a region with similar characteristics to the Hose, possessing 38.1 ha and population of 11.093 inhabitants, the interventions had been similar, with action of Sanitation. Secretariat of Budget Participativo and Gesto Citizen: Secretariat whose main attribution is the dialogue with the population through plenrias where is voted the priorities for the city. Integrated in the critical areas of Jacar and Beirinha, that formed informal urban accumulations without minimum basic infrastructure conditions.

Greece After Independence

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After independence, the country's population of Greece is about 800 thousand people. It was about one-fifth of all the people who spoke the Greek language. Approximately 200,000 Greeks lived in the Ionian Islands, which since 1815 belonged to England. And more than 3 million Greeks lived in the territory of the Russian Empire. The next one hundred years the main purpose of the Greek government was to return as many people who say in Greek on Greek territory. The efforts of the Greeks in this direction has supported Russia, which wants to further weaken the Ottoman Empire. Britain feared because of the further strengthening of the Russian Empire in the Balkans, This alignment of forces supported Turkey. Naturally in this scenario, the forces Greece itself is also more inclined to the Russia.

In 1853 started the Crimean War in which Turkey, Britain, France and the Kingdom of Sardinia against Russia. Since Greece was on the side of Russia, the British navy occupied the harbor of Piraeus, to prevent the Greeks to use the favorable situation and attack the Ottoman Empire. After the Crimean War, Britain still has returned the Ionian Islands of Greece, which started the movement for reunification with Greece. The next chance for the liberation of the Greek lands from the Ottomans fell to Greece in the late 19 th century. At this time, broke out revolt in the Balkans against the Ottoman rule. In 1877, Russia again declared war on Turkey, and the Russian army successfully crossed the Danube. As a result of the war in Greece were handed over to new territories in Epirus and Thessaly.

Email Campaigns

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Do you want to double or triple the number of new potential customers and generate clients each month with your email address? It’s focus on your email with the techniques of drafting campaign. The drafting of email is part of a successful Virtual business. It is the art of using the compelling written content, centered around a service or product to sell. A tool widely used to tempt the reader are articles that should be attractive, desirable and to show some benefits. The writing is often described as a play on words, where the best more persuasive campaigns are what customers will earn. Every time that you send an email, you’re basically trying to sell a benefit. So what the best way to communicate with your prospect is in the language and the proper wording, specifically for that niche that you are targeting.

The secret of your successful Virtual business through e-mail marketing is to balance the right mix of benefits and features of your product. Here are 9 tips to try in your next campaign emailmarketing. 1. A title of great impact. A title can be the difference between selling and not selling nothing, takes headlines proof that motivate the curiosity of one who sees the message. 2 Attract readers. Looks at the articles of magazines, advertising to help you and studies as they do to catch your readers and get you in a similar manner.

3 Keep the main message showing 3 primary benefits of your product or service they are offering the reader display in a way that they educate their knowledge do not try sell educa. Presented credible information, you do not overdo. 4. The state your proposal should be in a personal way, since the focus has that view with the client that is, writing with the “you” and not in the way you ten found these linking you.5. Focus on the benefits for the customer. People want to save money, participate and be a part, learn more, earn more. 6 Offers multiple points of sale in format of bullet. Write from the point of view of the customer and problematic reflejasus and needs. 7 Fully displays the description of the product. Gives the customer all the information they need about the product or service in order to make a proper decision. 8 Create a call to action. Tell the client what to do exactly, step by step. 9. Never you must show a position of seller to differentiate yourself from the competition. For example, say your product it is better that the competition does not bring any benefit nor convinces nobody. These are 9 writing techniques to make a successful Virtual business via e-mail. Taking these points into account results in your email campaigns will be of great benefit in your venture. 8 Create a call to action. Tell the client what to do exactly, step by step. 9. Never you must show a position of seller to differentiate yourself from the competition. For example, say your product is better that the competition does not bring it any benefit neither convinces nobody. These are 9 writing techniques to make a successful Virtual business via e-mail. Taking these points into account results in your email campaigns will be of great benefit in your venture.

European Parliament

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The Italian firm PINKO presents its new campaign for the spring/summer 2011 season, where we can see the top Carmen Kass with a new look very cool and casual posing for the objective of Maciek Kobielski. Top model surprise re-emerging with a new haircut that gives it freshness, personality and a great load of attitude rock n roll. His cold and feline countenance has not gone unnoticed and has led him to be in the exclusive list of the most respected tops. We have seen her bathing in gold in the unforgettable JAdore of Christian Dior perfume ad and on the catwalks of the major firms being chosen as the model of the year in 2000 by Vogue magazine. But not everything has been fashionable in his career. In 2004 presented to the elections to the European Parliament for his native country, Res Publica party and his love of chess has led him to hold the post of President of the Chess Federation of Estonia, and is that the career of this model, discovered by the street in Estonia with barely 14 years old, has been brilliant. Photography of Maciek Kobielski for Pinko with model Carmen Kass.

Web Conversion

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Conversions are the percentage of people who have made the action which we determine in our web site. For example, if reaching prospecting page 100 people and 20 they are subscribing to the newsletter, we will have 20% conversion. Now, Google Adwords is the advertising of Google system, where only pays for each visitor enters the Web site, and in this case we have to measure how much is the investment and determine clicks to know the percentage of conversion. Better example: invest $20 to carry the letter of sale, 100 people Yes divide 20 (which is what we decided to pay) in 100 (people who click on the ad), will obtain as a result 0.02. That’s the value we will pay Google for each visitor. Suppose that traffic are it leading to a Charter of sales of a product that costs $47 and nobody buys it. We will have a conversion rate of 0% in addition to the loss of investment.

However, if we make a sales letter that fits the needs of our public objective we invest $20 to carry 100 visits to the web site and four people buy the product, we will obtain a 4% conversion and that’s fine, even more if we just started. How translates this conversion into dollars? We have invested $ 20 and retrieved 188 (which is the value of a product of $47 by 4 sales), therefore the final gain is $168. Finally, the suggestion is to begin to analyze the conversion rates of the campaigns of Google Adwords to know as well are the results you are getting, that when we talk about Marketing nothing must be spared random. PS: Want to dominate Adwords the most?

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