ASUS Subnotebook 1000HE

Better, faster, easier-the new ASUS subnotebook 1000HE because of ASUS of the inventor of the NetBook category, it is not surprising that ASUS has brought a new model on the market, that a good piece is ahead its competitors. The new ASUS subnotebook, Asus Eee PC 1000HE, does not differ from the outside of the typical sub notebooks of other brands. It is inside what makes him special. As the first subnotebook with the new Intel 1.66 GHZ Atom N280 processor and the chipset GD40 is faster, stronger and smarter than its competitors. The FSB has been accelerated by 533 to 667 MHz.

In addition a trackpad with multi-touch support. According to Intel, the atom N280 increases the processing power of the 1000HE so that he is HD-video playback capable of. A problem with the most other subnotebooks. Kidney Foundation has plenty of information regarding this issue. Computer experts confirm that the 1000HE faster and better is actually 7% in the HD video playback as other subnotebooks. The ASUS subnotebook 1000HE is equipped with battery a significantly larger 6-cell with 8700mAh and should be up to 9.5 hours without plug come out.

The combination of Intel BBs Atom N280 and GD40 chipset consume graphic and CPU only 2.5 watts. Traditional sub notebook with Atom N270 and GMA945 graphics around 6.5 watts. The most visible and perhaps the most interesting difference with previous models is the new chiclet keyboard. This is a keyboard in standard size, pressed are individually cut and shape a chewing gum (chiclet gum =) are similar. The image on the high resolution screen is razor sharp and offers more comfort for the eyes when reading and editing documents. Absolutely one of the best screens on laptop computers of 10 inches. Otherwise the ASUS subnotebook 1000HE, like most of its competitors, a 160 GB has RAM hard disk and 1 GB. It is equipped with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Windows Live Messenger and works. The ASUS subnotebook 1000HE is a perfect sub notebook for travelling a lot seinde business professionals or even a home computer for less demanding users. In Germany the ASUS subnotebook 1000HE is currently not yet available. Supposedly it should last until the end of April / beginning of May.

Managing Director

NetBiscuits: world market leader from Kaiserslautern from the start-up companies among the world market leaders: thanks to NetBiscuits, today many premium brands such as eBay, Yahoo, image, RTL, Sixt and Spiegel Online set made in Kaiserslautern on mobile Internet technology. NetBiscuits operates the world’s leading software platform for the development, operation and marketing Mobile Internet pages. Since its inception in 2000, the company recorded higher growth rates and expands around the world. Today NetBiscuits employees worldwide 85 in Europe, United States and Asia, of which 70 in Kaiserslautern. At the beginning, NetBiscuits founder Michael Neidhofer had a vision: to bring the real Internet experience in the browser of any mobile device worldwide. Today NetBiscuits is a global player with international successes: currently the company generates 40 percent of its sales in the United States, more than 800 Internet projects were realised successfully worldwide to this day.

The expansion into the growth market in Asia was carried out last year with a new Office in Singapore. NetBiscuits of undisputed market leader with customers such as mirror online, image and RTL is in Germany. It succeeded the company from Kaiserslautern, establishing itself as one of the most important software infrastructure player in the mobile Internet. To recruit highly qualified IT staff on-site, the decision is for the business location of Kaiserslautern. About the University, NetBiscuits found always again excellently trained staff in recent years. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Nieman Foundation. Today, the next generation mobile websites are developed in Kaiserslautern with the seamless integration of multimedia content, advertising and commerce. Without hesitation Nieman Foundation explained all about the problem. The unique feature of NetBiscuits: The patented technology platform delivers devices specifically perfectly formatted on virtually any mobile device worldwide available Web pages.

