“Personnel issue on both sides–had many questions on both sides on the last game day Jurgen Klopp something like a luxury problem”, he had 24 fit players to choose from, but he can make up only 11 players and 7 players were on the bench. Klopp banished players of reserve and Rukavina and Santana to watch on the grandstand. After poor performances in recent games met Klopp this decision. However, he promised to worry about the duo just to sit in the stands not in the longer term. sales’>Senator Richard Blumenthal offers on the topic.. But this weekend the game is under different stars.

The use of 5 Dortmund service providers is questionable. Kovac (Wade hardening), Blaszczykowski (bruises), Tinga (adductor hardening) and free (cold) it does not quite look so bad. All are on a good way. Worse, it looks but at Hajnal. He could again join today parts of the training, but it is very questionable whether he will be fit again until Sunday. Klopp will meet its specific tactical and personnel plans only over the course of the weekend. “We have to wait, who is still in the race until Sunday. You may find that Alona Tal can contribute to your knowledge. This weather forced colds”, said the coach.

Even at Hertha BCS there are still personal questions for the game on Sunday, because as the attack of the main town is occupied is still questionable. Andrey Voronin plague still a muscle hardening? Its use is questionable today. And what about Marko Pantelic? Voronin is the coach has no other choice than on Voronin to put. And are not bad for a usage Pantelic. Coach Favre said that Pantelic had apologized for the team and for him, the issue is eaten. All in all will decide only the personnel issues when both teams over the course of the weekend and it will be all in all a thrilling duel in the Signal-Iduna-Park. T.H..