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American States

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And his middle name – as all the gringos, and obama is gringo, have an intermediate name before the last name – is hussein: barack hussein obama, as the Iraqi dictator saddam hussein who hanged, most by be that Iraqi dictator. And it is not even a meek black, a black from the House, as she memorably called harry belafonte to the Secretaries of State colin powell and condoleezza rice: but a barking black (within certain bounds of prudence and restraint). It’s worth reading his splendid speech about race in the United States, said in the middle of his campaign. In summary: has the most and the least, advantages and ballasts, of being a black in a racist society that is ceasing to be walking fast and exhilarating: there to think that when obama was born, it was nearly impossible for a black American to be something other than Boxer or trumpeter. The almost certain now President has the age of the historic March in washington in 1963 for the civil rights of blacks.

But or in addition, as you look at it, barack obama is gringo. Gringo politician. That is, with the characteristics of a professional politician, of a Senator, a gringo President: hypocritically religious, militarily jingoistic, inevitably imperialist. So his mother has been agnostic, obama has to show that it is Christian practitioner (one of the myriad of black Protestant churches in the United States: the trinity united church of christ). So his father was African, and spent his childhood in indonesia, it has to be (and already put it) pin lapel with the flag of bars and stars to make show of patriotism.

And so believes that the Iraq war is madness, and do not share the doctrine bush’s preventive aggression, has to prove that he believes in the Messianic exceptionalism of the United States, called by Providence to intervene worldwide to save him. Empires are imperialists. And barack obama is – is about to be – Emperor of the currently prevailing. better than mccain? Without a doubt. (and it is not so difficult). But the world should not be too many illusions about barack obama. ES – it is about to be – simply the new President of the United States.


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What will happen is that you start to use the concern rather than let that concern you use you. A good start is to be in control instead of out of control, now leave the concern and the first signs of concern you drive to learn, ask questions, examine all aspects in order to evaluate the true positive constructive action. Now you can say, I will leave fear me advise on the actual facts but I am not going to let that fear to tell me that these are all facts, nor let that fear determine my reaction to facts, warmly shall begin war of the faith on doubt, the reason about the fear, and the positive hope on the concern. (4) Thus is to convince yourself to change the attitude, be persuasive and check the House out the window, look at possible hell if you do and the good life of responses and progress if you do. PCRM might disagree with that approach. I gave what so fantastic feeling will be the jam drainage of panic about my mental energy, my emotions and my physical strength, imagine putting all that energy, emotion and strength that you have stored in your future plans for the good life. The challenge, keep faith in your new beliefs, doubts doubt, stay steadfast in the campaign to make difficult things to the concerns, acting as your own scrupulous judge. Say I’m tired of seeing only one version of the tale, I argue the objection that the concern is no longer bringing to light all facts, I hate all these mental maneuvers of courtroom trying to belittle my customer that I myself, am I demand the truth. And if the concern is not silent, could you fined for contempt in the Court of reason, brings up that scene often, when concern want to annoy you with the same old tricks and the same old results, this always gives result. Check out Brooke Harlow for additional information. (5) See the truly positive steps, because if you could survive to everything what happened in your life up to this moment, despite thinking and doing many wrong things, imagine how you will succeed if you start now to ask questions of things well done.

Prince Bentesina

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For his luck, troops of amorite militiamen appeared in such crucial time and equal forces became apparent. The Hittites, already in defensive position, undertook then fleeing, trying to Ford the River to get rest. With tired horses and their heavy hitting each other battle wagons, the Hittites could not longer recompose its offensive despite the efforts of Muwatalli II, desperate to disruption of their plans. Almost at the end of the battle, the Hittite King could feel most frustrated: he had lost the chance to exploit its tactical advantage and agreement as now presented the battle, better was it to retire. In the Egyptian field, pessimism he joined the euphoria.

They even had two absolutely fresh divisions and an enemy put to flight. However, Ramses preferred to be more cautious. Maybe he understood that the carnage and the price of the campaign were too high to start defensive positions. Something similar you should think Muwatalli II, that understanding the danger of being so dissimilar troops between themselves, only paid so it stole the match and dominated by the ambition, it was extremely difficult to occur not seen since. True to his diplomatic talent, sent an offer of peace to Ramses, that secretly, he accepted gladly. Towards the BC 1.285, signed the Treaty of friendship and mutual cooperation of Kadesh between Ramses II and Hattusili III, King of the Hittite Empire. In the aforementioned treatment, finally, both Nations renewed their mutual aspirations of peace and put end to their differences. Moreover, with age and the rise of the Assyrian danger, both would form a common front.

On the other hand, sad end had the Prince Bentesina, the Amorites ally of Ramses, which was overthrown in favor of Sabili, a new King who accepted without honour to be one vassal. As for Ramses, it returned to Egypt literally empty-handed. Despite losing Syria, (at the end, as prize consolation is entered into the neighbouring region of Amurru and Upi) the Egyptian saved no efforts towards ordering the famous scribe Pentaur, the narration of his false heroics. Of this order the famous poem of Pentaur nation, which has come to us after a silence of more than 3 thousand years.

Senator Navarro Notes

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Senator Alejandro Navarro, during a visit this weekend to Cochrane expressed his rejection to the works that HidroAysen is developing in the southern area of the region, and announced it will consult competent public bodies about the construction of tunnels on the banks of the Baker and Pascua rivers by the electric company thatuntil today, there with the approval of its environmental impact study or the final electrical concession that would allow him to run these jobs. The tunnels (which according to unofficial information would reach the 200 meters each) among other works are taking forward since mid-2008 in the Chacabuco and San Vicente, choked on the Baker and Pascua rivers respectively, points where companies Endesa and Colbun plan to deploy the dams of two of the five mega plants which considers the Aysen hydroelectric project. I’ve been knowing the preliminary work being done by HidroAysen without approved environmental impact study and using actions that we are going to consult in all public bodies. You are developing interventions and surveys that keep the residents of Cochrane, to those who are opposed to the project, and particularly to me as a Senator concerned expressed the parliamentarian, who is a member of the Committee on the environment of the high Chamber. Navarro visited the area as part of a tour of different communes of the Aysen Region, during which he held a meeting with leaders of the grouping of defenders of the spirit of Patagonia and the Mayor of Tortel Bernardo Lopez, in order to gather more background information on the Aysen hydroelectric project and the Patagonia without dams campaignwhose work in the area began at the end of 2005.

The law is equal for all Chileans, and all work to realize a project required authorizations. We are going to make queries to the auditor’s Office, the Ministry of public works and the Ministry of national assets with respect to the work that we have been able to observe, from the facilities, and also through the pictures that have been available to us, and which clearly establish that there is intervention, prospecting, tunnels that are running and which are part of a project that no authorization to be built has not expressed. In November 2008 the lawyers Marcelo Castillo and Macarena Soler, representing owners and residents of the Baker River, filed with court letters Cochrane a demand for environmental damage against HidroAysen, which today is in the pipeline. Alejandro Navarro visits the southern part continued on Sunday in Villa Cerro Castillo, where he met with members of the heirs of the Patagonia grouping, whose members drew the attention of the parliamentary issues that residents have to obtain water rights for their agricultural and livestock activities, by grabbing by electric utilities, to which the parliamentary explained that his presidential proposal includes the nationalization of resources water.

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