Alan Dog

At the present time: with 20th century disaster for dogs of prey arrives in Spain. Credit: Professor of Internet Governance-2011. Crossbreeding with other breeds such as the boxer and the Mastiff brought to the Spanish alano shall be deemed completely extinct. (The same happened with the presa canario). However, that’s not entirely true. Dogs of prey in Cantabria, in the western end of Vizcaya (Carranza Valley), and in the adjoining valley of Llera (Burgos) have remained. It’s handling of cattle dogs.

Since 1980 a group of Cynologists proposed the recovery of the breed. After combing Spain in search of exemplary tooling, create a basis of parenting that soon gave optimum fruit. Today we can affirm that thanks to his work the Spanish alano is a reality. Homogeneity in type and temperament, has been indispensable conditions to assert that a breed is consolidated. Hunting with the alano: the alano is a dog of great value and powerful prey. System to hunt feral pigs is hunting in round, hunt wild boar at night with single support of a horse, dog and a Hunting knife. It becomes really to test the value of the Hunter and the powerful bite of the alano. The round begins with the fall of night.

Hunters, mounted on horseback and with loose dogs, begin a silent March by paths and clear, in search of wild boar. The Alans tend to stay close to the horses and only deep into monte when some Hound is a boar and calls to stop. At that moment the Alans flock in droves towards where the hound that insistently calls for their help. Wild boar to the alano receives almost always with their trunks, rejecting him sometimes at long distances, but can little takes to redo is and whether he is unscathed, as if he is injured or half dead, reload. I’ve seen some return to the load being almost open channel. Other times, wild boar alano, found, rise up on their hind legs and foot are tackled without mercy, taking care to everyone down to its opposite. Proportions of the alano: must be moderately wide and long, a little long and split head, almost like not very long snout, lips fallen with good measure of bandwidth, cleaved and black mouth on the inside, and to grasp the thick and short JAWS firmly. Small, a little sad eyes and sanghinolientos, look fierce but frank. Wide breasts and thin shoulders, straight arms and short pages. Straight legs and collected, so open back and forwards. The medium-sized tail, better higher birth. Which are more senior back to front, so they are better runners and defend themselves better once grip the boar. You can see this and other articles on wildlife. Original author and source of the article.