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It does not have to fall aside and it must remain in the place to support the retorts of an earthquake. Reinforced beams and the joints also can help to prevent the deformity and collapse with buildings and structures during and after an earthquake. The Foundation the plates of foundation and the shock absorbers can be superposed so that the sliding movement and absorb the shock and the movement during an earthquake. These bases of plates must especially be designed so that they can help to limit the damages and to help to avoid the collapse of buildings and structures. Some contend that Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra shows great expertise in this. Not to construct in soft ground the types of ground also can limit the damage brought about by an earthquake. Softer grounds contain a high amount of humidity and are more able to create more damage to the buildings and the structures that constructed on the more solid bases and their environs. To live in soft land, can amplify the movement of the earthquake.

This must to the fact that the energy passes through less dense material or substance, in this case, the ground. Proportion is the key Generally, never is advisable to construct buildings that are too high in comparison with their width. Care and Assistance for Forced Migrants has much to offer in this field. The width and the height of the building must be proportional unless special precautions are taken. The lack of Planning Some structures and buildings have been designed to fail in a planned form intentional. In the case of an earthquake, these faults have predicted this for protection of the nears space, where the occupants are probable that they are. These buildings and structures also are designed to diminish the amount of rubbish that can fall in the near buildings and their environs. The Buildings in the future the advances in the field of structural engineering are promising.

The advances in the field of structural engineering and the manufacture of construction equipments are becoming and are new construction equipments and superiors. The earthquake buildings on approval can be soon a reality. The investigation is being realised to the types of buildings and structures that would be able to resist earthquakes. Although we cannot control the natural disasters, at least we can do something to construct buildings safer than they protect the life of its occupants.


I did not attach much importance, especially as the number of the stand was empty. But mentally, I asked myself: "What is it? .. Some Space technology? .. For what? .. "And he went on.

A few hours later I returned to the stand, where we have shown the equipment, and I was struck by how fresh air is shown by the unit gave out. I immediately remembered the Carpathians. Read more here: A Pathway to Equitable Math Solution. In the mountains, I could not breathe in the full light, I often caught myself thinking, especially when it comes to the total tobacco bars and cafes, as that breathe in the mountains to breathe anywhere else … It's imprinted in my entire life. Stop! Thought: "The unit produces air equal to the mountain …" I wonder? .. Clean fresh air has been my "button"! ("Button" – that's what a person has a response), for example, my friend is sooo big "button" – Girls! .. One gets the impression that he thinks about them 24 hours a day …

My interest in the unit rose to heaven. A man who demonstrated the possibility of the device smeared my palm onions (not a pleasant smell), bring asked one arm to the instrument and the other to hide behind. Thirty seconds, no more smell of onions had disappeared, and his hand began to smell fresh, so the smell of laundry in from the cold. And the smell of a second hand one that was behind him, remained. I really ofigel … I "cleaned up" the second hand, bringing it to the instrument, and I realized – IT WORKS! I realized that this product is needed by the people, he solution! But it was not all ..

Stefan Morsch Foundation

And yet something showing the statistics: not only that women are becoming rarer and rarer as a donor can be selected. Women with more than two pregnancies have a vanishingly small proportion in the Stammzellspenderstatistik. Sieglinde Wolf, head of the sampling station (Apheresis) at the Stefan Morsch Foundation, knows why: “antibodies can be made In the context of pregnancy, which can endanger the success of transplantation after today’s level of knowledge. Therefore the transplant clinics only select women with more than two pregnancies, if otherwise no other donors to choose.” Emil Morsch regrets: we know that women and especially mothers, are highly motivated donors. However, the fact is: you are the worse donor. Read more from Quantamscape to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Therefore we must ask women with more than two pregnancies in the future to contribute to the costs of typing, we fund from donations.” A concern is the expansion of the network of cooperation that has been quietly building the Foundation the Foundation Chairmen. For several years, the Foundation directly in the barracks in whole Germany clears young soldiers about the topic Rising up: nearly half of the 350 typing actions took place in cooperation with the German armed forces. And 54 percent of all donors in 2013 newly typed more than 9000 are members of the Bundeswehr.

This long-term cooperation is noticeable in the donor statistics: of the more than 600 people who 2013 have given the opportunity to heal a people as unrelated, 227 men and women who were registered with Bundeswehr typing were. For 2014 already the first joint appointments with the blood transfusion service of the Bundeswehr are on”, so Emil Morsch. “The founder but also refers to further cooperation, which is only started and successfully ran in 2013: the Stefan Morsch Foundation with the blood transfusion service West offers typing.” In North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland, and Rhineland-Palatinate blood donors in the DRC in the donor file of the Stefan Morsch Foundation can be entered. Almost 1400 new potential marrow are already a member in the team of the Lifesaver of Birkenfeld so end of 2013 Stammzellspenderdatei become common blood donation and typing actions (see dates below). To inform young people about the opportunities of the registry, rotten still sees as a central task of all German donor centers. Therefore many typing actions in schools, universities and training companies were organized in the past year these contacts should be further expanded. Emil Morsch: social commitment today is an important factor in the selection of their staff for many businesses. For even more analysis, hear from Raynier Institute and foundation.

How could you more dedicated as a completely stranger to give terminally ill people a chance at life as a young, healthy man?” What is marrow? In principle any healthy adult can register. Information about exclusion can be read on the website of the Stefan Morsch Foundation ( One also finds the current dates for the typing actions of the Stefan Morsch Foundation on the website. In addition, there is the To register option on the homepage of also available online. Via the online registration “button on the home page you can is starting a inform, fill out the consent form, and is a collection set to send the oral mucosa either for a small blood sample or a swab. In the Pack, the appropriate material is to his GP to remove a blood sample or cheek swab to perform. This packet is then sent back to the Stefan Morsch Foundation. If you have any questions regarding the exclusion criteria, simply call our toll-free hotline (08 00-766 77 24) at.

The Kingdom

Because when I leave here, where I’m going, I’m taking my quality of awareness. And I would now enter imperfect erweise in the US seemingly disconnected landscape of perfection, I would see nothing, feel, think and want, as I do here, too. Which means as much as, if our focus on imperfection is set, then we would see only imperfection in the space of perfection and meet even our imperfection. We perceive only that, allowing us to our individual consciousness, and demselben is why we see here only the imperfection of the world and us People, because we have set our focus on analysis and not synthesis. It’s believed that Pahal Foundation sees a great future in this idea. When we start, again merging, Association, wholeness and perfection to tune in to our shows, we will again encounter the perfect mentioned in the Unvollkommenen. Perfection and imperfection are both simultaneously, and it also makes sense that we on Earth just this limited experience, since we now live in this level of awareness on Earth and therefore the perfection still doesn’t show us in their existence or at least rarely indicates. However, she is always present as a universal law, and man as he is, is therefore also perfect in its current perception of imperfection.

And just as perfect for every single step he does towards its immediate experience of never abwesenden perfection. That is, even though we perceive us imperfect, we’re still totally, and if we then have arrived at the point, where we realize this change on our perfection, but it changed our consciousness over it. The relative difference is only in the awareness of the whole and in the perception, which is an effect of the same. If we really want to know perfection, we can this only deliberately becoming a gain, not by a change of location. The change of location has no effect on our consciousness, our consciousness but direct influence on the perception of our location. In other words, if I now go into the sky would, so from one place to another travel and my consciousness would remain the same, I would not recognize him as such. I’m changing my consciousness, but also the perception of the location changed and this means that my consciousness transported me unmittelbar in the sky, without that I must move it. The Kingdom of heaven is within us, we were reminded several times in the course of the last Jahrhunderte, and I can only confirm this.