VIDEOS Improvements

The Prime Minister has expressed his respect for peaceful protests. Rajoy says people have the right to demand that things are made better. For the fifth consecutive day, Sun lives a massive demonstration. A new concentration for the day of reflection on Saturday is called. The protests and the vote for the next 22-M. LIST: The best slogans VIDEOS of the mobilizations. The President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has expressed on Thursday its respect by the peaceful protests of the so-called movement of 15-M and has emphasized that changes and improvements as demand that young people get working and voting.

Before the decision of the Central Electoral Board (JEC) on the mobilizations, Zapatero has made expressly to this movement at a rally in A Coruna, plagued with rrencias young people. While camping indignant are multiplied by all Spain, has assured that the PSOE is the party that best articulates the improvements that are needed, and that claim the young. In the same line has been expressed the President of the PP Mariano Rajoy, who has assured Sevilla that citizens are entitled to demand that things are made better and that this demand is just enough. Rajoy, during his speech before facing the last day of campaign, has indicated that his party has been able to respond with ideas, reasons and arguments to the disqualifications of a political force, the PSOE, in which cucumbers bloom everywhere. The leader of the opposition, as each day of his electoral route, has remarked that the PP is aware of the problems of citizens and priority will be to give them solution, in particular the high rate of unemployment and the high rate of youth unemployment. Therefore, he has praised the Popular Party as the alternative to the PSOE Government, every time that in democracy, when there are bad governments, they are replaced with free, determined and courageous vote. We believe that things can be and should be better, we will do much better, it is right and this is what we are required; they have the right to do so, he pointed out. Source of the news: Zapatero tells the campers that changes and improvements are achieved “working and voting”

Fernando Enrique

Fernando Enrique confuses Mountain range in 2010 Prof. Ivan Santiago Hisses the beginning of September of 2010 inside marked a radical rupture of the PSDB, after all the last great link of the party if breached with critical of Fernando the Enrique Cardoso to everything and all. Fernando Enrique Cardoso, the great icon of the PSDB and description president of Brazil, was forgotten in the campaign of Mountain range and this fact culminated, at the beginning of September, in the public abandonment of the campaign of the PSDB for FHC. The former-president alleged its dissatisfaction, criticized the conduction of the campaign of Mountain range and officialized that she will follow for commitments ' ' particulares' ' in the exterior and Brazil, the final straight line of the presidential campaign. A crash for Mountain range and allies.

The PSDB comes to some years completely lost in the national scene and the internal attritions of the party, of certain form, were minimized by Fernando Enrique, the predecessor of Squid. Visit PCRM for more clarity on the issue. In my last published article, it said the readers that this election would be a species of popular countersignature between FHC or Squid. Mountain range did not read my article and preferred, of suicidal form, if to atrelar to continusmo of Squid. The internal confrontations of the PSDB happen of the attritions between its main figures: Geraldo Alckmim, Jose Saw, Acio Neves and Fernando Enrique. In 2006, the inexpressivo Alckmin, governandor of So Paulo (that it got initially the position with the death of the great Mario politician Hollows), public disputed against Mountain range the vacant of the PSDB for the presidential ones. The debilidades of Geraldo Alckmin and the PSDB had been as much, that not even in the year of? Mensalo' ' they had obtained to win Squid. The candidate and the party had not presented coherent proposals and had suffered the second presidential defeat.

February Huckabee

Mike Huckabee combines extreme social conservatism with a guitarist of POP. The GOP is the English abbreviation for the term grand old party which is known to Republicans (who were born half a century after the Democrats, which Yes you can dispute being one of the oldest parties living in the world). Even before February Huckabee seemed doomed to failure. However, after the Super Tuesday he has recovered viada. Many writers such as Nieman Lab offer more in-depth analysis. The suspension of the candidacy of Mitt Romney has produced mixed results in the campaign of John McCain. On the one hand it eliminated his major contender, but on the other hand, he removed to Huckabee his main rival for wanting to hegemonize the right wing of his party. In the three States where Republicans voted Saturday 9, McCain did not have good results (he lost in two before Huckabee and which beat did with only 26% of the votes). McCain follows rejection within the hard consitando. Your strategy can pass by avoiding that Huckabee be undermining him, for which concessions should continue to the religious right of his party.

EEUU Hussein To Power

Atypical election USA is initiating the most expensive election campaign in human history. This is also one of the most atypical carried out the megapotencia. For the first time in 66 years there is a President or a Vice President who wants to re-election. They have never before had such good possibilities of postulating a woman, a black, and a mormon, sectors that have never had even a vice presidential candidate. If the presidential elections of 1980, 84, 88, 92, 2000 and 2008 always competed at a Bush, this time no member of the family presented (although the brother and nephew of the current President have ambitions). Nieman Lab: the source for more info. It also candidatea Al Gore, the Democrat who drew more votes than George W. Bush in 2000, but the electoral college not proclaimed him winner.

