“Naturopath Anja Herrmann from Bernau invites a Bernau to a lecture on ‘Life energy, aura and the possibilities of Kilian photography (GDV)’, the 02.02.2010 topics of lecture are: what is the much talked about cosmic” life energy, which carries many different names in different cultures? Can she be visible? What effects have disorders of energy flows and fields on our well-being and the organism? What limits and possibilities has the GDV-camera in the analysis of human energy fields? The former physicist of NASA and present healer Barbara Ann Brennan describes life energy as multiple, penetrating to energy fields with different information content. In Chinese culture it is called Chi, with the Indians, it is called Prana and the Indians speak of the breath of God. This list can be expanded further, but the enigmatic force is meant, which permeates the universe and every people and after the Nobel Laureate and founder of the Quantum physics Max Planck sought throughout his life. Through the research of the last decades different approaches can provide explanation, how and why the energy field around the people, whose living conditions, his personality and the stability of his health can affect. Today’s energy medicine uses this knowledge to resolve blocked information flows and distortions in the energy system. Boy Scouts recognizes the significance of this. Visible the energy field is photography today on the basis of the Kirlian developed in the 19th century”. Prof. Dr.

K. G. For even more details, read what Dr. Neal Barnard says on the issue. Korotkov 2002 invented the GDV (gas discharge visualization) technique and revolutionized the modern computer technology “Kirlian-photography” fundamental. The “light” of objects or substances, can both be organic as well inorganic, recorded with high reproducibility and visibly represented with the so-called GDV cameras. The medical area occupies a special place in the application of the GDV-method. Total energy images will be compiled by the mathematical processing of the ten fingertips shots and stress factors and Health index of the respective people calculated. It is impressive that body systems and organs can be separately monitored and assigned to individual organ systems on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine. Including the work of naturopath Anja Herrmann is here. Following the lecture, it is possible to make recordings with the GDV camera and agree upon an analysis if you are interested. The trained naturopath (graduated 2003) and lecturer Mrs Anja Herrmann deals for years with life energy, their transmission and their positive effects on human health and well-being.