Plinio Lopez Builder

He might not be a priest but many want to confess to him neverthless. Not a doctor but knows a thousand remedies. Climber but not used to seeing the world from above. It is not a psychologist but gives tips for a happier life. Not the finance minister, but has the country’s economy in the head. His profession is an economist.

His vocation, maestro. His gentile, and his name maicaero: Plinio Lopez Jimenez. I met a warm morning in August 1983. The mayor of the time we had been granted a hearing and all the directors of the Association of Students of the University of La Guajira Residents Maicao (Eugrem) we come to consider the most pressing needs of the organization. There was no, that nobody had invited him, a new student of the many who were registered at the beginning of the semester. During the interview with the municipal president made some interesting contributions and in addition to the usual requests for gasoline, tires, spare parts and pay for drivers, making proposals related to literacy programs, tree planting campaigns and the like of interest to all those attending the meeting. When we left I decided to learn the identity of this surprising sophomore and making inquiries I got the surprise of my life: the alleged student first half proved to be a teacher just part of the University and, for better signs, a resident of Maicao.

The new teacher becomes a companion and since then was on our side in the most important battles fought from the student organization. The citizenship seemed to be in it a vice. Kept intact energy accumulated during his time as a student of the Faculty of Economics, University of the Atlantic and was always available for all initiatives in which we engage, including the founding of the Casa de la Cultura of Maicao, the beginning of the University of La Guajira Extension Maicao, the placing on the air radio program and University Life radiophone whereby we get the resources for the purchase of our first bus. Pliny was a student teacher’s face and heart of town. So much was the appreciation of students in more than one occasion proposed to chair the association that represented us. a l always declined the offer but went ahead in the fight. And went on to become the godfather, the putative father of all. The professors of the University when they met dis-apply the case of someone in his subject, knew what was the solution: put the complaints to Pliny, who used every persuasive means at its disposal to recover the family negroid veejay university . Pliny was born in Maicao on July 12 at home.

The Movement

It uses a much more rich and varied than previous diagrams symbology, and is not restricted to preset the graph lines and columns. Systems analysts much use this diagram to represent systems, i.e. to indicate entries, operations, connections, decisions, archived, etc, that constitute the flow or the sequence of the activities of the systems on the other hand reminds us of, that the flow chart makes it easier to the analysis of a process for the identification of: inputs from suppliers; of its customers and the critical points of the process outputs. Since then, the flow chart this represented with symbols, which enclose the activities to be performed, the stages of the process, the people or the sectors involved, the sequence of operations and the movement of data and documents. Gives us the indicated source, that the most common symbols used are the following: limits: this symbol is used to identify the beginning and end of a process: operation: represents a stage in the process. The name stage and who runs it are recorded to the interior of the rectangle: document: symbolizes the resulting document of the respective operation. In its interior noted the name that corresponds: Decision: represents the point in the process where a decision must be taken. The question is written within the Rhombus.

Two arrows coming out of the diamond show the direction of the process, based on the real answer: Conclusion ultimately, considered as Wikipedia, it says that a flow diagram or flow chart is a graphical representation of an algorithm or process. Used in disciplines such as programming, economics, industrial processes and cognitive psychology. These diagrams they use symbols with well-defined meanings that represent the steps of the algorithm, and represent the flow of execution by arrows connecting the start and end points.

Institutional Arbitration

According to the third paragraph of article 3 of the General Law of Arbitration unless the parts have agreed specifically that the arbitration will be of right, the arbitration will be understood of brings back to consciousness. According to article 25 of the Law the appointment of right referees must fall to Lawyers. In agreement one is right arbitration or arbitration of brings back to consciousness, we can speak of right award and award of brings back to consciousness. According to article 50 of the General Law of Arbitration the right award must contain: 1) place and date of expedition, 2) name of the parts and of referees, 3) the question submissive arbitration and a summary reference of the allegations and conclusions of the parts, 4) valuation of the tests in that the decision is sustained, 5) Foundations completely to admit or to reject the respective pretensions and defenses, 6) the decision. According to article 51 of the General Law of Arbitration the award of brings back to consciousness necessarily must fulfill the arranged thing in interjections 1, 2, 3 and 6 of article 50 of the Law in mention and requires besides a reasoned motivation. According to the final part of article 60 against the awards of it brings back to consciousness does not come resource from appeal. It is necessary to need that the parts can agree that an arbitration is of right or fairness.

Ad hoc arbitration and Institutional Arbitration. The ad hoc arbitration is when it is agreed to that the arbitration will be carried out by a person or people especially and institutional arbitration is when is agreed to that it is carried out by a by arbitration institution. It is necessary to need that the parts can agree that an arbitration is ad hoc or that is institutional. Arbitration volunteer and unavoidable arbitration. .

Multilateral System

The commitment with the multilateral system of implicit commerce in this process is essential so that if they can materialize the commerce profits fully. However, the commerce profits do not represent profits for all necessarily the economic agents. One becomes, however, that the society understands this dimension of the problem and keeps its commitment with the integracionista process. .

Death Hypothesis

Already in childhood, beginning to realize himself, the man asks – Why do I live? What is the meaning of life, if at the end of death? "If the stars are lit, it means someone needs' – the poet said. If all living things eventually die, then it's someone you need. Who? Body consists of chemical elements in the various states: solid, liquid and gas. But there is one thing, the mysterious "fourth state of matter '(VS Gryshchenko) which scientists say is in many ways – 'aura', 'energy field', 'bioplasm', 'biopsipole', etc. In religion, it's – 'divinity' in man, or simply – the soul. Each individual organism obeys the second law thermodynamics (about the rise of chaos), gradually grows old and dies. But the second law makes no exceptions for any state of matter – and we know, and as yet unknown. If we assume that the soul, a special state substance, then it too can not be exceptions.

Nevertheless, it is practically immortal, as is assumed in the 'Hypothesis biopolevoy formations …' (A. K. Mane) and approved by all religions. Due to what, or rather, whom? Thermodynamics admits that the general increase in chaos in the universe, there are mechanisms of conjugation, when the increase in disorder in the same place increases the order in another. If so, then we can assume that intelligent, highly organized 'fourth state of matter' – the soul, creates itself from the first three, our body is with you (the mechanism of conjugation), and by increasing the disorder in it (aging process) itself is younger, or how, at least not aging.