Therefore, prevention CAS should be started in a fairly young age, then it is more effective for many years, supports the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels. All over the growing environmental pollution, the constant stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, bad habits, the accumulation of free radicals leads to the general slagging of the organism, metabolic disorders and neuro-humoral regulation, breach of vascular tone, blood rheology (flow) and increase its coagulability, which entails the development of vascular dystonia, hypertension. The vessels resemble a healthy person elastic tube, capable of adequately respond to various influences, but with time under the influence of adverse factors, blood vessels begin to resemble a glass tube – very brittle, unable to maintain normal tone and covered within atherosclerotic plaques. Truly, the saying that a healthy heart and blood vessels can handle only pure blood. Therefore, the SS disease prevention in the first place to maintain the purity of the inner environment. In order to reduce intake of toxins from the intestines must take phytocomplex “Chitosan +”, it absorbs poisons and toxins, excess cholesterol from the intestines and blood, is a potent antioxidant. Phyto “Breykblok” normalizes intestinal motility and promotes restoration of microflora, deduces slags.

Indispensable tool of the liver (the primary filter of the body) – phytocomplex “Livseyf.” It enhances the function of detoxification liver, regeneration of liver tissue, thereby reducing endogenous cholesterol. Also, clean the body at the cellular level contributes to the complex “Klinhelp.” For patients with increased body weight required phytocomplex “Norm” – it helps to normalize metabolism, absorbs and removes excess cholesterol from the body. Phyto should be used practically healthy person to prevent, it will provide clean the body of toxins, the saturation of nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, fitofermentami, will improve the regenerative capacity of tissues. But the only clear enough, it is necessary to think about the antioxidant protection. From this role more than any coping phytocomplex “Frilayf” – a powerful antioxidant, restores the elasticity of blood vessels and slows the aging process organism. Robust support for MTS – phytocomplex “Balance” and “Rhythm”. The first has antistresovoe, anti-atherosclerotic effect, normalizes the CCC. The second – eliminating heart rhythm disturbance, regulates blood pressure, provides the body with energy, increases the elasticity of the muscle walls of blood vessels, reducing their permeability.

A special place in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease play “with K-Omega +” – source polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and omega-6. With a deficit of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the body breaks down the synthesis of prostaglandins – tissue hormones that regulate inflammation, blood viscosity, vascular tone. Therefore, the “K + with Omega” is an excellent preventive and therapeutic agent for atherosclerosis, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, myocarditis, vascular dystonia, thrombophlebitis, it has anti-inflammatory and antiallergic properties, promotes rapid healing of wounds, scars and ulcers. Company CHOICE is an arsenal of safe and effective as phytocomplex able to stand up for your health.

Dichte Tax

Paragraphs, objectives, content and enforcement clauses of this lower tax regime the dead inspection fees in 1885 is a quite historically relevant standards in the area of control and taxation and was created at the end of the 19th century in lower Austria, Austria. Through the analysis and review of the paragraphs, objectives, content and enforcement clauses of the wine-growing loan Act the substantive and procedural content is discusses in the sense of a legal fact research here now in detail. The tax and revenue law, but also the right of promotion for individual products already had its beginnings in the province of lower Austria at this late stage of the monarchy. To mention is about the dog tax. In the Republican lower Austria from 1919 a slew of tax and tax law legislation was but then also adopted and thus inserted in the rule of law. In this context, as the is to call revelry levy Act 1919 or 1920 advertisement tax law and just the tourism levy Act 1920. The announcement of the Dead inspection fees 1885 1885 encompassed a total 36 digits to these facts as to govern the pronouncement of death inspection fees. It is in the scale of standards in the category of the middle section -Dichte(>10<50 ) to classify. A lower -Dichte(<10 ) and a high of are Dichte(>50) the by-laws of the dead inspection fees in 1885 not to apply. The goals of the by-laws of the dead inspection fees 1885 as the by-laws of the dead inspection fees in 1885 as in the introduction approval to levy a tax for the dead inspection targets. The contents of the by-laws of the dead inspection fees 1885 were called the respective communities in detail in paragraphs 1 to 36 of proclamation of the 1885 death inspection fees, that this proclamation had to apply. In 1885 with the enforcement of the by-laws of 1885 dead inspection fees were the enforcement clause of the by-laws of the dead inspection fees These communities commissioned.

