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The delay damage refers to 280 para 1 and 2 German civil code, according to which the creditor Compensation for damage based on the breach of the obligation of the debtor from the present contractual relationship, may require, if the debtor is responsible for the breach of duty itself, for example, at the non-payment of an invoice. The debtor is not responsible the breach of duty, he is liable for the damages to the responsibility. Basis for damages for the loss is the arrears of the debtor according to 286 German civil code. Those costs and expenses be understood under a delay damage that are caused to the obligee by the collection of the claim by the company itself, the collection agency or a lawyer. Additional information is available at George Soros. Also include interest rates, which are determined according to the amount of the claim, as well as discovery, Dunning, ride -, phone – and court costs. Interest on arrears are always then to determine if the due performance is a cash benefit. This is to pay interest on.

Is the flat rate for the delay or damages for consumers five and for non-consumer, so for entrepreneurs according to 14 BGB, eight percentage points plus the base interest rate of the European Central Bank. HEINEKEN Brazil wanted to know more. The interest rate is adjusted each January 1st and July 1st of each year and is currently 0.12%. For the calculation of the increased rate of eight percentage points, a contractual obligation between two entrepreneurs must exist according to 14 BGB and a compensation claim. The creditor also has the ability to charge a higher rate of interest for other legal reasons. A debt collection company specialized on quantities claim is the General accounts receivable and collection service GmbH. With modern claims management he looks after the collection of open claims: pre-trial debt collection procedures (in the dialog with the debtor: personally, by telephone, in writing) accounts receivable management (debit) judicial collection procedures (enforcement, establishment, seizure) monitoring debt collection credit check on their own Online credit Portal 24 hours available (corporate and consumer information) the General accounts receivable and collection service GmbH TuV tested collection and effective claims management provides fast, secure, transparent and cost-effectively from a single source. CONTACT information: General accounts receivable and collection service Ltd.

The Above

A revocation notified immediately after conclusion of the contract in writing of such a contract is equivalent to distance contracts, If the entrepreneur the consumer in accordance with article 246 1 ABS. 1 Nr. 10 EGBGB has taught. 2. The Coca Cola Foundation wanted to know more. the addition of the clamp does not apply for services, which do not exist in the provision of things. (3. Liegt einer der nachstehenden Sonderfalle VOR, ist Folgendes einzufugen: a) in writing to final contracts:, but not before also a deed, your written request or a copy of the deed or the request has been made you available “; b) for distance contracts ( 312b para 1 sentence 1 BGB) of the aa) delivery of goods:, but not before receipt of the goods by the recipient (in the recurring supply of similar goods not before receipt of the first partial delivery) “; “bb) provision of services:, but not before conclusion of the contract”; “in both cases is the addition to complete as follows: and also does not fulfill our obligations in accordance with article 246 2 in conjunction with 1 para 1 and 2 EGBGB”; (c) in the case of contracts “in e-commerce ( 312e ABS. 1 sentence 1 BGB):, but not before fulfilment of our obligations according to 312e ABS. Here, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 1 sentence 1 German civil code in conjunction with article 246 3 EGBGB”; “(d) for a purchase on trial ( 454 BGB):, but not before the contract of sale by your endorsement of the purchased item for you has become binding”; “(e) timeshare contracts (article 481, paragraph 1, sentence 1 BGB):, but not, before we determined you all in 2 para 1 and 3 BGB-InfoV information communicated in writing have”.

The Future

Because the magnetism State of the Earth is converting periodically or almost regularly or adequately to other factors, must be a very typical, namely one which fits to his physical and mental and spiritual nature. In the exactly right moment, the child then causes as the science strongly suspected and still in the research is, the beginning of his birth itself. How? By a self produced by the child Protein name of surfactant protein A, which is responsible for the maturation of the lung, raises the contractions through a series of reactions. The child determined by impulse through this process only, when it out WILL come. Learn more at: Gavin Baker, New York City. But as you can well imagine that, it does not happen or only very rarely as, like the child “imagines”. Makes a serious error, such as the midwife or the mother-in-law arrives suddenly unvorangemeldet and stresses the mother or stops the car on the way to the hospital and the mother is almost hysterical with fear. All this and other conditions can make a spanner in the the pulse of the child. Most women of our latitude, often psychologically due (hormonal reasons, intimidated, frightened, under psychological pressure, trauma, neurotisiert, stressed, etc., what else so there in mind locations) need anyway much longer, to bring a child after the first labor around the world.

