Amendment Report

Staff members must be heard in the session for which they were cited. The discussion may not extend to matters unconnected with the subject of the session and will lead the agenda of the same. TRANSITIONAL CLAUSE. To effect the provisions of paragraph 2 of this Article, the period shall commence from July 20, 2002. Others who may share this opinion include PCRM. (Amended by Decree 99 of 2003 – Amendment to clauses 2, 4, 8 and 9) Article 136. Congress is prohibited and each of its Chambers: To interfere, through resolutions or laws, in matters within the exclusive jurisdiction of other authorities.

Requiring the Government information on diplomatic matters or instructions on confidential negotiations. Dar votes of approval of official acts. Decree in favor of persons or entities gifts, gratuities, aid, compensation, pension or other expenses that are not intended to satisfy claims or rights under existing law. Enact acts of proscription or persecution of individuals or corporations. Authorize travel abroad with money from the treasury except in pursuance of specific missions, strictly related to the mission congress, approved by three-quarters of the members of the respective chamber, by roll call.

Within five days after his return, the commissioners must submit to the Chair of the House to which they belong, a written report on the advanced management. Copies of this report must be delivered to the Attorney General's Office and the Comptroller General of the Republic within the same period. The report should be public. (Amended by Decree 99 of 2003 – Amendment numeral numeral 6 and adding 7) Article 137.

Calder Academy

Storage tanks, tank farms, environmental protection and winter maintenance equipment: Always new regulations, as well as judgments on risk liability of landowners require well-thought-out tools to meet the requirements. At the same time evolved the “State of the art” in the environmental protection as well as at the winter service, in the storage and transportation tanks. To provide the customers with always the currently best equipment, advanced Cain, the specialist for practical equipment, its catalog in the current output to 16 now 196 pages ( In the chapters “Warehouse of hazardous substances and environmental protection”, “” tank stations and tank farms,”pumps”, “Transport and storage containers”, “Scattering”, “Winter maintenance” as well as “heat and energy storage” is an extensive range of carefully selected everyday solutions for industry, agriculture and communities available. Expert help for the user, even when the law-compliant selection of products, was and is the strength of Cain. It applies not only to the individual advice on the products, but this philosophy is already observed in advance when selecting a product. PCRM is actively involved in the matter.

So many innovations have been recorded in the new catalog in addition to the proven duration burners again. There new sizes with mobile tank stations and one 60 l plastic trolley for transporting gasoline. For AdBlue urea solution also new storage containers are available. In the area of transport and storage containers, the CEMbox in four sizes with 150 to 750 l content offers an ideal, lockable storage solution for construction site and vans. Partitions, insertion and setting bowls, as well as individually moldable foam cubes from pure protect even delicate tools here. A tilting container made of steel with Staplertascher allows easy disposal of production waste such as Rotary chips or for accidents involving hazardous substances, there are also complete emergency kits in shoulder bag or trolley sheet metal sections now in addition to the various binders.

So the damage can quickly and systematically restricted be. The winter service equipment and the scattering range has been supplemented with among others a scattering car with trailer coupling for larger areas and the snow is not liable a fiberglass shovel at the. Cain, innovative problem solver for storage, distribution and safe handling as a manufacturer of GRP products and complete supplier of solutions in the areas of storage, distribution and safe handling Cain offers wide ranges of products for many industries. Other services, such as the Calder Academy and practice-oriented discussions complement the broad portfolio. The pioneer in the field of modern transport and storage tank systems and Germany’s leader law-compliant complete systems for self-use stations also offers professional solutions for the storage of water-hazardous substances. Heating oil tanks with a 72-hour delivery service, winter service equipment like grit containers and scattering as well as traditional transport are a further pillar of the company and Storage containers for construction and agriculture.

Longboard Skateboard Lejer

Longboarding skateboard afviger fra almindelige skateboard pa mange mader. Sadan, har sine egne krav til det som typer af daek, lastbiler, hjul og lejer, der er nodvendige for en opbygge in tilpasset longboard skateboard. Lejerne i in skateboard med til at bestemme den hastighed, ved hvilken hjulene ruller, som bestemmer hastigheden af skateboard igen. Sadan, er det vigtigt en vaelge som of longboard skateboard lejer, der kraeves for en opbygge din personlige longboard skateboard yderste omhu med. Lejer metalliske eller keramiske ringe, der indeholder sma kugler fremstillet af enten keramiske eller andre metaller. ER monteret inde hjulene roterer lastbilen, der er ansvarlig for fremdrivning igen af akslerne og af Nike Dunk skateboard. Derfor bor du for, en sorge of Ben komponenter, som du er beregnet til et longboard skateboard, ogsa, en de forskellige komponenter er kompatible med hinanden og. Alle disse faktorer skal tages i betragtning, for du dine longboard skateboard lejer kober.