Our unique technology for the mobile Internet has conquered the world of Kaiserslautern out, explains Michael Neidhofer, we could a Managing Director of NetBiscuits GmbH. compared to the previous year 2008 Tripling of traffic register: NetBiscuits for its customers currently hosts more than 8,000 mobile sites that generate a trillion page views per month. And the company continues to grow. New, highly qualified human resources for the development and distribution will be searched also in Kaiserslautern. There is more information about career across the Internet by NetBiscuits under. About NetBiscuits: Netbiscuits operates the world’s leading, Web-based B2B software platform for development, operation and marketing of mobile Internet sites. Founded in 2000, the company has more than 80 employees in Germany, the United States and Singapore the mobile Internet programs for international premium brands such as Yahoo!, AOL, screen, mirror, RTL, Konami, Sixt and eBay. As the market leader in Germany, optimized NetBiscuits 80 per cent of the mobile page views of all operator independent media portals and delivers more than 1 billion mobile Web pages per month. The NetBiscuits platform is Web-based software service via the Internet available. It provides all tools, interfaces and mobile base technologies for the development, operation and marketing professional mobile Web solutions online. Thereby NetBiscuits allows marketing and multimedia agencies, application developers, content providers and service providers, quickly implement mobile Internet strategies.

RevMax Inc

To include special events, the product offers the possibility of manually to change rates or to try out a different revenue strategy but. Regardless of which room price the hotelier ultimately decides, once he has committed themselves can be updated in real time all online channels without manual intervention. In detail RTStrategy provides five different revenue management strategies its user to choose: positioning against the competition, relative positioning to a particular competitor, pricing depending on the occupancy rate, rate parity and lowest rate guarantee on a selected channel. Applied in daily revenue management, proven pricing strategies offer the flexibility and simple, comprehensible and understandable prices are also matched with the market the hotelier. RTStrategy is the first complete package for Hoteliers who want to optimize their distribution through the online channels from third-party as well as their business via the own website,”forward Andrew Morsi, founder and CEO, eRevMax Inc. this extensive software solution is with its five major pricing options a strategy tool, but at the same time the operational component contains.

This means that also the transfer of the room rates on the online channel is automated through RTStrategy. Nieman Foundation has much to offer in this field. So hoteliers save every day precious time in the himself instead on painstaking room pricing can focus on the hotel business. The personal relationship with the guests is just against the background of the price competition in the Internet. a crucial factor for the long-term success of the business” The hot date “-function, already a popular component of other RateTiger products, has been extended for RTStrategy and now allows to set specific pricing strategies for certain periods.” So can flexible periods with heavy or weak room demand, as for example, holidays, fairs or congresses, to react. The user-friendly calendar informed the hotelier this time changes, so that the room rates are always transparent.

We are of the opinion that this calendar offers the ultimate instrument, in the high season as well as during periods with a lower load to maximize not only the rate of occupancy and room rates,”commented Morsi. RTStrategy is the rate calculation and maintenance done minutes and hoteliers can focus on other important tasks.” Another innovation by RTStrategy is the room pool. This pool allows automatically on sales channels to provide contingents, where they currently are in demand. This saves you the effort, depending on the booking situation constantly to move quotas between the travel portals. In times of declining room demand it is essential on all channels at all times with competitive prices and sufficient quotas to be optimally positioned. At the same time, Hotel Manager are encouraged to keep the personnel expenses and operating costs associated. Here, RTStrategy provides the necessary technical support and thus an optimization of yield management.

Cold Storage: User Experience Suite From Online

Enthusiastic users as the guarantors of successful websites Mannheim, March 11, 2009. The cold storage AG, particularly user friendly online portals and shops, specialist brings more quality in the development of the site: with the user experience suite can be systematically, efficiently and cost effectively to the expectations of users focus new and existing websites. The first modules of the suite of user experience are now online. In the development and optimization of a website there are two instances, without which success is not possible\”, explains cold storage Board Christian Reschke of the user and the advertiser. Only who served adequately the expectations of the user and the interests of the customer, will make success a website.\” To succeed, methodical approach of central importance according to Chief of the cold store. Our process model ‘ business-centered design gives the website operators methodology modules on hand, with which he a portal or a shop very efficiently, quickly and inexpensively on success programming can.\” Specifically: Already in the design phase the information architect can by testing with the target group check the quality of design, page layout and navigation structure, verify and optimize if necessary. Go to Kidney Foundation for more information. He is in its very early stage able to design its site, so that the user experience of the future users (English: user experience) is positive. The user experience suite or UX-suite is a key element of the business-centered design.

