Attracting Referrals

Each of those people who in turn passed the registration at any ptc sponsor and a little spent on it reflects on how he would bring in more referrals and how to utilize the methods of solicitation. This is logical because people understand that 'I would rather get 1% cash as a result of the efforts of 100 people than 100% as a result of their own efforts. " How to do it? It is very simple Bring a number of examples that he actively use: The first things I started, so it is an active place on the web pages in all articles, most often it was the comments what kind of information about earnings at ptc sponsors. Attention! This method can kill your business. Why you ask, but because each of these ptc site, participates in the anti-spam program – this means that such mail is spam, what admins can just ban you! The second thing that I took as a basis for attraction, so it the use of social networks on the Internet. Probably every third person in the Internet has its own pages on social networking sites such as the 'Classmates', 'Vkontakte', 'My World', etc. So in each of these sites have the opportunity to create your own blog, community groups. Create a theme for your group earnings in the Internet and actively invite people to join her and for your ref-link.

The third approach is to place Information on the 'Translator', which gives the same result. Find such sites is very easy through the search engines. As a general rule, if you will be placing information on such sites, here triggered the rule: Better quantity rather than quality, ie the larger place, the higher will be the result. The fourth method, which I started using virtually idinakovy with the third. This location Jobs by rabotoustroystvu. But the main distinctive feature – it is imperative that such sites were able to constantly update its announcement that it was always in the forefront. The fifth version of the attraction of referrals – a creation of his blog. Here's my example: earn money on the internet – it's real! These methods are not in all possible ways of attracting referrals, but may be taken on the base.