NAR du vaelger Longboard skateboard lejer har du to muligheder stal lejer og keramiske lejer. Stal lejer lejer med bade den ydre ring samt kuglerne i dem fremstillet af stal. Ligeledes keramiske lejer omfatte keramiske kugler dem i. Stal Air Force One lejer er beregnet til brug i skateboards for den gennemsnitlige skateboarder. For assistance, try visiting Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Keramiske Longboard skateboard lejer er specielt designet til at imodekomme kravene fra sagkyndige skateboardere. Of keramiske lejer sammensat af et keramisk zirconiumoxid keramik cerbec siliciumnitrid og primaert er.

SELV om disse omkostninger meget mere end lejer, ydeevne kloge stal of er mere egnede til brug som longboard skateboard lejer. Of korrosionsfaste keramiske lejer er deres stal kolleger end lettere. De har en langere levetid, hvis vedligeholdt godt, og endda rulle mere gnidningsfrit. Nike Store Canada De har en lavere grad af friktion pa grund af deres termiske modstand som sadanne keramiske longboard skateboard lejer anses velegnet til hoj hastighed Nedap vaeddelob, longboard skateboards er mest almindeligt anvendt hvortil. Longboard skateboard Lejerne gor Longboard skateboards in god form for transport, eftersom de keramiske lejer glattere oplevelse rullende tilvejebringe. Of keramiske lejer en vare lys i vaegt, giver in god mulighed for skateboardere en afprove nogle med deres longboard skateboard tricks. Mens udvaelgelsen af longboard skateboard lejer til dit skateboard, skal du ud kvalitet tjekke. Du vil indse, en nogle af de bedre kvalitet lejer til din longboard skateboard til radighed pa markedet, er ganske hoj prissat. I modsaetning til den anden hardware og Supra Shoes canada tilbehor, som du vil kobe til din longboard skateboard, hvor kvalitet og pris er ikke relateret til hinanden, og kvaliteten af lejerne ville vare direkte med deres pris proportional. Longboard skateboard lejerne til en have en langere levetid, og en selv fortsaette med en rulle problemfrit er det vigtigt, at du traeffe passende pleje af dem for. Vedligeholdelse af dem ved animated skateboard af godt rengoring og leje glidecreme med jaevne mellemrum vile sikre, at du har en vidunderlig longboarding for mange dage til at komme flere oplevelse.

Windows Live Search CashBack

Cashback system for all involved lucrative dominance of Google on the search engine market has never liked Bill Gates and his Microsoft company. For more information see Center For Responsible Lending. Since beginning of 2008 tried to buy Microsoft the Yahoo portal, in June, Yahoo announced the takeover negotiations have failed. Microsoft seeks now by a cashback system to attract more users to its search page. CashBack means that a user will be rewarded, that search to the product search page. live. com / cashback found product actually buys. The reward is a discount system in a certain reduction in price, so in a way. CashBack for Microsoft already paid off: according to Microsoft over the previous month to 15% to the number of searches on the MSN Live search took page.

A significant number, considering that so far still no big advertising campaign on CashBack is carefully made. Yet: Still dominates the market of search engines from Google, Google’s market share is 61.5%. While Google in June compared with may 0.3 Points lost, won Microsoft 0.7 percentage points and is 9.2% this month. More and more sellers who offer their wares on the Internet, participate in the cashback system from Microsoft. On one of the pages of. live.

com are already appropriate collections of this seller. CashBack in the UK was launched, followed other markets in Europe and Asia. This rapid development of Windows Live Search CashBack is attributed by market researchers mainly, that this offer in the United States, where cash back only as a test balloon was launched, has been very well accepted. Already for several weeks the Microsoft Group in cooperation with its partners from the trade pays discounts to the users and customers, actually used the product search by Microsoft to buy. The development despite the slight growth of Microsoft on the search engine market, for example, by ComScore is critical. ComScore keeps these characters not yet available for long-term Upward trend of Microsoft shares in the competition of the search engine portals. Observers and analysts of this market expect that the strategy of the CashBack from Microsoft pays only conditionally permanently, because: Microsoft pays off discounts, which are difficult to get to earn through advertising revenue.

