Eiffel Tower

Rides with lunch and dinner: lunch: Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. departure at 13: 00, round 14: 45 boarding at 12: 30 live music required reserve dinner: departures every evening at 20: 30 P.M. return to the 22: 45 boarding at 19: 30 reservation is required clothing: formal musical environment Bateaux Parisiens: another great seina cruise boat company is Bateaux Parisiens. Departure point: at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, Port de la Bourdonnais (line 6, Bir Hakeim or Trocadero metro; RER C, Champs de Mars) phone: 33 (0) 146 994 313 output the strolls commented on boat on the Seine River: Tour Eiffel (Port de la Bourdonnais Pier 3) and Notre Dame of Paris (Quai de Montebello) Notre Dame de Paris: open from March 24 until November 5. In the high season (April-September), departures every 30 minutes from 10: 00 to the 23: 00 in low season (admission), outputs at least every hour, from 10: 00 until 22: 00 details of a dinner on the Seine: commentary via individual handsets; available in 14 languages the hostess offers additional commentary opinions for children tours with lunch and dinner: lunch: departure of the Eiffel Tower to the (end of the boarding at 12: 30) 12: 45. Round 14: 30 the menus and include a traditional three course meal with wine (about 80). children’s menu available. the musical dinner: throughout the year, pier of the Eiffel Tower from the output to the 20: 30 (boarding between 19: 00 and 20: 15). (Current in the range 80-120) lap at 23: 00 numerous menus which include a four-course, wine, music food live vegetarian option available clothing: casual or elegant source: press release sent by bicienparis.


Already at the first rehearsal, we randomly drew attention to the text and decided to start with him. " From: "Thus, writing the first demo-track" You're such as is "and we immediately started to post it on forums and websites devoted to hip-hop. Met him at the moment, not very friendly Maybe just missed with an audience. But, strangely enough, after a month or two, we saw one of the dating sites converted from a woman's face lyrics. We already thought that the first steps Fame (laughs)! But it was not. Indeed, after the case began to notice the mass distribution of the poem "I'm such as is" on the Internet, without indications of our authorship.

Moreover, the relatively recently there was a song in the style chanson of the same name to these words ("I'm so, as is 2007). Naturally we are very sorry for the massive violation of our copyright. " Dear readers, we can help rectify the situation. Spreading or finding these lines – indicate that these are the words of the song sekses You are so as is". Any work must be the author and the author must be known. How to get the name? A: "On the topic of names were a lot of different options. From the mundane to the super-creative They were all in Rap-topics.

"The Fellowship of the street", for example It's funny to remember. " C: "And quite by accident, just before the recording of our very first demo-version, we met up with friends. And then our common friend offered his version of the group's name: success – success in English. We met up with the name of some doubt, but still wondered: what if you write the name "as you hear," but Latin letters, and that if you make more one value, etc. etc. In one word: creativity for the sake of creativity. And when it had to lay out the first demo-version of the track, from a lack of other options, decided to leave sekses, with intent after the rename. So is the name we had two months. We got used to it and agreed to leave this as is. " A: "Only it turned out that it is our name sekses – is a direct transcription of the word success. From: "Probably in part, we fatalist. Hard to believe that accidentally introduced accidentally agreed track record, accidentally recorded and accidentally invented the name. And come up to write this way and not otherwise. And that all came together perfectly. " Wishes, those who later would like to have a band: A: "Work, work and more time to work, because I did not just happen". From: "Already in the first place need to be prepared for criticism because, in principle, it is inherent in human psychology – on something new to react negatively. Do not wait for that after you prodvinesh somewhere your tracks, you immediately become famous. Since any audience to conquer, not only for its creativity, but also by their attitude, communication doing something new, not just related to music. And look for new ways, because we think everything is new, it's the only thing that is capable of life. "

Special Pupil

The contradiction in the vision of Marx is the moment where the capitalism will not surpass more, the contradictions that he himself created then, will be surpassed by a new model. Destarte, to wait the overcoming of the capitalism for its proper contradiction, will be able to take much time as proper Marx would say. For this cause it is that it places the most efficient and faster revolutionary method as to arrive itself at the socialism. But for such spread, she is necessary that if it has a revolutionary mass prepared to face all the fights that will be preceded to the taking of being able. Therefore it is that Marx places the preparation or formation of pictures as basic factor of organization of a revolutionary process. At the current moment, where the call bourgeois democracy prevails on a great contingent of nations, the taking of being able through participativa democracy as the one that comes happening in Venezuela, Bolivia, Equator and initiating in Paraguay, where leading of leftist profile has fond of the power through the call bourgeois democracy and later if they use of the participativa democracy to inside make the changes of the constitutional legality without wounding of certain form, its constitutions, is a good example of changes of mentality of peoples that has very, are submitted booties colonies of the empires capitalists, is a good example for Brazil here. Obviously that when we choose president Lula here in Brazil, she was this our expectation.

Destarte, with the routes taken for president Lula and its PT, created an emptiness in the true Brazilian left that, if felt of certain form, trada for the PT and excessively the said parties of left. The positive fact of this was to the creation of PSOL as broken of vanguard of the participativas democratic changes that necessary Brazil with all its people. However, we have a long way to cover, therefore, does not construct a party of vanguard of changes in a short space of time, mainly with the social institutions coed-opt by the current government as Unions, ONGs, Social Sectors of the Church, Associations and Movements, all coed-opt through distributions of positions and other antagonisms of cooptao. In my humble agreement, she is necessary that the comrades of the PSOL search, exactly with all the difficulties found in the initial phase of construction of a vanguard party, to occupy all the possible spaces of quarrel politics and exchanges of ideas, on the inside to make the dispute of the organizations public how much in such a way private of a new centered ideological model in concrete changes of mentality and diffusion of them. He is necessary that if it makes you criticize consistent the current government, also demonstrating Professor, Graduated Filosofia (UCSAL/2000), Specialist in Educao (UNEB/2003), Special Pupil of the Mestrado in Public Politics (UNEB).>