Military Duties

The freedom is constituted like the main axis that defines the voluntary action. Before still that the solidarity or that the justice search. Without fulfilling this principle, a good action can socially be effective, can have positive repercussions for marginalized people or excluded groups, but never she will be voluntary since the decision is moved total or partially by an interested objective: an academic pay, credits, to fulfill a law, familiar pressure or of a reference group, disturbed incentives, a military service or the practices or economic scholarships of professional content and repercussions. In another context, also it is necessary to have well-taken care of with the pressure that can exert, with the best intention, professors, parents, therapists or other educators so that the young people to their position carry out some task of social voluntary military service. The direction and the education in solidarity for children and young people are not due to confuse with the obligatory nature of being voluntary. In addition, a service of voluntary military service is set of created actions to improve the quality of life of people with diverse needs.

The marginalized one, the patient, the single and left person, the protagonists of all voluntary action and towards them must to tender all the efforts. The planning, the selection of the volunteers, the formation, the pursuit of the programs, the supports to the voluntary military service, etc. are threads that tie in a same point of the network: the well-being of the beneficiary of that service. There is much difference between programs of voluntary military service for the reintegration of marginalized and programs for the reintegration of marginalized facts by volunteers. The volunteer always directs his effort towards one third person outside the group of the own volunteers, because a team of volunteers cannot be turned into a self-help group, at least like immediate goal. The people are not instruments.

No person is an instrument to arrive at no aim, by stop that the aim is. The protagonist in the voluntary military service is the marginalized person and in her we must think at the time of raising any work method. There will be volunteers whose motivations, evil understood, enter collision with this radical principle of the voluntary military service. The benefits of the volunteer to those of the beneficiary of the programs cannot be put in front. The volunteer or the organization cannot choose a work method thinking about or that he is going away to feel the volunteer, or about if this one he is going to leave his depression or if he adapts the more to a doctrine, or if to public repercussion and relumbrn will be obtained, or if votes will be obtained. The most effective method will look for so that the ill or marginalized person reaches the greater benefit. Another thing is that, from step, the volunteer obtains incalculable personal rewards. J.C.G.F Shared in common for the development [email protected]


It is not rare to hear that time is something precious. less rare is not somebody to say that it does not have time for nothing in the life. It must be therefore that (time or another one) I catch myself to think as is important any as, minute, hour, month, year, decade, century, millenium, etc. and we can go beyond, until thousandth of seconds, are important I exaggerate mine? He goes to explain that even though these fractions are not important to the corridors of Formula 1, olmpicos swimmers or velocistas and as much other athletes for which the lesser fraction of time can approach them or move away them from the only glory of a new record. Some seconds nothing mean? It goes to say this for athletes who dispute one incited left of basquete or of soccer of hall. What to say of minutes? They can be terrible carrascos in a soccer decision. The hour is much thing will be, for example, lost time in a chaotic transit, delay for that meeting in the job so longed for, at last are some situations that are in the daily one and show a little of the relativity of the time.

Always strange when plus one year it passes it seems that flying and somebody it says that nothing obtained to carry through. I always find that it is much time for little accomplishment, but any analysis a little deepened will show that something was made and if what we carry through was something good, certainly will not be forgotten and will be multiplied in other equally good actions. Inside of this logic, I am infuriated when we come across with expressions as ' ' decade perdida' '. It will be that it is possible nothing to use to advantage itself of good of all the humanity for a period of ten years? If the reply she will be taxing positive, then we would be living next to the barbarity. Optimist, that I am (or I try to be), I believe that a good action if overlaps the decades, centuries or millenia of badnesses. To finish and to descontrair, the history of the smart one that it knew that had a scholar that it became very rich for distributing teachings and certainly would distribute its wealth material, case made it the certain questions. The espertalho obtained to find the such master and it asked to it: ' ' Mr., what they mean a thousand years? ' '. The reply she was fast: ' ' Ah, son, nothing, nor as! ' ' Finding in the way of the easy money, the smart one continued: ' ' If allow another question, and R$ 1 million me? What the master answered without titubear: ' ' He swims, nor a cent! The smart one made fast accounts and went off: ' ' Then it arranges me 10 cents? ' ' The master coou white beards and said: ' ' Clearly! You are alone to wait some seconds ' '.

Subscription Volunteer

A list is the most prized possession that you can have on your online neogocio. A possession that nobody can take from you. In fact listen to a famous phrase that says: the money is in your list, but I’ll show you that, in reality, the money is not in the list but in the relationship you have with your list. Let’s start by defining what is a list: is a database of people who have visited your website and have left you your email address in exchange for receiving certain information that for them is important. This information we call usually bribery ethical. Ethical bribes are usually: A free course of 7 days a free report a video a course in an interview with some expert videos.