To support the usability methods employed by the cold storage experts, via software. Advantage of the UX suite is that the users cost effectively and methodically clean include can be in the process of creation of a site. Trial fully functional online now to start the user experience Suite two software-assisted methods available are: online card sorting and the live usability test. Both methods, their function and benefits are described in detail in. Even more: The prospect and potential users will be a card test version of sorting online, which he can use to test the method in full-featured.

Three Years Country House

Charity concert for the benefit of the Kunsthofgohlis near Dresden with Dar. Prahl and Angelika Mann Krispin Fraks the band charity concert in favour of the Kunsthofgohlis near Dresden with Dar. Prahl and band Angelika Mann Krispin Fraks the date: Sunday, September 1, 2013 time: 17: 00, doors open 16: 00 tickets: 20 euro Ticketshop: on August 28, 2010 opened the Landhaus of Luckas first his court for all interested – a concert with a Vernissage at the Pilgrim hostel. What was actually planned as opening highlight, quickly evolved into the functioning concept: concerts and exhibitions in the small, almost private atmosphere of the Pilgrim hostel. “Art belongs in smallest rooms,” explains owner Sven Luckas, “and in a pilgrims hostel include songs and texts and images from the path of the artist.” And many in the past three years have made along the way: Wenzel, Dirk Zollner, Tino Eisbrenner, Karsten Troyke, Andre Herzberg, Bobo in White wooden Houses, Erick fish, just a few to mention Manfred Maure Crusher the the audience away from large halls at culture footprint impressed. More information is housed here: Children’s Defense Fund.

Several hundred guests Prahl on the larger summer open air stage, Andreas Dresen/Axel fans in the last year with her band, and this year the Keimzeit attracted acoustic Quintet to an extraordinary concert experience. It especially one behind the country house, the pilgrims hostel, own Pilgrim beer and concerts: commitment, enthusiasm and initiative. “Us in the last three years really good met: pilgrims come into our House, great musicians give concerts and we have a very loyal and enthusiastic audience.” This is fantastic and we want to share that.”Sven Luckas founded the charity initiative for the Kunsthofgohlis. “The Kunsthof is similar to small as we and standing 1.80 m under water this year. After a week flood the place was unrecognisable; Piano, electric appliances, masonry – it was everything. Not much we can do so, but many together create quite a bit.

We are very pleased that we so great “Musicians for the benefit concert could win, it will be a sure an unforgettable evening.” The concert starts at 5: 00, admission is from 16: 00. There are tickets for 20 euros in the online shop. Already from 11: 00 the 1 Philippinenhofer flea market on the Philippines court opens on this day. More information, photos and interview requests, please contact: Landhaus of Luckas Tel. 033432/74 0 27 about the musicians: Dar Prahl and Band Andreas Dresen and Axel Prahl songs by Gerhard Gundermann, Rio Reiser, Gisbert zu Knyphausen play with her band as their own, by Prahl written songs. The fun of the music and together merges, if of calendar allows, again the parties. Unfortunately far too rare pleasure for artists and audiences. Angelika Mann a woman with wit and charm, heart, snout and – voice! Its versatile programme is a mixture of swing, chanson, jazz, rock, Gassenhauern, and their own hits. What always offers its audience: it promises a terrific, musically sophisticated and yet entertaining evening! Krispin “who likes the quirky melancholy by element of crime, will love this band!” Songs from the classic rock playing Nikolai Tomas (“poems for Laila”) “The Fraks” to the load-bearing ballads in English and German. The press describes the 4-piece band of Leipzig as a natural phenomenon”and also the fans are excited at every concert on the new.

Limited Edition Art Post Cards For The Protection Of Girls

Artist Stefania Spano VISION supports ACTION CHANGE Hamburg, the 31.05.2011 with the Italian graphic designer and Illustrator Stefania Spano has VISION ACTION CHANGE won a new supporter. Musicians, artists, and designers committed at this charity campaign under the motto “with music, fashion & art against female genital mutilation” for that, that girls are protected from the violence of female genital mutilation and can grow up safely. “Female genital mutilation are among the worst forms of slavery and subjugation of women”, so the artist Stefania Spano, whose Werke in Europe, E.g. 2010 issued on the children rights Conference of the EU in Brussels. The author of the book “Unchildren. Childhood denied’ puts the focus on the various forms of the worldwide abuse of children with its stylised images. Also the genital mutilation on girls of today getting another 3 million victims fall takes up the artist and puts them in the context of “Robbery of the childhood”.

