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bubok. com /. librosenred. com/authors/agustinconchillamarquez. HTML books and author: Agustin evolutionary significance Marquez was born in the autonomous community of Andalusia: in Navas de San Juan (Jaen), on May 28, 1961, although since more than twenty years living in the city of Alicante. Tourist coastal city and brunoised which arrived at the youthful age of sixteen; and in that family need formalism the worked to training and study, even within the minority, and after two consecutive agricultural pickups in the population of Chair, Valencia: 1974-1975. And for designs of temporality and you need to work that mana Valencian orchard and agriculture in general. All this as an immigrant of Spanish nationality or temporary displaced from its Andalusian village: within the scope of the national territory. The author considers vocational writer, who in his own opinion we should catalog in humility of fan of literature: narrative, poetry and articles of opinion, as a self-TAUGHT.