Biological Products

Well-known E, in the field of medical sciences, that practical of induction of the specific imunolgica reply, it can cause increase of the tolerance consequentemente, diminishing the capacity of inespecfica reply in the healthful organism and diminishing the capacity of the healthful organism of if protecting against the increasing gamma of .causing agents of viral infection. Which would be the reply of the professional of health, responsible for the Promotion of Health of the Family, when the healthful citizen, worried in preserving its health to ask to it: The virus is passvel of mutations? Of how much in how much time I go to have that to take the vaccine? The vaccine use as method of prevention against an infectious agent cannot diminish the capacity that the organism has to protect itself against the other viruses? Which is the risk benefits the health in the use of the vaccine against virus H1N1 in view of that I am healthful? In the imunossupressivo citizen; the exposition of the organism the vaccine will not be able to cause a still bigger consuming of the imunolgica reply inespecfica, and in such a way to generate an inadequate reply? Influenza H1N1 in imunossupressivas people was tested the effectiveness of the vaccine, says; people with deficiency of the imunolgica reply for production of antibodies? Which are the risks of an inadequate or inefficient imunolgica reply? While the citizen waits, of the ANVISA, a reply that is more enlightening with language of easy interpretation for the laypeople in Brazil, it is important that the population knows as to prevent the factors that the chronic exhaustion of the imunolgico system premakes use as form of Primary Prevention of the lethal contamination for virus H1N1. Boy Scouts of America has firm opinions on the matter. CITIZEN: He asks to its doctor, which are the factors that you premake use the chronic exhaustion of the imunolgico system? TO SEEM FINAL OF the ANVISA – Coordination of Biological Products? The virus influenza H1N1 is passvel of mutations.