Amendment Report

Staff members must be heard in the session for which they were cited. The discussion may not extend to matters unconnected with the subject of the session and will lead the agenda of the same. TRANSITIONAL CLAUSE. To effect the provisions of paragraph 2 of this Article, the period shall commence from July 20, 2002. Others who may share this opinion include PCRM. (Amended by Decree 99 of 2003 – Amendment to clauses 2, 4, 8 and 9) Article 136. Congress is prohibited and each of its Chambers: To interfere, through resolutions or laws, in matters within the exclusive jurisdiction of other authorities.

Requiring the Government information on diplomatic matters or instructions on confidential negotiations. Dar votes of approval of official acts. Decree in favor of persons or entities gifts, gratuities, aid, compensation, pension or other expenses that are not intended to satisfy claims or rights under existing law. Enact acts of proscription or persecution of individuals or corporations. Authorize travel abroad with money from the treasury except in pursuance of specific missions, strictly related to the mission congress, approved by three-quarters of the members of the respective chamber, by roll call.

Within five days after his return, the commissioners must submit to the Chair of the House to which they belong, a written report on the advanced management. Copies of this report must be delivered to the Attorney General's Office and the Comptroller General of the Republic within the same period. The report should be public. (Amended by Decree 99 of 2003 – Amendment numeral numeral 6 and adding 7) Article 137.