Research Institute

In the trellis walls and node, condenses the information and available in a holographic way everywhere. People with same consciousness can be connected via the global grid network. The trellis walls or nodes are therefore not all-inclusive as attraction zones”to look at. In connection with geological faults in the ground such as faults, water veins, fractures, cavities and submitting however its pathogenic bio information. After neutralizing this information of Earth radiation in the living room the grid node of the global grid radiasthetically not more than pathogen appear. Living systems need an energetic sound State of the living environment. “Erwin Schrodinger described this 1951 in his book what is life’ so: the trick with which the organism is subject to a high level of order, is actually continued picking up order from his environment.” The function of matter surrounding us is energetically organized. The most important Property is the physical order.

After the experience of the Institute for biofeedback & stress research, a wavelength of light in the living room in the natural frequencies of infra-red radiation in the range of the Terahertz seems to be optimal. In these frequency ranges special resonances to living cells, are what biophysically measurable is reflected in the increase in the variability of the cardiac rhythm as well as a higher vitality and comfort. For the radiesthetic study of the biological quality of the energy structures of the housing used as unit of measure for biofeedback & stress Research Institute named unit of light after the physicist and astronomer Anders Jonas Angstrom, which is still today mainly in the crystallography and spectroscopy. The infra-red spectrum begins at 7,800 Angstroms, which corresponds to a wavelength of 780 nm. Health damage caused by Earth radiation in places with higher influences of geopathogenic is the increase of the Demonstrate regulatory effort and reducing the order of the heart rhythm by biophysical measurements (biofeedback).

Earn Money Quickly

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Communist Fascism

The leader of the Belgian Rexism, Leon Degrelle, who would end up being general of the S.S., rejects with contempt the comparison with Hitler and Mussolini: I am neither one nor the other, and I have no intention of imitating them. Like cousin of Rivera who ruled from 1923 to 1930 and did not have a direct connection with fascism, but something, yes imitated it when attempting to institutionalize a corporate system, which would be that won with Franco. Plinio Salgado, leader of the Brazilian electoral action, proclaiming the same claim of originality. Not only: the affinity between the fascism does not exclude the possibility of a mutual dislike. Jose Dencas Puigdollers, in 1934, asks the question that best defines the indefiniteness of fascism am Communist? Am I a fascist? I myself don’t know.

What I realize Yes account is that, to succeed, all political line need move the forces of youth, giving them a mystic, a discipline that carried them into action. It is what I want to do in Catalonia. I want to escape from outdated molds devise Republican. What I want is to form a strong and ardent political movement based on two fundamental principles: nationalism and socialism. In what if match self-described fascism, is in its statements similar to those of Mussolini and Hitler, without a purpose, without a specific sense, since be equally imposed without the help of arguments. We all talk about the importance of the action and not of reason, exalt irrationality and the strength of the feelings, in sum: fanaticism. So fascism does not need a dogma, but a discipline. For the poet Brasillach fascism is first and foremost, a friendship, poetry of the discipline and order.

The foundations of phalanx are: authority, hierarchy and order. Leon Degrelle invoked you must walk, you must leave you drag by current must act. Else comes by itself alone. Drieu Rochelle non us first will ask what our agenda but our mentality is. The spirit of the PPF is a spirit of life, action, speed. Eva Duarte Peron has taught me to achieve something is not necessary, as it believed most of the people, making big plans. If plans exist, both better, but if there are, not matter: what matters is to begin to act. The plans will come later. Oswald Mosley a great man of Action noted: who knows exactly to where it is directed does not go very far “.” Rosenberg style a column in March, and little matter to which destination and for what purpose this column is running.Fascism says Gentile – be may prefer to define it are as a method, rather than as a system, that system, commonly means a doctrina developed and closed in a twist of theories set out in proposiciones or theorems, which cannot be add anything or remove anything. It is the fascist method. Proceeding insurance along the right path to the goal, either doing and undoing, carrying and returning again, since the attempt made disagrees with the principle and represents a deviation from the logic of development. Treitschke, No matter what one thinks, always and when obey. Fascism is therefore an expression of the irrational and Sternhell, warns of the the irrationalism danger: when the antirracionalismo becomes a political instrument, a means of mobilization of the masses and a machine of war against liberalism, Marxism and democracy; When he is associated with an intense cultural pessimism with a cult ruled by violence, then the fascist thinking fatally takes shape. Original author and source of the article.