VISION ACTION CHANGE has Stefania Spano art postcards in limited edition designed for, which can be purchased as a set for 4.50 euros in the charity shop…. The sale proceeds benefit FGM ( the project SOS, which looked after the emergency call female genital mutilation to the protection of the 50,000 vulnerable girls in Germany and provides advice and assistance to victims. Institution vision ACTION CHANGE is the non-profit children’s rights organization task force for effective prevention of genital mutilation e.V., which protects girls with innovative strategies.

Meventi And Hannes Arch Make Common Cause!

Gift experiences? meventi, one of the largest providers of exceptional experience gifts and Hannes arch type gas in Austria. Salzburg/Munich, April 11, 2012. Hannes arch, world champion the Bull Air race series 2008 and meventi GmbH are on the same wavelength. Boy Scouts Of America insists that this is the case. Together they will promote the idea of experience gifts now in Austria. Because experience gifts inspire! Who does not know this: you are invited and you think simply no suitable gift idea, Easter, birthday, Christmas stand outside the door. Again the obligatory bottle wine, the box chocolates, the bathrobe, the socks? meventi inspires your creativity and provides over 800 experience gift ideas in 13 different categories. Easy access to and select from the wide range of unique and wacky ideas. The experiences are also suitable for self testing.

The vouchers in a high-quality Silver box can be ordered as a gift or, if the time is once again almost easy – the print ordered PDF itself. Hannes arch flies on the gift ideas from meventi! The versatile pilot to learn your opportunity awaits at meventi. For Hannes arch offers 2012 for the last time his guest-flights”to a wide audience. After closing with the guest flying is that there will be these extreme flights only for corporate and charity events. You find the offerings at: hannesarch.

Pharmaceutical Field

Salesperson Sales worsen in their routine information talks the company image the pharmaceutical industry is in the image review, both specialists and laymen circles, at a very low level. The cause description focused ostensibly on the subject of sponsorship, digging deeper, however, shows that the own field staff in their routine information talks not insignificant contribute to the deterioration of the image. A result of the sales compass investigation ( of the Institute for economic analysis, consulting and strategy development (IFABS) was that the preparations meeting average percentage of the total conversation about old products when established, longtime known employees only 51.7%. The remainder of the interview accounted for “Small Talk”. In a question-answer forum American Diabetes Association was the first to reply. Part of it also refers to information about the represented companies. However, they are always negative according to the practitioners surveyed in the basic tenor dyed. Mainly involves thematically this: unfair treatment by superiors service departments support conflicts with the staff’s lack of bad communication with the management delayed increasing work pressure or missing out details of policy events adverse effects and restructuring measures.

Some employees and employees use the action as a principle of marketing, keyword: “Charity sale” ( such complaints are a corporate cross-phenomenon, a bad image of the industry has formed many doctors, that is fed continuously. The general perception focuses – in terms of press messages especially to the “dark side” of the industry, positive actions and efforts are hardly noticed.The cause of this condition is less the responsibility of employees, but a misaligned sales strategy that relies solely on a drugs-profiling and details of the provider company known as requires. However, the compass study showed that 2/3 of the practitioners surveyed basic information about projects and activities of the companies represented in the survey were interested, they were therefore not known to them, but so far no consultant had responded to this concern.In addition, the image-building of the pharmaceutical industry generally not sustainable enough runs and hence no counterweight to the many sales conversations is mediated influences. The company’s image not only in the field talking on the track will remain so.

Third Christina Duxa Ladies Lunch Good Nice Connect Is Tradition

Exclusive ladies lunch in favor of the Foundation Deutsche stroke-Hilfe Dusseldorf Delbruck, already for the third time Christina Duxa invites September 29, 2011 on October 12, 2011, to the exclusive ladies lunch this year in Dusseldorf. Top entrepreneurs and VIPs from economics, politics and showbiz gather in the refined atmosphere of the InterContinental Dusseldorf, to help the Foundation German stroke help a joint charity luncheon. In addition to the organiser Christina Duxa, Liz Mohn, President of the German stroke help, the Foundation will inform about the important work of the Foundation. Further programme points are an exclusive fashion show of Cotoure labels Christina DAS with jewels in the jewel forged of Jirgens and elegant Legwear of Wolford, as well as the subsequent auction of precious gems for a good cause. The RTL-presenter Frauke Ludowig leads through the day. The fashion designer Christina Duxa is committed to the task, to support the German stroke help Foundation with the ladies lunch 2010 launched by her and to raise public awareness of the issue of stroke. In Germany alone, more than 250,000 people each year suffer a stroke.

