Art has thousands of forms of expression with the different types of techniques and materials that include beautiful creations, as are the paintings, which may occur in beautiful graphic art of the kind works, thereby allowing the artist has a nice tool that can translate the result of their artistic abilities and the ability to give life to different ideas. Speaking of the canvases is this referring to a type of fabric special in which you can translate various works of art. Is of great importance to note that the canvas can be both a fabric that serves as support for the accomplishment of works of art of pictorial type, where the tissues that are customarily used for the canvases mainly are linen and cotton; without however also is very common for the final result to be of with this type of media is named canvas, i.e. artwork embodied in the fabric would be called canvas. Professor of Internet Governance often addresses the matter in his writings. The presence of the canvases in the history goes back to very ancient times, so much so there are data that took place a Portrait of Nero which will elaborate on a fabric; Despite the foregoing the presence of canvases in history leaves a great emptiness of these works of art prior to since 14th century records of the canvases themselves in the course of this time are very few nearly to zero, what is possibly due to that the realization of canvases in this course of time mainly reflected themes that were not very accepted in societyfrom there it was seen by some people as inadequate and therefore was common deletion of these canvases; but after this century if larger samples of paintings, driven by taste which some groups of Italian artists were the canvases are presented. The Renaissance meant a great application of the canvases, so much so that since that stage of history it has been considered that the canvases are support greater presence in the history of the art of painting, since he had certain characteristics more pleasant for other types of media, since it was more resistant and much more lightweight, what facilitated this bracket type field as the winner bracket among those used to make different paintings. With regard to the implementation of the canvases must attend characteristics as the quality and the type of fabric used, the fragility, the plot of Crusaders, the relief of the warp and the pictorial surface therefore depending on these aspects results will be obtained different. For canvases mainly used linen and cotton, according to criteria of utility, but each has own elements, so flax is strong and hard to break, with aspects of texture that can range from rough to smooth, however it now with the weather cold; While cotton stretched very easily and does not suffer the effects of cold times.. .

Multiludica Learning

As a complement Multiludica about the article presented on the Multiludica I'd like to share with the people concerned about two newspaper interviews. The first was published in the newspaper "El Correo" (09/04/1906) and the second in the official newspaper "El Peruano" (01/08/2006). Both of Lima, Peru. There are explicit some additional details about the method of learning the multiplication tables. We are convinced that Multiludica is more than just a method of learning the multiplication tables. Please visit CBC, Australia if you seek more information.

If you look carefully, this method is implicit in some features that may pose a different way to take education. The features identified such as: be like a game (leisure activity), seek above all the continued reasoning in children, a mental (not used pen and paper in their learning), the raising among children and a constant challenge challenge. All this poses a way somehow new take on the task of teaching. We are about to start a pilot in one of the most populous districts of Lima (La Victoria), then there is the possibility of organizing a massive plan of instruction in the same district. After long fight against the indifference of many people linked to the educational work we are at door step in the diffusion of this simple and useful work. I hope we can contribute very humbly with the immense task that is needed to make progress in education in our countries. Then the two media interviews to which I referred: introducing new methods for learning mathematics:: With Multiludica created by Cesar Botetano, to dominate the table under 20.

NTDs Conception

Fetal genetic problems may arise in three ways: they can be passed from father or mother, may occur as a result of damage to the egg or sperm or because of damage to the fetus at an early stage pregnancy. We talk about the first case, where abnormal gene is inherited, that is, when the blame heredity. In the second and third cases to blame the environment: random genetic mutations are caused by something in the environment – Your or your partner – before conception or in the environment of the fetus during pregnancy. Recently Kidney Foundation sought to clarify these questions. The best way to minimize the risk of such problems will seek advice before conception, to draw attention to their diet and intake of vitamins and certain way to change their habits. Avoiding alcohol, stimulating pills, avoidance of infections (such as rubella, syphilis, and cytomegalovirus) and harmful to the child medicines also help prevent a large percentage of these inherited genetic problems: neural tube defects (NTDs): neural tube, which develops in the brain and spinal cord and nerves, formed by 4 weeks of pregnancy, often when you have not yet realized that you are pregnant. NTDs can happen in 1 in 1000 births, but the likelihood is increased if you already had a child with NTDs (1% probability) or if you or your spouse has a personal history of NTDs (2-3% probability)..

