Best Foreign Campaigns

Remember that outdoor advertising is a means aimed at the audience in motion, usually developing transportation, and always away from home. They are made up by so-called spectacular ads or billboards, by the publicity attached collective means of transport by ads placed in where passengers wait to address and by those who are placed on the inside of the shopping malls. Then the 10 best foreign campaigns of 2010: 1. Jay-Z/Bing: Jay-Z Decoded associated it with Bing, the Microsoft search engine, to promote your book through an ambitious global campaign that placed loose pages from the book of the rapper, Decoded, in 400 places around the world. Fans could use Bing maps to look for clues and find every one of the pages. That fan able to find 400 locations, would win a lifetime pass to see any concert of Jay-Z in any part of the world the rest of his life. 2. Clear Channel Outdoor: Las Vegas Strip Clear Channel changed the concept traditional static exterior advertising and making the Las Vegas Strip in an interactive Center where people passing by could publish their Foursquare check-ins and their updates from Twitter into digital panels to share with more than three million monthly visitors.

The first sponsors of the launch of winter were Coca Cola, Apple and Paramount Pictures. 3 Mobile Loaves & Fishes: I Am Here the Organization nonprofit Mobile Loaves & Fishes wanted to create a kind of visceral awareness about homeless people. Why it partnered with T3 Agency to perform a two day campaign during which a genuine homeless named Danny slept on a huge billboard, and pedestrians who passed by there could make donations via text message to find a home for him and his wife. In two days, Danny managed to find a roof, after collecting $12,000. 4 Mediavest and Crispin Porter: Kraft Blue Box Macaroni & Cheese Kraft partnered with Mediavest and Crispin Porter for a campaign that included interactive installations in the major markets in which they a with a smile generates a special message through the use of facial recognition technology.