How to behave with their children in such cases? If the husband leaves you, you, feeling anger, resentment and pain, do not express the child that his father was dishonest, a hypocrite and a liar. Your uncontrolled reaction will fix you in the eyes child as a failure. If my mother could both be wrong, and it does not mean all is well versed. So you go to the second stage – drop your credibility in the eyes of a child. Do not desecrate the memory of my father, your anger will return to you from your children, like a boomerang. It would therefore be prudent not to give out a heavy feeling in the children, and discuss everything with my girlfriend. If you do decide to divorce, you will feel, certainly in a better position than the woman left. But deep down you will have heard the voice of condemnation.

Inner critic and the judge will quietly whisper that you are depriving the child's father, the joy to live in full family. This vote will zealous as long as you awaken in the sense of guilt. "Yes, it's because of my unhappy child. It's all my fault. " Feelings of guilt – not the best assistant in family life. The more so that trying to get rid of it, people often begin to attribute to others their mortal sins. There have been cases of women accused of all their children. Not yielding to anger and resentment, try to build a future life of your little family so that the sense of guilt child you have never visited.

Russian Federation

In modern conditions, the majority of citizens, faced with the circumstances in which they need qualified legal assistance from legal practitioners (lawyers). Provision of qualified legal aid should be regulated and executed in accordance with the law, properly paid. Thus, every citizen must know how to regulated, process, and pay qualified legal assistance. People such as Boy Scouts of America would likely agree. This article discusses the basic aspects of design relations person who applied for legal aid and legal practitioner (lawyer), as well as pay for it. First of all, the person who has applied for legal aid should be aware that such assistance be regulated by law in the first place, namely, Articles 420-425, 779-783 of the Civil Code, Art. 25 FZ "On Advocacy and Advocacy in Russian Federation "from 31.05.2002 63-FZ (for agreements with attorneys), and second terms of the agreement on legal assistance.

Terms of legal aid, the procedure for payment is confirmed and expressed in the agreement on legal aid – when referring to a lawyer and the contract of compensated rendering of services – by recourse to a lawyer who does not have the status of a lawyer. According to the agreement on legal assistance attorney undertakes on behalf of his client to provide legal assistance to the principal or the principal specified person, and the principal agrees to pay for this legal assistance. Parties to the contract for legal assistance are: trustee – a person who has applied for legal aid and entered into an agreement in person or by proxy, attorney – a qualified lawyer, having the status of a lawyer. In some cases, a party to the contract may be not a lawyer, and legal practices, in which it operates. In particular, when applying to a law firm, in accordance with Part 5, Art. 23 FZ "On Advocacy and Advocacy in the Russian Federation "from 31.05.2002 63-FZ of the treaty on legal assistance with a client is a lawyer on behalf of all the lawyers office on the basis of warrants issued by them.

Haitian Culture

The last time I saw him alive to this great artist and singer Martha Jean Claude, was in the year 92, at the international airport Jose Marti … was in a wheelchair, with a progressive illness …., But his presence we captivated those around her. I did not dare to greet her, afraid of being rejected in that state in which he was, and shyness did not let me, one among all the rodeabamos, but today I am sorry, because Martha Jean Claude, expressed as a goddess, song of their country. Haitian culture in the voice of Martha Jean Claude in Cuba acquires greater resonance, because his voice was heard the cry of Haiti, the suffering of the people by the backwardness and poverty situations in which it finds a large majority, but the voice of Martha traspolaba the language barrier, to make of us Cubans, a song that was always expected to love, desire, and with that great feeling of having it always with us … Martha Jean Claude, the voice of a woman extraordinary one diva, a goddess, a jewel of Cuban and Haitian culture, which expressed the joy of the birth of a nation that had been developed, and of an indigenous culture and very Haitian. The mourning for the beautiful land of Haiti, and the songs of hope to future generations a better world, felt and admired his beautiful voice. Martha Jean Claude, who enjoys the popularity of the Cuban people and other peoples of the world will never be forgotten. His image was in many documentaries, prize the work of a lifetime in Cuban Culture distinctions in their records, and films. Their children, who continue his work, living in Cuba, in the foundation that bears his name, will always commendable work by the dedicated work of an artist of international renown, and the best of the Haitian Culture for Artwork a lifetime, friendship among peoples of Haiti and Cuba, and solidarity and peace among all the brothers of the Americas.

Universal Declaration

While half of the planet consumes more than twice the calories of which need, the other half has nothing to bring to the mouth and dies of hunger. For more information see CDF. While in the United States and the European Union millions of people follow diets to lose weight, in favelas and barrios of huts of Latin America, as well as in sub-Saharan Africa, children and adults struggle against hunger. According to a recent report on food security of the Department of Agriculture of USA, more than 35 million people the world’s richest; spent hunger in the country in 2006 almost four hundred thousand more than in 2005. Imagine the entire population of Venezuela, Bolivia and Uruguay, so that the number of people who went hungry in the U.S. last year. Natural disaster? Hex? Divine curse? At all. Hunger is always the result of injustice, an injustice entrenched and permanent.