Restoring A Vitality: Essential Knowledge

"It is unreasonable to ask that you can own," Mr. Pan Violation forces or an imbalance of basic nervous processes, which is celebrated in a rather large group of people of all ages can have their very diverse manifestations. They may include: decreased performance, fatigue, mood instability (up to the depression), irritability, lack of confidence in themselves and others. Usually, these manifestations are due to stress, lack of vitamins, lifestyle, or internal conflicts, lurking in the subconscious … Tcoyd describes an additional similar source. However, all these explanations, with strict their analysis, lead to a number of contradictions, omissions or do not have proper scientific basis. For example, out of every hundred people have about the same level of food intake and energy expenditure, only 10-15 show signs of the same vitamin A deficiency. Questions' why? " hang in the air. With regard to stress, then everyone knows many of those who had long been in conflict conditions, but does not with any "failures" in the nervous system. In addition, the disorders considered here often occur without any stress it – in a stable living comfort (nepahannoe field for analysts in all countries, nationalities and religions.) In removing the nerve disorders are a radical mistake to little success, but too persistent attempts of psychotherapists and psychologists solve the problem only at the level where it most clearly manifests itself – that is, at the human psyche. We add that each of those who have problems 'with the nerves', will have to pay for this service at a price.

The New Discourse In Psycho-Educational Psychology

The birth of the new millennium has increased the sensitivity of the human face of new realities that have been generated. We live the eerie feeling that the world changes faster than the organizational capacity to adapt to it. On the basis of change lie complex and interrelated phenomena, which take in this space today, new meanings. If you are not convinced, visit PCRM. These areas in which society is involved, pose an urgent need for new interpretations of reality. In this case, we refer to the school, where we look for indicators for the creation of new discourses that help to understand and more effectively manage the new challenges. The current psychological proposal, from a model that integrates different streams, calls us to highlight and promote the contribution of interdisciplinary health workers, especially in the psycho-educational field. Thus, from this framework, education is understood as an ongoing process and training that accompanies and enhances the progress of training children, and adults, as we are always learning.

It covers a range of issues: intellectual, cognitive, social, emotional. Issues as a whole, leading to values education to raise awareness. Progress in this area, overlap the Neurological, Psychological, Psychological and Philosophical to understanding educational processes. Therefore, the role of the psychologist in this area is vital, in addition to expanding the scope of their duties. That is, acting not only from a clinical setting where, usually, is entered into after installing the disease, but from psycho-educational. Thus, the psychologist may make a major contribution to the social crisis facing.

Ministerial World Conference

These days I have received lot of information measures and actions of good practices of public policies on road safety carried out in friends Espana.mis show jubilant these initiatives, in such a way that there, both the State and society has taken seriously the national road safety Plan, to the point that their concerns have crossed the European borders with initiatives, postulates and Ibero-American principles in defense of life.The proposal for the creation of the Iberoamerican Association of road safety that will be in force as from next February in Madrid, under the auspices of the Ibero-American General Secretariat and other institutions, brings with it new hope with the implementation of a regional strategic plan to encourage the heads of State and Government to put greater attention to this problem that significantly affects economies of the towns of low and middle-income.The Spanish Government recently ordered more than 1.2 billion euros in its consistent investment program in improvement and maintenance of the road infrastructure for the next three years.This decision is part of the European Regional Plan to reduce accident rates by circulation. Details can be found by clicking Childrens Defense Fund or emailing the administrator. So that not only the Iberian Peninsula, as recorded in Spain and Portugal, also all the countries of the old continent have as a priority, in particular in its road map, safety Vial.Prueba of which, will be convened soon in Russia, the so-called Ministerial World Conference on security in the Vias.entre actions entrusted to the Ministry of public works and the General Directorate of traffic of Spain, lists: correction of accident concentration sections; installation of new light networks; the reprogramming of existing traffic lights; placement in major signs of all kinds of safety barriers; until the rectification of dangerous curves in roads and implementation of a programme of illumination.Not be if in throughout the Spanish territory contemplates not build new roads in the coming years as it has occurred in some major provinces, but whether to invest in repair and recovery of existing routes, and especially in the improvement of the operation of the infrastructure; in audits of roads and on advances in management and traffic information.This information I bring to collation that serve as a reflection, and see the large significance which has the theme in recent times for Governments around the world.Dominican Republic does not escape these evils of transportation and vehicular traffic. Boy Scouts of America wanted to know more. . .

