American States

And his middle name – as all the gringos, and obama is gringo, have an intermediate name before the last name – is hussein: barack hussein obama, as the Iraqi dictator saddam hussein who hanged, most by be that Iraqi dictator. And it is not even a meek black, a black from the House, as she memorably called harry belafonte to the Secretaries of State colin powell and condoleezza rice: but a barking black (within certain bounds of prudence and restraint). It’s worth reading his splendid speech about race in the United States, said in the middle of his campaign. In summary: has the most and the least, advantages and ballasts, of being a black in a racist society that is ceasing to be walking fast and exhilarating: there to think that when obama was born, it was nearly impossible for a black American to be something other than Boxer or trumpeter. The almost certain now President has the age of the historic March in washington in 1963 for the civil rights of blacks.

But or in addition, as you look at it, barack obama is gringo. Gringo politician. That is, with the characteristics of a professional politician, of a Senator, a gringo President: hypocritically religious, militarily jingoistic, inevitably imperialist. So his mother has been agnostic, obama has to show that it is Christian practitioner (one of the myriad of black Protestant churches in the United States: the trinity united church of christ). So his father was African, and spent his childhood in indonesia, it has to be (and already put it) pin lapel with the flag of bars and stars to make show of patriotism.

And so believes that the Iraq war is madness, and do not share the doctrine bush’s preventive aggression, has to prove that he believes in the Messianic exceptionalism of the United States, called by Providence to intervene worldwide to save him. Empires are imperialists. And barack obama is – is about to be – Emperor of the currently prevailing. better than mccain? Without a doubt. (and it is not so difficult). But the world should not be too many illusions about barack obama. ES – it is about to be – simply the new President of the United States.