Within his party the most important family is that of Bill Clinton, who in 1992 became the only presidential candidate who has defeated some Bush and who today would like to see that his wife Hillary replace them in the White House. However, the initial advantage of Hillary is coming evaporating before the irruption of Obama while nothing yet ensures that the Republicans will lose power. A Hussein leading the White House? 5 Years ago when Bush overthrew Saddam Hussein we propose that not only could generate a change of regime in Iraq, but perhaps in the United States. The fact that Washington has become jammed in that war and the Afghanistan has helped all the Allied rulers to Bush in these invasions have already fallen. Today in the U.S.

are boosting proponents of a change. Paradoxically the candidate that comes more growing flying that slogan is someone who has the name of Hussein. It is Barack Hussein Obama. He is the first person of father and Muslim stepfather and that professed Islam, and also the first black (and African parent) that could reach the Presidency of one of the large countries of the Americas.

Camps Pay

The PP wants Camps avoid trial and pay the fine of 46,000 euros, while that involves acknowledging their fault. Genoa thinks there will be electoral advancement in autumn, so the temporal coincidence between Rajoy campaign and the impact of the trial should be avoided. The direction of the PP want and looks like best bet that the Valencian President Francisco Camps, pay the fine imposed, about 46,000 euros, in the case of the Gurtel plot costumes and avoid the step by the bench while that involves acknowledging their fault. Details can be found by clicking Nieman Lab or emailing the administrator. Various sources of the dome of the party emphasize that this is not only the most plausible option right now, but it is also the most desired. Cited sources consider to this Camps almost ruled out resignation and delegate their functions in Leon de Paula Sanchez. There are contacts between the Valencian President and your environment with the national leadership of the party. The sources do not confirm if Camps and the national leader, Mariano Rajoy, have spoken, but point out that as many insurance is that it has so happened.

It could not be otherwise, they remachan. What you can be asking for Genoa to the President of the Valencian Community not sources clarify it. Privately confirm that for Camps options can only be paying the fine or resign, but as they affect the latter extreme is remotisimo, expected since the President announces that he will pay the stipulated sanction: 46,000 euros if a rebate is not negotiable. Genoa would thus heaped their claim at the moment, which is the avoid the Camps step by the bench in a trial before popular jury. Furthermore, the PP believes there will be electoral advancement in autumn, so it should be avoided as it were a possible temporary coincidence between the campaign of Mariano Rajoy and the implications of the trial. Source of the news: the PP sees as best bet to Camps pay the sanction in the case of costumes

Koeman Player

The midfield player lost the captainship after being separated from the equipment by Koeman. With the march of the Dutch he returned to the equipment, but he did not reclaim the bracelet. Now, the Valencian player recognizes that it would like to return to be the captain. David Albelda, midfield player of the Valencia, declared that it would like " to return to take brazalete" of captain, although it recognized that first " it will be necessary to hope that is to say which is the preparation of plantilla". " For me, to take the bracelet always has been a pride, but at that time – in rrencia to the stage subsequent to the one that was separated from the equipment in campaign 07/08- I considered that by the stability of the club it had to pass to a second plano" , the Taula Esportiva de Radio 9 recognized in declarations the program. The Valencian midfield player admitted that if had to put the captain bracelet, &quot would be put; without problemas" since " perhaps now yes the circumstances occur, already has passed a time " ever since, according to the player, they cleared the consideration to him of captain.

Albelda also talked about the process of its renovation, something exceeds what it did not think during the season. " It thought neither about retiring to me nor about renewing. It let pass the time to know what was going to happen with me. Clear that I thought at some time that was not going to continue! " , it emphasized. " At the moment at which the Valencia said to me that it wanted that it continued, everything was going to be very easy. I know the situation the club and knew that she had to adapt to me. For me it has not been a effort to renew reason why there am renovado" , it made specific the midfield player. Manuel Llorente, president of the Valencia, had asked the player who assumed more responsibilities, before which Albelda responded that it will have " to have one conversacin" so that &quot explains the agent chief executive to him; clearly what he is what quiere".

" If I had to give an explanation to him, she would say to him that my implication with the equipment and in clothes has been of the one hundred percent. My roll in the equipment will be the one of a man who has experience in ftbol" , it indicated. Facing next season, the midfield player stressed that it will not be satisfied to " slo" to comprise of the group, according to explained, since its intention is the one of " competir". " I nonfodder in having a secondary roll. It gives just as a player who is 20 or 33 years old, to renew to play 15 parties would only be expensive for the club. I am going to compete. Soon the one will be the trainer that decida" , it made specific. The Valencian recognized that this season had fulfilled with the aim of being third parties in Liga, but they had not given &quot him; that overdose of joy to aficin". " In order to grow, we must be able something extraordinary, for example to win to Madrid or the Bara and to demonstrate that we can be to his altura" , it concluded. Source of the news: Albelda: " Would like to return to take I the bracelet of capitn"

The Girl

Those campaigners who were born throughout its history and for different reasons. Humans idealize their heroes, they infuse them hope and courage even in difficult times. Humans admire and learn from them in moments they need them, especially in periods of war. But once they are no longer needed, that admiration becomes envy. Envy, a mask that actually hides a sense of inferiority.

