Artikel Affiliates

Affiliate networks monetizing Web 2.0 sites do not have money. Looking for much-needed new content partners they appear some as saving straw to say next is to anticipate it: Web 2.0 is at least not a hot topic for affiliate networks. That a Web logger, which is for example, specialist for long-distance travel, includes banner of TUI in his blog, subject to term “Peanuts” for companies like TradeDoubler, zanox, Commission Junction & co. the at the time Deutsche Bank CEO Jurgen Schneider. The transactions in this country come from around 1,000 top affiliates who know all relevant platforms, programs and conditions and at any time can deliver where and to whom they want. And earn their money with search and search engine optimization, and not with the marketing of user-generated content.

In addition, yet the disadvantages of social communities, blogs & co. predominate also in the minds of advertisers: A well done blog can have very high-quality, affine, and thus valuable traffic at a Profile page on MySpace or Facebook could see that differently. It is important to remember that many users often still in their teens, and thus are not full legal capacity currently. New times for affiliates “However, the times to start: the increasingly restrictive policy of relevant search engines with regard to the listing of purely sales-focused production Web sites on affiliate marketing base in the search indexes as well as with the paid ads already represents a major challenge for affiliates”, so the M. Kester by YOC AG. In an effort to provide relevant search results and the best search experience for their users, search engines are becoming less and less willing to provide the first places of their rankings price comparison services and other affiliates who operate clever search engine optimization, such as Google & co.. However the largest affiliates lose more and more traffic and so their most important business basis. “Tinkering with some pages and embed the banner is no longer enough to search engines” to mix with”, is also the experience of cone t, Managing Director of the Internet Agency Art2Digital InterMedia and the online PR platforms online

Only the mix of a niche topic, unique content and search engine knowledge will pay off in the long run. But not only the search engines make to create the affiliate industry. The strong influx of advertising partners provides for ringing cash registers, but at the same time for a shortage of advertising space. Because while the number of merchants is growing, the content provider remains constant. Urgently looking for content which increases not only the pressure on the merchants, to put together an attractive overall package optimization tools, incentives, commissions, payment conditions for affiliates. It forces also the affiliate networks, to keep existing affiliates with comfortable tools to acquire new. For many network, then the new Web 2.0 portals appear as saving anchor: affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize Web 2.0 with its communities and platforms. But has the Business the right way with these platforms to generate revenue, has not yet found. Source: InternetWorld