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You are about to visit America? It's just wonderful! What can be more memorable in the life of a student, but a trip? Having a unique opportunity for using the Work and Travel USA to visit this magnificent country, do not miss opportunity to give yourself an interesting and exciting tour of the most remarkable places. Visit New York! You can never forget this beautiful city, considered the unofficial capital of the world. "Big Apple" – So call it American. He is full of folly and vanity, but at the same time, incredibly attractive and unusual. Power and wealth are contiguous with poverty, and culture and the arts just drags. Go to trip to New York! Statue of Liberty – a majestic symbol of America, located on Ellis Island, where he was once an immigration point, who took the time to 12 million immigrants. ect+Spurs+-+A+San+Antonio+Spurs+Blog+and+Podcast%29’>Spurs. Manhattan – an island of skyscrapers, purchased from Indians for just $ 24. It stretches along the famous Broadway with their banks, shops and theaters.

Broadway show. Visit it! Only here you can see unique performances and conquered the whole world: 'Cats',' Les Miserables', 'Miss Saigon', 'Phantom of the Opera', 'Titanic. Down Town. If you are interested in the business life of New York – this is exactly what you need. You will see the famous Wall Street, World Trade Center and the famous stock exchange. Chinatown. Chinatown will be pleased with cheap shopping and cozy restaurants, you can stock up on souvenirs and gifts for friends and relatives.

Greenwich Village and Soho. Art galleries, cozy cafes, jazz clubs and unique shops – that's what these remarkable neighborhoods. And yet – dizzying nightlife, which is only 2-3 hours of the night reached its peak. Use the program Work and Travel USA and treat yourself to a lot of impressions and pleasant memories! For more information about the program you will be able to found on the official website of the program in Ukraine

To Fritz Dubois Peruvian Institute

For Luis Valdivieso, the day on Monday could not be better: new minister took over as Peru’s economy in the same day that Standard and Poor’s issued an investment grade country. The task of Latin American finance ministers, is generally not at all simple. But in the case of the Peruvian economy, which is going in the right direction, all you have to do is stay the course and prevent different factors that threaten to divert it, succeed. From your profile as Orthodox, the new finance minister ensures the continuity of economic policies that have been ongoing in Peru. In particular, the maintenance of fiscal restraint is key in a time where inflation pressures have increased in a context in which monetary policy is ineffective.

But back to the issue of investment-grade rating of Peru, in what was based S & P to improve the note at a time when global markets are so agitated and can negatively impact on the Peruvian economy? said Sebastian Briozzo, credit analyst at S & P said in a statement: “The improvement is supported by the significant drop in external vulnerabilities and prosecutors in Peru, in a context of diversification of sources of growth with low inflation and strengthening the foundations macro. ” To Fritz Dubois Peruvian Institute of Economics and former adviser to the Ministry of Economy: “Despite a very difficult international context, Peru is doing well. He had an excellent fiscal position and does not require that the markets are open for financing. .

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Imagine sitting with the remote control in front of your TV. We put on channel 1, one minute after you change the channel and so on. Why? You see the same and the same. Time is important, whether for pleasure or work, time is money. Your readers want to spend your time productively and want to get some value.

However, as Blogger, you may be feeling that you be repeating over and over again. What theme or excites you motivates you? By chance I found four ways to inject enthusiasm and interest in what I write with a correspondence of more participation in my blog. Let me share them. 1 .- Think of an investigation as opposed to yours in relation to the topics of your blog. Then discuss them.

Wait to see what happens. I really pleasantly surprised. 2 .- Choose an idea from another site. For example, I visit a site like and I read something in the trends section. What you see is what more we speak. Choose a topic that I find interesting, though not related to topics of my blog, and write something about that idea I chose. Remember a new idea is a renewal of your readers. 3 .- Use a fable. Aesop's fables have endured for centuries. Why use stories to demonstrate the truth? You can also find similar stories in your family. If you care enough to write about it then do it. 4 .- Stay calm. Any idea will not be an instant success. Think of your blog site or the construction of a building starting from the foundation to the top floor of this. A building in which readers will find something of interest.