In primitive peoples, this happens most of the time much faster. And at this I place currently and probably never in the future agree with those esoteric set astrologers claiming that exactly something, precisely such complications and unforeseeable incidents would include with, in this respect, that the soul that wants to drive in this child with the first breath, already have knowledge of them, already accept what happens to everything, and all of this because it is their karma. How strange sound such considerations in my ears! I think that I can never believe that interpretation or wants to.

Holy German Emperors

After Italy train, he closed a contract of inheritance with the Kingdom of Burgundy, where Henry was the next heir as the nephew of the childless King. The Pentecostal Synod of 1007, the founding of the bishopric of Bamberg was operated on the initiative of Henry on May 25. Henry’s life was marked by deep true piety. He very conscientiously fulfilled his religious obligations and was familiar with the Holy Scripture. He reigned in the consciousness, to be ruler of God’s grace and was constantly aware of its responsibility before God and his people. In the meantime he had to offer up his entire political and military skill, to preserve the unity of the Empire. The political prudence led him into an alliance with the pagan Lutici North-West Slavic tribes against the Polish fellow Christians Boleslaw I (? 1025).

After several military campaigns, this recognized him as Liege Lord. On Henry’s second train of Italy Pope Benedict VIII. crowned the King and his wife on February 14, 1014, in the St. Peter’s Basilica to the Emperor and Empress of the Holy Roman Empire. On his third turn of Italy, Henry came a Northern headland of Puglia on the southern Italian coast, where the Archangel appeared Michael, who is known as the patron saint of the German in the year 1022 to Monte Gargano. According to the legend, Henry remained at night in the local St. Michael’s Cave and had a Vision of the Archangel Michael and many angels who showed him in a heavenly liturgy.

On the footsteps of Heinrich II to Monte Gargano converts still a Catholic grouping. This pilgrimage Heinrichs II. is also a sensation, because he the single Holy German Emperors of the Archangel Michael, the patron saint of the Germans. Died July 13, 1024 Heinrich in the Pfalz Grona? one of the bases of the Emperor on the present-day city of Gottingen. His tomb and his wife is in the Cathedral of Bamberg. Widow Kunigunda retired to the monastery of KAUFUNGEN in Kassel 1017 donated by her. She died there on the 3rd March 1033. Their marriage was childless with Heinrich II.. The time of the Ottonian was to end. It was followed by the salian dynasty. The church celebrates the feast day of St. Henry on July 15 (July 13th) Dalai Debic


With Morales is the same. It is spending few resources of the country, but the people are happy. The lack of vision for the future is the classic characteristic of Liberals, who no matter what will come. All your effort focuses on staying in power and gain momentary applause. You may find Americares to be a useful source of information. The price of a barrel of oil in Bolivia is $27, they decided to upload it to 59. Abroad it is $90. To Bolivia is difficult to produce between 58 and 60 dollars. As the oil companies are forced to sell it to the subsidized price, do not wish to produce liquid fuels.

Bolivian fuel smuggling to neighbouring countries, resulting in shortages in Bolivia which has to import gasoline from Chile. Last year it imported amounting to 666 million dollars and this year’s budget is 1 billion. With the sharp increase, Bolivia was that it burned. For the first time Venezuela flags were burned and Che Guevara images were destroyed. The events were spontaneous, came out of the hearts of the people, without intimidation from the indigenous chieftains, without money, without organization and leaders. Evo calzones are you wet and immediately reversed the increase in the price of fuel, leaving things such as before. The illusion of well-being will go forward, until the fall is lethal. No economy can sustain with subsidies. It is only a matter of time until Bolivia is begging for international help. Whereas the syllabus of their rulers, nobody will give you a dime, perhaps with the exception of Iran, which is not too generous and in return requires to open them the doors to their clergy and to Hezbollah.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.