Andrew Corentt

The success should an objective common to all people because it implies knowing that we have found activities that have made us discover love, see the spirituality that is within us, so all triumph in life involves being close to God because all inspiration come from our interior. All activities in life are related to a series of habits that we are acquiring, many of them are positive, others are negative, the difference between successful people and others lies in the way that have programmed habits consistent with their wishes and that has allowed them to have a rain filled with triumphs. Through the reading of the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt you’ll learn powerful processes to achieve their goals, and this relates to the way in which you carried inside their wishes, once you have achieved it is ready to act in his life with real power and wisdom, this will allow you take all the actions that will take you to the peak of success no doubt. Most important a goal is to implement it in our subconscious, how to do it?, must be based on repetition as we have learned everything in life, this way we learned reading, writing, computing, mathematics, accounting, do business, machines, etc. Both repeat something we have available in the conscious mind and we act consistently with it, in the book the secret of the power of goals will find methods to accelerate the process of change. We are powerful beings and creators of the reality that observe our senses, just enough to remember the way to do it.

God has given us that power, in our subconscious mind, there is enough power to achieve anything and the truth our mind wants to help us but the communication does not reach him because we orient our energy to another address, here is in where the habit plays a special role. An example: If we observe with much desire an Apple for a long time will notice that Apple will be manifested in some way in our lives, for the mind is equal create an Apple or a vehicle in our life, or any desire, why we should make proper use of the word, of images, of touch and all our senses should be directed to our purpose, all time is necessary to insist on our idea, although the results seem to be not submitted, it is follow, follow and continue on an ongoing basisHence we will have implanted a habit in our mind. When the habit is implemented we enjoy real power, it is there when things work automatically, no longer requires no effort, will our dreams come true, so they have occurred all the transformations of life, so it is essential to remain steadfast in our project, the fruits will certainly arrive.