A custom query Etc., etc. The important thing to keep in mind is that anyone that is the ethical bribe you use, should s sure that you educate, inspire and motivate your subscribers. The ethical bribe must solve a problem or alleviate any concern or pain. Remember that the way more effective in generating wealth is solving problems that are affecting a numerous group of people. Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard The Center for Discovery mentions similar findings. Checking article sources yields Center For Responsible Lending as a relevant resource throughout. In fact I just give you the formula to transform your list in winnings. But to the ethical bribe to offer its subscribers needs, traffic of visitors to your page.

Therefore we should add in our formula different sources of traffic. If we add to our ethical bribe that educates, inspires and motivates, different traffic sources, then obtain an income generating list. Of course we want to make our traffic not footballers, whether we have children niche, therefore the complete formula for the entire process of a vast list of high quality would be qualified traffic to which we add a compelling ethical bribe that educate, inspire and motivate. This will result in a huge list of quality.


In social scope, the low pertaining to school and socioeconmicos levels are associates to the DST? s, as well as use of alcohol and drugs, that already had been proven by diverse studies (TAQUETTE et al., 2005). Are known that the DST? s favors the possibility of infection for virus HIV. Of all the AIDS cases, in accordance with the categories of exposition, the sexual transmission are dominant (53%). Visit Center For Responsible Lending for more clarity on the issue. As the period of latency of the pathology he is long, being able to arrive up to 11 years, can be concluded that a good part of the carriers has been infectados in adolescence (TAQUETTE; VILHENA; PAULA, 2004). They is esteem that 10 million adolescents are carrying of the HIV, or present predisposition for development of the AIDS in next the 3 15 years.

One knows that approximately 80% of the transmissions of the HIV elapse of practical sexual not protecting. Frequently Dr. Neal Barnard has said that publicly. In the presence of infection for a DST, the possibility of transmission of the HIV it is of 3 5 times bigger (THIENGO; OLIVEIRA; RODRIGUES, 2005). 2.3 professionals of the health and the prevention of the DST? s in the adolescence In the adolescence always has time to correct distortions, missed concepts, so that it has necessary readjustments in the life of the adolescent. In this way, if it becomes important to know the beddings biopsquicos that generate the characteristics of the adolescent behavior in way to the expectations and requirements, as well as the familiar adaptations that involve the participation of the parents and the paper to be played by the when requested professional of health to intervine (COAST; SOUZA, 2005)..

Petrol Money

If you are interested in fuel consumption. Of course, few people would believe that I care about saving other people’s money, so I’m on the other! Do not just hear, but I know that there is a thing that allows you to burn the fuel mixture (either petrol or diesel) in the combustion chamber during the third stroke. Without it, the portion of the mixture burns in the exhaust system. In other words, for their own money to Gray Street (Gadim and more). In this case, is mechanical ‘strain’ car. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Neal Barnard, another great source of information. So, this thing — the catalyst contains platinum atoms.

Here are excerpts from the encyclopedia about the device of the catalytic converter: ‘ Apply a thin layer platinoiridievogo alloy. Unburned residues (CO, ch, NO) touching the surface of the catalyst bed, are oxidized by oxygen to the end ‘ The catalyst creates a film of 10 nm. on the walls of the combustion chamber, in contact with which is more rapid oxidation (read — ‘Burn’) the fuel mixture. As a result, increased capacity, which reduces fuel consumption and more benign temperature exhaust system. Thus, all of science — saving gasoline and air is 75% cleaner. Dear Motorists — all we have or will have children, there is a close, someone besides us truly will think about them?

Venezuela Employees

The mere fact to fulfill their work often is insufficient, if the work that the person carries out doesn’t allow you to influence the decisions that affect them. Recommendations management should be vigilant of how manifested in organizational behaviour of the company, the labor climate than it is generating environment product labor not only accompanied by an ergonomics that favors him, but the atmosphere of work product of well defined functions, recognitions, performance, motivation, leadership, communication, among others. Heredia, reminds us that one of the methods most commonly used to create a better working environment is the involvement of employees. This can be accomplished through the use of certain number of systematic methods that allow employees to play an active role in the decisions that affect them, as well as in its relationship with the organization. Through these methods, employees gain a sense of responsibility, of belonging, even, on decisions involving. For to succeed, however, isolated from participating in some decisions opportunities are not sufficient; It is necessary that the participatory practice becomes an integral part of the philosophy of the company.