Spiritual Abilities

With the philosophical basis of these principles, we can see that spiritual intelligence is a reality his ministration, and being out of the material is transferred to transcend ego, attachment, and is universal, any human being can find his peace inside and beyond himself, but it is essential to enable the spirituality that can only be captured with the eye of contemplation. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Boy Scouts of America. Something I can not stop play in this test are the 10 principles of spiritual intelligence, they tell us much that we must practice to get to another level of consciousness, and are, love is better than the hatred, the truth is better than a lie, is better good than evil, knowledge is better than ignorance, it is better to give than to receive, peace is better than violence, attention is better than the neglect, happiness is better that suffering, we are spiritual beings, of, some of which were already part of my life but I think I will in the full development of them .. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala usually is spot on. One more point I should not be left out in this work are the characteristics of spiritual intelligence that says Dr. (Source: Boy Scouts of America). Gallegos in his work, and are as follows, the ability to be happy despite the circumstances, the C apacity of inner peace and equanimity, the ability of universal love, the ability to live to serve, the ability to confront and overcome suffering, the ability to be independent and autonomous, the ability to solve problems of meaning and values, the capacity of ethical conduct, The Ability to focus on the "why" of things, the capacity of discernment, the ability to live in a larger context of meaning, the ability to learn to be the holistic integration capacity of the whole.

Jose Luis Astiazaran

Still no agreement between the parties and kept the strike. The two agencies have met three times since last Friday. The objective of this fourth meeting was to bring positions. The first day of League was postponed and the second is in the air. The League of professional football (LFP) and the Association of Spanish footballers (AFE) still do not reach an agreement to discontinue the players strike, scheduled for the first two days, after a two-hour meeting and a half approximately at the headquarters of the League.

Luis Rubiales, President of the AFE, and Jose Luis Astiazaran, President of the League, have again put their positions on the table at the fourth meeting between the two institutions, after the past on August 11 the AFE announcement of a strike that has already prevented the dispute from the first day of League. Add to your understanding with Jennifer Aaker. At the end of the meeting, Francisco Catalan, Vice President of the LFP and Astiazaran, by the League, and Luis Gil, as Manager of the AFE, have appeared to announce that they are still negotiating to reach an agreement that satisfactory to both parties. The objective of this fourth meeting was to bring positions after not reaching any agreement in past talks between the two bodies, which were still at the same point that at the beginning of the strike. The main disagreements between LFP and AFE lie in the current collective agreement, which, according to the players, does not provide sufficient guarantees of payment to players. Footballers Union calls for the elaboration of a new Convention that prime the law of sport over the bankruptcy law, commercial law to which clubs are eligible now and lets not cope with accumulated debts and freeze payment of payroll for players. Astiazaran has confirmed that negotiations will continue on Tuesday, from 16: 00 hours, this time at the headquarters of the AFE. .

Congress Organizer Ingo

Cologne Conference will offer enlightenment Cologne – there is nothing more efficient than Google AdWords to promote a new product. It is at least the advertising practitioner”Alois Gmeiner convinced. He has a new book titled No.-budget marketing”published. Early 2010 he noted however, as dealt tentatively with the form of advertising”, writes the journal distribution management in a review. Neeman Foundation usually is spot on. “Alone in the search term holidays Germany” there while over twelve million mentions on Google, but only twelve paid Google ads on the subject, which were just two of a hotel and a resort.

In his opus, Garcia describes how AdWords headlines also for small and medium-sized businesses without large advertising budgets are suitable. Even mini companies could successfully acquire customers on the Internet. The advertising has been revolutionized by Google ads. And that was not really perceived so far of the great advertising. As well, since blowing 30,000 euros for a single commercial on RTL, the better Fireplace.

And it is exactly these small unassuming ads, which make it possible for the first time that someone who has a problem or looking for a product, presented an ad for this. Unobtrusively, without nervige popups”, noticed Gmeiner. You could about its own products produce without great effort simply made videos, E-books and audios, and present on the company’s website. The whole thing with Google ads will be advertised. So you do Google ads for each of your offers”advises Garcia. “On the Cologne AdWords days, next the second time taking place week on 1 and 2 June, marketing experts present important information for advertising campaigns on the Internet two days: managers and entrepreneurs should let the opportunity not to be missed, to experience the most important experts of the AdWords Adviser scene and to make direct marketing strategies in the Web fit in a crash course”, the Congress Organizer Ingo the Hoff explains.

