Albert Einstein

When we are born we are totally dependent on our parents or relatives, do not consciously know nothing of this world and gradually begin to experience life, to incorporate us into society successfully must learn many things to read, express ourselves, understanding of everything, etc. From a sensory perspective our life is equivalent to buying a new computer in which it is necessary to insert a large amount of information that we read and interact efficiently in this material plane. But a spiritual level what happens? The truth is that our life goes beyond sensory experience and internally we have enormous capabilities, the challenge of this game of life is to discover our great potential, it’s like entering a great maze where output implies find us with our own essence. Our capabilities are outstanding, even since we are born, having the ease of learning is something that is innate, so it has been designed, we see extraordinary conditions in many people, some discover their mission quickly, music, Sciences, writing, the arts, etc. arise are capabilities? All this powerful information is in the subconscious mind and this in turn is connected with the creative energy. Each one of us a great power has given us, that allows us to make great discoveries, occurs because domestically it is all the knowledge to transform the world, that’s why Albert Einstein said that imagination that intelligence, what he meant? is more powerful The way to gain access to internal knowledge is entering the current creator of the universe, or in the power of your subconscious mind. Many people know that this is true, but the big question is about registration to that power? The answer lies in knowing the characteristics of the subconscious mind, the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar will find solid principles about the functioning of the internal power, will know that the first requirement for a desire to connect with our subconscious mind is to overcome our limiting beliefs and avoid internal conflicts, to read this book includes steps to take an idea to categorically.