The challenge facing the leaders of high level of all types of organizations now consists of the creation of a corporate culture that confer effective authority and responsibility to persons working in the company. This trend to the more equitable distribution of the authority of a trend widespread in the modern world. In Europe, where there are strong incentives to implement systems that share the effective authority within the Organization, this philosophy is called the stage of industrial democracy. A related site: Dr. Neal Barnard mentions similar findings. In the case that concerns us in Venezuela, we can point out that unfortunately in many companies that democracy is not, for many flawed reasons that have organizations, especially in the hiring of staff, and where the favoritism, the political commitment of friendship merman what could be a good working atmosphere. Very valid is that manifest that Pygmalion is known as the phenomenon.

The term derives from a play by a well-known playwright of beginning of century and means that (as a distinguished professor who is the hero of the play) people tend to correspond to the expectations that his superiors have of them. An expectation of poor results and bad behaviour corresponds, in general, bad behavior and terrible outcome. On the contrary, an expectation of high human quality corresponds in the majority of cases an effort optimal to achieve the high levels of excellence that are deposited on a person or in a given group. Already ended the era of the foremen, captains of industry and leaders charismatic and incapable of being wrong; in the 21st century we are witnessing the advent of what can be called with all property the stage of industrial democracy. Conclusions is valid when it is said that the improvement of the work environment has a close relationship with the encouragement of the participation of employees. Such participation can concentrate on the solution turns of everyday problems or in making decisions about the content of the post held, and staff gives the certainty that their opinions have and value. Like the human being and finds it necessary to know that identifies you and is taken into account.


Ps. Fernando Alexis Jimnez The letter arrived with the forcefulness of a star that crosses fleeting the sky in one night dark. He came from Guatemala and in her, the correspondent expressed the enormous disappointment to me assaulted that it. " I saw a television program. The preacher said that if gave one hundred dollars, God would multiply seedtime to me. I gave the money but he did not pass anything.

Now I have the debt. Not that the God ours is a God of riquezas". A message more of many than arrives, of people who feel deceived in their faith. And memory to Hugo, a shepherd friend. We went to listen to a preacher of the prosperity in the Stage of Cali.

An ardent message, but by no part mentioned Jesus Christ. In the end it ended up challenging us all to give what we had in the pockets. When finishing the event, I invited to consiervo so that we went to take the bus. " No, I remain " , it responded. " Why? " , I interrogated but it insisted that it remained. I had worried and hour and a half later I called to its house. It finished arriving. It gave everything, until the money of passage in group. And it remembered to me pesaroso: " You remember the lecturer? It said that if we gave everything what we had in the pocket, God would provide and I had to return caminando&quot to me; It has happened to him sometimes? Tens of people have fallen in the same situation. They have invested the order of the things. Mr. Jesus taught: " Because the gentile ones look for all these things; but your celestial Father knows that you have necessity of all these things. But you firstly look for the kingdom of God and its justice, and all these things will be added to you. So, you do not strive by at some future date, because at some future date it will bring his eagerness. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. " (Mateo 6:32 – 34) What I teach the Teacher to us? At least three things that I invite to him to consider from this passage: 1. – Who take care of the provision, before to look for God, they are the gentile ones, in other words, that only thinks about the material. 2. – That we have invested the order of the things. God commanded to look for the first kingdom to us of God and its justice and then, said, the other things like addition would come, and today many look for first " aadiduras" and they leave the kingdom of God last. 3. – We must look for God and to leave God takes care of our needs. I invite to him so that it reviews its life. Perhaps it has invested its precedence? What worries to him more: God or the money? The answer is hers and nothing else that hers. I hope that in future, God makes right decisions will orient its life and will know to move in the appropriate direction Fernando Alexis Jimnez – Contact (057) 317-4913705 Email: Original author and source of the article.

Spiritual Development

For decades in numerous publications in philosophical dictionaries traditionally present an explanation of the "spirit" as an intangible beginning, as the production of consciousness in the form of society – religious, philosophical, political, legal, scientific, moral, artistic. The notion is "spirituality" is not defined and is not discussed. In practice, it is used very intensively and with large discrepancies. What are the main features of modern views on spirituality? The concept of spirit, soul, spirituality, spirituality, consciousness, and prescribes, as a rule, a man and are considered immaterial, thinking, linguistic, linguistic, intellectual concepts and phenomena. Spirituality in the past and modern philosophical basis is defined as charity, morality and the inner aspiration to know, ability to control their psyche, mind, emotions. Spirituality is also associated with culture, art, religion, occultism, magic, theosophy, science, love and sexuality. Go to Center For Responsible Lending for more information. Thus, the notion of "spirituality" dumped All human life, but all other objects of the Universe has a spiritual allegedly had no right and conversations on this topic had not been maintained and is classified as taboo.