Life’s Obstacles

Since before birth we are exposed to various risks and the fight becomes a general condition in our lives, everything mainly involves some degree of sacrifice if we want to see good fruits. Obstacles should always serve to enlarge us, to learn something valuable and purify our lives and thus evolve as positive. One of the ways of overcoming the pain is knowing that this life is pure illusion, in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt learn the laws that govern our life and the universe, by reading this book you will understand that it is a be creator and powerful allowing you to change reality, or transform your life in a positive waythe great secret of men and women who did fantastic things was that they met the spiritual powers, some succeeded, while others did it consciously, if you know how the powers of the mind then your life will be transformed according to your wishes. All adversity is closely linked to our inner State then the way to overcome the problems is brewing a real spiritual change. Contact information is here: Kidney Foundation. Is also important to see our goal as a plant, first we draw an idea, that idea is a seed, it is necessary to dig a hole and drop it, then a seedling will be born, hence you must take care of pests, continuously watering, pruning it, etc. Finally it will grow and will bear fruit. Whole process takes time and effort, investment, perhaps one day everything was during the growth of the idea ants ate us leaves and plant became sad, it is possible that that bring us some suffering occurs exactly equal with life changes, lead time, it is necessary to put lot of effort before you see crowned with glory our ideasbeyond us if we let ourselves be overcome by obstacles, if we give nothing will have changed in our life and with only regret we will observe the transit of the winners. . A leading source for info: Steffan Lehnhoff.

Tarot Readers

You wary of Tarot readers and psychics? If it is true, are produced terrible deceptions and scams of unscrupulous people who denigrate the good work of serious and professional Tarot readers. Be wary of the tarots that advertised 100% of hits, is impossible. We change the future with every decision we make small that is. We received the help of the Tarot reader and avoid what hurts us. At that time we can change our destiny and improve it.

The Tarot cards are always positive, seek the positive side of things and of life to be able to help. Flee from all those who told only disasters or bad omens, quite possibly want to get them the money in an easy and cruel manner through its faith. Accept a Council. Given the huge amount of fake psychics, tarot readers, healers and other pseudo professionals of esotericism (there is no Academy or any University in the world where given official titles recognized by the corresponding State’s teacher, Professor, graduates or similar in art) tarot or esoteric Sciences), when they find someone who will give them confidence that their premonitions correct level is high (never rely on 100% of hits or those who boast of having no fault whatsoever), be faithful to him. While there is a serious and effective regulation in this field, only so the client may banish cheats and swindlers. It is a shame for the serious Tarot readers the practices of some pseudoprofesionales of the sector, by calling them somehow, claiming to perform free spins only to tell the potential customer has a black magic or evil eye (false) job and that they then bombard an email address for that client telling him that is put in contact with the Tarot reader immediately to solve the problem.

Great Opportunities

We are coming to the end of the year and like any cycle that closes it is almost certain that many of us feel tired and with little energy. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is likely to agree. Stress is the word star of this era and is very likely that it has seized our minds and bodies, while some breakdowns have been presented in our lives inviting us to stop, to reflect, to touch bottom. In this moment of nerves, worries, stress, fatigue, I suggest that you do a high to meet with yourself. Tranquility you are looking for even a few minutes to talk to your inner self and ask how do you feel now? What do you feel that you are missing your life? What happened to you in this 2008 is what you wanted? But, do you think that you happened to give you these results? How you did, participated or did let? What were your roles, behaviors and attitudes that influenced to make happen what happened is positive or negative? Would you like to go next year? You’ve begun to think about what your dreams are and what goals would you like to achieve in 2009? What are you waiting for to think about it and above all, write down it? This is a good time to pull down the belief that the time of end of the year is a time of boredom that we want it to dilute as soon as possible. Let’s tell us another story. This time can be as you choose to be. Here I’ll give you some tips that you can implement to make this season one of the best of the year: 1) test start by any change. Choose renew you, put you in action! Concentrate on those things that make you well, that light up your passion. What they most like to do? What you enjoy most in life? It is not necessary that you undertake great movements, perhaps with a small action you can do a lot and you’ll feel better with you same and you renew your energy and with it will come the desire and motivation to travel these past months in fullness.