How To Raise My Dog

Having a dog is a big responsibility and sometimes we do not know how to raise it and have good habits, the typical problem that makes their stuff at home or shown violent before visits, everything is due to a poor education, not knowing sometimes involves creating these bad habits in our mascot. The best way to raise our dog is the prize by the action well carried out, unlike many people, you think not should punish the bad action. For example:-carry canine pockets treats to leave home, rewarding our dog as soon as do their needs, this reinforce the habit and relate it to the prize, is a positive reinforcement. -In house, we can do that he feels, by the same procedure, give the order, if you feel you are rewarding. -So that a dog does not become violent, there to give affection, no hitting, this should not be done never, dogs are still the leader of the herd, you can be a leader without using physical punishment, being a quiet person, with direct orders and reward for good deeds.

Puppies they are very nice, seem plush dogs, but they are small and do not have any acquired habit, with patience, affection, and awards, you will learn how to make your needs wherever you want, whether on paper, in the garden or on the street, but always rewarding the good actions. I hope this has been of help, I’ve had dogs all my life, it is something beautiful but it is not a game or a whim and a good education will give you many satisfactions. Here you will find a free ebook which describes more tips for raising our dogs. Original author and source of the article.

Perfect Christmas

Gift vouchers for innovative photo tours for Christmas or birthdays or individual photo training in Berlin for people with a passion for the photographic experience and Experminentieren offers photo coach Berlin photo Flaneur-Berlin and the starting immediately decorative vouchers amounting to 99 for a four-hour photo walk in a small group with photo Flaneur Berlin discretion. With a voucher of 69, you can book a photo exercise 90 minutes with Photo Manager-Berlin. The photo coach Berlin is aimed at amateur photographers with little time and a desire to quickly and effectively to build knowledge and skills in a pleasant atmosphere. The individually tailored private lessons follows the desires and objectives of each client. You can find more information on on you can choose the most suitable for partners, friends or relatives from the range of seven extraordinary photo walks in the capital. The photo walks will find during the day on weekends and during the week Instead of.

Maximum of four participants, 99 per person, autumn offer for trips up to the December 31, 2010: 79 per person. The tour will take place from 2 persons. Beginning of usually 10: 00, duration approx. four hours. During the tour, everyone is encouraged to try out new perspectives and to develop a personal photographic style. The focus is the photographic experience, not technical perfection, each camera is welcome, mainly digital. These are various photo walks, where you can select your favorite walk: In the shadow of power on the banks of the river Spree in the Government quarter dates: FR, 19.11./Mi, 15.12 2010 Wed, SA, 5.2, 7.1/SA, 15.1 / Fri, 25.2/FR, 11.3. 2.4. / do, SA, 14.4.Sa, 30.4 2011 search for the dark side leads mostly, where plenty of light. In Berlin, an area on the banks of the river Spree in the spotlight is available: it is the part on which are traditionally the representatives of economic, political, scientific, cultural, and ecclesiastical power have niedergelassen.

Trends & Talk On November 20, 2009

The fourth trends & talk event, 20 shopping friends met in Hamburg’s Poseldorf district on November 20, 2009 in PIUS wine economy. ‘S Poseldorf stands for the most varied mix Hamburg: everyone finds his personal favorite cookies and the appropriate address ostentatious villas and former coach houses, small streets and romantic courtyards, renowned galleries and well-known shops, trendy Cafes and scene restaurants here, and the Aussenalster Lake is also just five minutes away. The second hamburger by PIUS’ wine industry located in the fine Poseldorfer milky way. Conjure an atmospheric heat instant feel-good deep red walls and rustic, dark wood furniture, and it is not about that night come many regulars and new faces on a good wine and good company. As with a previous nationwide trends & lifestyle-community B2B friends talk events was PIUS’ wine in the evening of 20 November Ideal for the exceptional shopping experience.