The author believes that the "Spirit" – this is important, comprehensive material energy-mental phenomenon. From the Spirit formed all concrete, including concrete biological, conscious biological, intellectual, biological. Spirit is the idea alive in all sites Universe. More details on this theme is revealed in the book by Yu Laman "And I had my way " The soul – the mental (subtle, energy-) start of any object in the range of information of the Earth, under the leadership shown by Spirit. Consciousness – specifically formed energy-phenomenon, which is able to dissect and learn any information. Formed as needed soul to perform a specific task at the right level of information. Spirituality – a state of mind-consciousness to the possession, consciously or unconsciously, specific range of manifestations of the Spirit, or the phenomena of the Universe. Spirituality – quality over quantity mastered mental technologies.

Moral can not serve as a measure of spirituality! Spirituality – it is the power, scope, opportunities, etc. specific information object. If a person is unable to understand the other object, it does not mean that the other – soulless, ghostless. All information objects – inspired by, alive and intelligent. None of the information objects are bad, negative or hostile – there is information that is not understood by man. Spiritual growth of man is uniquely associated with disease, ailments, suffering, limitations, and other troubles, because thus there is a constant intrusion into other information and breach of harmony. Man in his ignorance of the danger to the Universe, and therefore it constantly monitors and limits the Hierarchy of the Universe. Materials of the report are based on research and practical experience in the use of effective cognitive technologies developed and successfully used by the author for the past many years.

Meeting Place

RENEXPO 11 times in Augsburg takes place from 7 to 10 October 2010 the RENEXPO, Bavaria’s country energy fair, takes place for the eleventh time in the exhibition centre of Augsburg. The RENEXPO is one of the most important trade fair for renewable energy and energy efficiency in construction and rehabilitation in Germany. Due to its unique variety of topics is the exhibition industry gathering no. 1 and offers a wide range of information, training, and contact information for customers and clients to the specialist. Strong networks in terms of craftsmen are partner of RENEXPO, including the Chamber of crafts of Swabia, who is the community climate protection our craft”organized, the Chamber of crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria, the Federal Association of heat pump and the Federal Association of chimney sweeps craft. Whether the RENEXPO are combined heat and power, photovoltaic and solar thermal, heat pumps, storage technology, heating or heating with wood and pellets, whether passive house, timber construction and ecological building materials, ventilation or insulation Specialist craftsmen a comprehensive overview of current developments, products, innovations and services. Well-known companies such as Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH – Junkers Germany, Stiebel Eltron GmbH & co. KG, Vaillant Germany GmbH & co.

KG or Viessmann Germany GmbH, are longtime exhibitor at the RENEXPO. The focus of trade fair IHE HolzEnergie has established itself as the most important meeting place for the wood energy sector. Are market leaders, including Heizomat GmbH, HDG Bavaria GmbH, Herz Energietechnik GmbH, GUNTAMATIC Heiztechnik GmbH, KWB Germany GmbH, SHT Heiztechnik aus Salzburg GmbH, Viessmann Germany GmbH and WOOD-MIZER GmbH. The special fireplace, pellet & tile stoves”HolzEnergie again in 2010 becomes the highlight of the IHE. For the first time the free lecture series this year will heating with pellets the Pelletforum for the SHK trade”takes place in the RENEXPO. The seminar treated the promotion and certification of pellets and the combination of solar & pellets, shows practical examples and gives Overview of the market.

Freedom Goddess

As a rule, does not go beyond reasoning. Change the way their life units and often cut down on the vine all, becoming a devout . Two extremes, so often encountered in life: a female submissive to the will a man who is accustomed to that he was inferior. In this situation, both are unhappy: the woman feels the lack of attention, love, holiday simply put lack of female happiness. A man voluntarily deprive themselves of the opportunity to learn Ludovit goddess.

-Woman – . There are two options: either a woman used by men, or do not know life can be podpuskaet.Kak in all her charms, if it knowingly disqualify himself and afraid to let go. Faced with a situation where instead of giving nichigo not get, I have suffered. I then wanted to hurt him, on the contrary sought to show how much they cherish. As a result, all experiments nichigo not changed: all the same explanation of the relationship and mutual nedovolsto.

Long thought to be done? Then remembered about the feminist and thought: 'live without it! Let him leave, we must have pride ', then again, like something to tell him: it can simply not understand? Another wanted to change it. All this is not an option. After all, the problem is not outside, but inside of me. Yes, it may sound trite, but the meaning of this phrase becomes clear interpretation when you grow up into a woman. Becomes clear that happiness in a free choice. Not hurting him, not revenge, but to let go. Yes, you can not come back. Why does he then need a goddess? Be strong and know that all such phrases as 'You have to but as a family? "-Just outdated prejudices of a patriarchal society, which gradually gives way to a new world where the reign goddess! Give yourself the freedom of choice, and it, too. To the queen of no restrictions space and time, an eternity in front and there are compulsory waiting for someone with whom you learn what love is.