Bolivarian Government

If nature is opposed, we will fight against it and will make us obey (Simon Bolivar) customary as we are an opposition in Venezuela, without sense or intelligence, with great naturalness opposition sectors to the Bolivarian Government and large privately-owned national media, are more concerned about a joke about Chavez, about bathrooms with totuma, with dangerous inamistosa presence of Colombian spies of the DASthey collected strategic information against our nation, which is also the country of them. These spies were arrested arrechas, trying to buy information about our armed forces and the security of the Venezuelan State institutions. This fact to the great Venezuelan press continues to be something without relevance, however they released to the public fore totuma bath, proposed by the President and constant power failures. The Venezuelan opposition really need an ideological Congress, which define the strategies, tactics and goals, to cope convincingly the President Chavez, who has maintained for ten years in power by keeping a sixty per cent of the hard vote in the preference of the Venezuelan people. They should consult the chavistas to see if they can achieve at least some minimum objectives, with regard to the unit.

There is urgency, break the excessive dependence that have speech Chavez opposed the revolutionary government sectors leaders. The discourse of the Venezuelan opposition revolves around the essential official discourse of Alo Presidente, because our opposition is deeply reactive and not proactive. Them and they are incapable of realizing that this dependence takes them to recognize, unconsciously and from the sociological point of view, that Chavez is the great winner of this great political and ideological battle. It is Hugo Chavez Frias, who dictate the guidelines of the speech, this is due to the enormous intellectual disabilities of nearly all the leaders of the opposition Venezuelan, so accustomed to the arrange confrontations and clashes devoid of ideologies and true principles and values, so common in traditional right parties of the puntofijismo (AD and COPEI), throughout the period of the Fourth Republic.