If they think that someone is better there than sink it at all costs, even if you need to your help in difficult moments. More still in that case because once they are well, they jealous of having to depend on another. Of course that happens not only with heroes, great friendships, actually false friendships, they have broken when someone sees the possibility of overcoming that which has helped, the one that has been admired and envied, and that possibility is betraying him and sinking him into a delicate moment. The heroes are admired when they are required, but people never endured to live with them, precisely because of that feeling of inferiority, precisely because of envy. How many teachers betrayed by their students. They learn from their mentors everything they can, but one day envy corrodes them and seek to overcome the master betraying him and sinking it. The currency is normally returned them. It is always the same, envy, selfishness, self-destructive human nature.

Yesterday I saw a girl in the ruins in flames of what a time was a building, their cries amused me. It would inevitably die. A young, lame by a fractured leg, delved into those vestiges of construction. He demonstrated a great value, it was literally a flaming hell. Shortly after she appeared with the girl in her arms. When they were about to leave, a burning beam struck the boy leaving him unconscious, the girl fell beside her terrified and unable to react.

Develop Promote Web Sites

development and promotion of web sites – the kind of Internet activity that is in great demand. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as BSA by clicking through. Should I specify why? But those who still do not know and do not know yet what the Web design explain: sites can yield good income owners. And it should be pointed out that this only happens when a business suit with a mind. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Neal Barnard is currently assessing future choices. There is no doubt that the beginning of the process – a manufacturing site. It is better to trust the professionals. We will not say that You do not own right – it is not, but here's your skill level whether the same. Here, saving just is not relevant, since it is greed may ultimately affect the outcome, and that the site was actually worthwhile splurge is worth. To create a website just not enough to be creative, must also have some experience and knowledge.

The fact that so many important details – and the location of images and color choices, and CMS, and so further. There must be harmony throughout. But it is important not to overdo it and it could also be negatively affected, as well as poorly done work. If we talk about color, it depends on the direction of your resource. Content must be such as to want to read or look at him. For example, you decided to post the article. You can simply copy text from another site, but it would also be wrong and not beneficial to you. Since these papers will be considered 'Stolen', but for this you can be fined and sometimes sent to the ban.

In such cases, you can say goodbye to earnings. When you are done with creating a site, put it on a suitable engine can take his promotion. Promotion web site – this is not some separate work, but it is a whole range of works. Someone gives a part of this complex, some almost whole, and who is engaged in separate species. Move through the site can placement of links to other sites with articles that are copied, and then placed in special directories and so on. And, as you can guess that the first step is research. They are necessary for identifying ways to move, which will approach your site. And the creation of a good site and a major promotion of the resource causing rates to rise and attendance, which affects the cost of advertising, that in the future can be placed.

Correction Figures

You stout after birth. Recently BSA sought to clarify these questions. And now have no way to restore its shape. You sit on different diets, but in the mirror you do not like? Correction figures conducted at our center can help you regain MIEM elasticity Skin and beauty. The course correction with the prevalence of fat is the main procedure lipoliz.S this purpose can be used electro-lipolysis and mesotherapy lipolitikami. However, the correction programs more use a combination of different methods of exposure. Apparatus cosmetology well with mesotherapy and medical aromatherapy. Widely used in the correction programs razlitsnye types of wraps as general and local.

An active lifestyle with adequate physical exercise, drinking regime and a balanced diet can help achieve good results in the correction. Aromatherapy is based on the high penetration ability of essential oils. Oils work on several levels: skin, interdermalnom, cellular and systemic. That is why natural scents are like from the perspective of the symptom, and etitropno. Botox is a purified natural protein, which in very low doses relaxes the overactive muscles that cause wrinkling frown..

Real Madrid

The defense of the Real Madrid Alvaro Arbeloa was cautious Tuesday about the distance that the white set has with FC. BSA gathered all the information. Barcelona, its maximum Tracker in the La Liga, since there is still much for may and they are not even close to win a title. We are still in November, remains much for may and you must have a lot of patience. It is normal that the Madrid fans will brighten when you miss the boat, but I think that it should be very patient. Much to play and we are not even close to win a title.

We have to go party party which is the key. We must think about the Sporting and go for that day, said the Real Madrid during a promotional campaign of razor blades.The salmantino stated that they should follow the good path marked in this beginning of season. A team much more done, that everybody knows everybody much better, we know what our coach wants and we are all very happy. We are in a very good line and it is what we want to continue doing. Is a lot and no lower arms, he confessed.

He even insisted that the distance that currently has the Jose Mourinho team on his pursuers is not significant. No matter now points that make rivals, either Barcelona or Valencia, left so much to play that you surely this is going to give many turns. We are happy because we are doing things very well, winning the matches, winning well and thats what T-shirt most important Barcelona, continued.In addition, had an impact on the keys of the Real Madrid winning streak. We feel that when we are one hundred percent things leaves us very well and that is the path we must follow. It has led us up here thinking about every day, having lot of confidence, but also knowing that all rivals put him us very difficult because all leave life against us and this demand is very high, he said.Asked about how he saw this season the FC.