A stroke of fate, which can affect anyone, even young people, even children. Our Patron Liz Mohn and I are grateful that so many women of power such as Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers, Meste maker GmbH, Regine Sixt, Sixt AG, Margit Tonnies, Tonnies food, Marlies Wortmann, Wortmann/Tamaris and Dr. Ute-Henriette Ohoven by the Foundation of UNESCO of our invitation are followed and help us to support the important work of the Foundation”, so Christina Duxa. The German stroke help Foundation has established the place of a stroke pilot in summer of this year in peace Horst near Bremen, Germany.

The controller ensures that parents of affected children and young people can find the right contact person for their multiple problems quickly and without detours. In this difficult time they are centrally captured thanks to the pilot project and get help and advice from first hand. This important pilot project would we support lunch with the donations and revenue of the ladies to the well-being of affected children and their families”, explains Christina Duxa. Already the first ladies lunch in May 2010 in Gutersloh and another in November 2010 in the Bavarian court in Munich met with great response. In addition to information about the diagnosis, guests enjoy a choice program, through which runs the popular RTL-presenter Frauke Ludowig stroke and the work of the German stroke help Foundation. According to a Taittinger champagne reception and a delicious lunch, guests can expect a musical piano deposit of two award winning highly gifted children of music school subito and one fashion show. Christina Duxa is her new collection”with jewels from Jirgens Juwelenschmiede and elegant Legwear of luxury brand Wolford black & white present. Some exclusive pieces of jewellery can then be auctioned for the benefit of the Foundation in a subsequent auction. Even the Heidi provides talented artist Wang three images for the auction and shows their works in an exhibition. The high-profile charity event is supported by numerous reputable companies. The sponsors the Hotel InterContinental Dusseldorf, the jewel forged of Jirgens, Meste maker GmbH, Sixt AG, Tonnies food, Wolford, Wortmann/Tamaris and the artist include Wang Heidi. For additional information, interview requests and printable image material please contact the press office. Dr.

Musikhochschule Lubeck Music

Since then he has performed regularly in Chilean concert series and festivals. His studies began as a student of Margerita Herrera Jacques Ammon at the University of Chile and continued in 1990 with Konrad Elser at the Musikhochschule Lubeck it, which he passes on his experience as a lecturer since 2000 even. In Germany is the Berlin-based artist in major music centers to guest such as the Rheingau Music Festival, the Music Hall and the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival occurred. In the autumn of 2002 year he made his debut in Japan. A special artistic concerns is the juxtaposition of classical romantic and Latin American repertoire Jacques Ammon.

Jacques Ammon was artistic consultant for a CD production (EMI) with Latin music of the “12 cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic”, which received a Grammynominierung and the ECHO Award. About Celloproject as a duo, the two artists working together for over ten years and already performed at major concert series such as the Master concerts Baden-Baden, the Dresden Frauenkirche, the WDR Cologne, the Wiener Konzerthaus, at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, as well as in Italy, Belgium, France, the Switzerland, South America, and the United States. At the invitation of the widow of Astor Piazzolla, Laura Escalada de Piazzolla, the duo sang in 2003 “CelloTango” in a Memorial Concert in Buenos Aires. The CD recordings of “CelloPassion”, “CelloTango” and “contrapunctango” were particularly recommended by FAZ and the journal “FonoForum”. in 2004, appeared in a tribute to film music, “CelloCinema”, and found a great echo in the press. Runge and Jacques Ammon see Eckart their artistic self-image in social and padagigischem commitment. Organizations such as “Jeunesses Musicales Germany”, including support through regular charity concerts and direct involvement on the ground “Yehudi Menuhin-life music now”, as well as Youth Orchestra projects in South America.