Arabian Princess Rides In Bavaria In The Passau

Long distance tournament at gut Aichet in Thyrnau attracts prominent guests on the Danube the daughter of sheikhs from Qatar, Princess Sheika Maryam Mohammed Raisal Althani, is an enthusiastic rider. Distance rides, the marathon to horses are her favorite discipline. Tournament held the Manor of Aichet in Thyrnau Passau country such a haul. The Princess was be Belinda Hitzler derives from the German Champion in distance riding. They had organized the trip in the Passauer land. The beautiful surroundings with a charming ambience, the Standart of the rides and the good hotels that were decisive for the recommendation to the Princess according to the German champion. On the 30 km long distance ride could the Arab guest then yourselves for yourselves and enjoy the view of one or the other in the wide valley of the Danube. The Manor of Aichet in Thyrnau high is a fixed size among the riders via the Bavarian Danube valley in the tourist area of the Danube beads near and far.

Riding and jumping tournaments are regularly held here with well-known riders from all over Europe. They are high point each year “Tournaments and garden days outing at gut Aichet”. For horse riding holidays in the Passauer land, you have to be a professional. Horse and rider of each discipline will find best conditions in the Passauer land to pursue their hobby. . The holiday offer horse & rider”bundles the offer in all over lower Bavaria. A free horse riding guide with touring and host recommendations promoting the horse riding holidays in the Passauer land. The extensive route network with around 1,600 kilometres of signposted tours is summarized in 6 riding maps for all over lower Bavaria and is one of the largest networks of bridle path in Europe. With information about the riding holiday in the Passauer land: Tourist information Passauer land, Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau, telephone 0851 / 397600,