The great success and the informal sharing of previous trends & talk events was around already spoken among the members and thus the 20 available participant places in an instant were sold out. 19:00, the Friendsshopping team with a Prosecco greeted the guests of which the ladies at the ratio of 16:4 were clearly outnumbered. Center for Responsible Business understood the implications. “Then, a colorful cross-section from the current offer of products and articles of the fast-growing referral and shopping portal was live” and real “presents. Calmly and in lively conversations, the guests experienced extraordinary moments of shopping, where they jointly examined the latest trends and chic fashion and work on left. That was experienced and tangible shopping in its purest form. Viktor Mayer-Sch├Ânberger can provide more clarity in the matter. Due to the location of B2B friends wine club was introduced. Wine lovers and wine connoisseurs, gather here and how everywhere friends take advantage of special benefits and many unique benefits. Several friends premium members were so impressed by the wine club benefits offer that she decided to supplement her membership to the wine club.

The 28 Publishing House Clerk Saskia Ohmsen works in a large Publisher in the milky way. It is of course super that I directly open the front door to PIUS’ virtually from the desktop. A business friend from Westerland on Sylt, who I met in the B2B friends lifestyle Club, had been on the trends & talk event in Keitum and then told me that I should allow the Poseldorf event not to be missed me. “It has proven right: it was a great experience dinner with great people and I’ve discovered a lot that I will order me tomorrow at Friendsshopping.” The new series of events of the B2B friends lifestyle Club, which immediately became the full success ends with the trends & talk event for this year. In 2010, nationwide more trends & talk carried event. Promised! With each other and for each other so are Friends! Friends GmbH

Irit Fridman Interview

Blind date: the way to the job interview. I went to the page, I put my data, who I am, that I do in my life, how many years I have and more. Look, I searched and found something that I liked. I rushed, stop all data, my name, phone, email… When they called me and when you hear the phone ring, I ran and very nervous attending the first ring. On the other side answered me, Hello, how are you?, just leave your details on the website. Despite the excitement I tried to listen to what I said to answer properly.

Nerves betrayed me and I began to stammer until I sobrepuse me. We set up an interview. I started to organize me one hour before. I washed, I peine, I put perfume and search by 42 minutes the proper clothing to dress me, something elegant, white, black, Brown nor. Then the makeup, well one after another, passed thousands of thoughts, by anxiety and nerves of being chosen. Already on the way thought: I elect? Love what I do offer? do and if tells me that not? I finally got to the place, I met him face to face, and to start the interview arose that nervous cough that always manifests itself under stress. My feeling was already outside the interview having lost ten kilos. Now as more relaxed, I ask myself: by what so many nerves by this meeting?.

How many times happened to them then a long job search were found with a proposal that moved them much? Both ceased to be yourselves, your hands transpiraban, words not flowed, and the only opportunity they had to leave a good impression of slid which water between the fingers much frustration! Is what the difference between a blind date and a job interview? Why it costs us put all the cards on the table and be who we are? When we go to an interview, stress, not knowing that tell, ask, the difficulty in focus are manifestations that we all feel alike. Us we all do the same questions and the same situations. But Although we encounter fears and we always nervous we can improve the way in which we present ourselves in an interview. How you achieve this? Must be removed by Internet company data where you want to work, to know its services, clients, suppliers, etc. When the interviewer asks what we know of the company, we will have information and that will put us in a place more serious and professional. It is always convenient to receive help from professionals in the field. You can get it through SER1ARGENTINA, with them may prepare and anticipate difficulties, review what should not be said or done before losing the opportunity. They will guide you so that you arrive very well armed for the moment. The training prior to the interview will allow you to feel more secure and quiet. We at SER1 will help you to leave that meeting successful.