We live in an unjust situation and support a very unequal system that moves only by benefits, by irrational economic growth. This injustice is given in all countries, with tremendous consequences suffered by millions and millions of human beings. For example, in Spain, the eighth or ninth economic power in the world, according to a study promoted for years by the Catholic NGO Caritas, nine million people live below the threshold of poverty, one in five Spanish is poor. Beyond statistics chills, poverty means suffering and is the opposite of human development, which involves each and every one of the people without exception to have a decent life allowing them to exploit their potential as human beings. The UN tells us again and again that there are hundreds of millions of people who do not live nor can live as human beings, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of human rights, to all democratic constitutions and to the common proclamation of good intentions of the majority of leaders of the Earth. Following the Spanish philosopher Emilio Lledo, we say, as he wrote it long ago, that the justice, by far sure its full realization, will have to start with something so elemental as the democratization of the body, which is nothing other than the release of the misery of hunger; the hunger that deteriorates any possibility to live and create. Is not a crude literary figure Lledo reference to create after cite live; Neither refers to reproduction, but something that gives greater meaning to live, which often becomes only survive for many. The possibility of creating understood as outputting something of what does not exist, continue what did others, emerge from the mind, imagine, modelling, know, raise.

In short, everything that relates to art, thought and culture. Finish with half of that global shame that is the hunger in the world by the year 2015, as modestly proposed the UN with its Millennium goals, is also reset the hegemony of the development of human potential, above and against unbridled consumption and wastage. I have no doubt that the establishment of these essential priorities, vital, would eliminate or significantly reduce the serious consequences of the socio-economic system, a State of things unequal, unjust, cruel and, in addition, stupid, because it threatens to be the beginning of the end. I am not referring only to the climate change which, incidentally, has been denied as a real danger until just a year. End hunger in the world is neither charity nor assistentialism. End hunger in the world, end poverty, not only is justice, loyalty is with the species human. Xavier Cano writer and journalist original author and source of the article.

Docked Dissovery

Plus an additional bonus for the image space shuttle Discovery, docked to the station. Ted Judah (Ted Judah), who lives in northern California, has made the picture – one of 150, which he filmed for time of the iss at his observatory in the final STS-131 mission. Here is a description of Ted: ‘ISS entered the light of dawn over the Pacific Ocean just over the coast of northern California and headed for the north-east, he passed right over my observatory, located at sea level. I was lucky: there was no haze. I had a Canon 30D slr and Celestron 11 ‘Schmidt-Cassagrain on an equatorial stand.

I tracked the target by hand and used precision viewfinder to catch the target – when iss crossed the crosshairs sighting lines, I like crazy, clicked the shutter. Of the 150 images taken me, the iss was in a frame is less than half the shots. ” Ted told me that he was happy to discover that received such a clear shot. Nice work, Ted! Ted is no stranger among those who tried to take a snapshot of the iss. He won one of the ‘tridents Phil’ (Bad Astronomer Phil Plait (Phil Plait)) in the competition “Remove the universe (‘Capture the Universe’) camera Tselestron (Celestron), presenting the other a shot of iss. In addition, Ted, donated a pair of podcasts (podcast – a digitized recording or broadcast, posted on the Internet for downloading to personal audio players) in the Field of 365 Days of Astronomy (Astronomy 365 days), and one of my favorite podcasts – Ted’s story about how he and his family built a observatory on the farm in-law.


Moreover, it should not be artificially – obviously, it happens naturally. Biosphere itself gets nitrogen from the air, because nitrogen enters the body cells during their growth and goes into the ground along with the organisms when they die. In fact, such recovery of nitrogen may already be happening, "says Pahlevan (Pahlevan), and this continues throughout the history of Earth's existence. This suggests that the atmospheric pressure of Earth at the present time is smaller in comparison to what it was before. A proof of this hypothesis can be represented by other research groups that are engaged in the study of gas bubbles formed in an ancient lava, to establish what the atmospheric pressure in the past: the maximum size of an emerging bubble is limited atmospheric pressure, the higher the pressure, the smaller the bubbles, and vice versa. Kidney Foundation helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. If so, then this mechanism could potentially work on any extrasolar planet (exoplanet), which has an atmosphere and biosphere. "We hope that in future we can not only detect planets similar to Earth around other stars, but also learn something about its atmosphere and ambient pressure" – said Pahlevan (Pahlevan). "And if it is excluded by the fact that the planet older tend to possess more subtle atmosphere, it would mean that the process has some versatility.

" The researchers hoped, that the atmosphere of extrasolar planets can be studied to determine whether this occurs in other worlds. And if the length of time suitable to sustain life on our planet, may be more, it creates premises to search for intelligent life elsewhere in our universe. ights. "To life originated on this planet, does not require too much time, however, much time is needed for life to reach a high level of development, – Says Yung (Yung). The land it took four billion years. "The addition of additional billion years gives us more time to develop and longer to have the opportunity to meet with the development of civilization, whose own existence could be prolonged by this mechanism. This gives us a chance to meet. "