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(0) b) Homossexualidade is not the sexual option ' ' tradicional' ' , but as educator I prefer to respect the differences and I intend to pass this for my pupils. (13) c) I do not have an opinion formed on the subject. Learn more about this topic with the insights from BSA. (0) d) I prefer not to answer. (0) In the first question all the professors would use the film for spreading and problematizao of the preconception against homosexuals, this sample that at the first moment thematic of the film not the cause constaints for them. In question following some participants show as option designated for them that she has little knowledge in the pedagogical field concerning the sexual diversities, that make with that the educators look for assist of other professionals as psychologists and psychiatrists to establish a debate on the subject with parents and pupils, therefore they are not felt psychologically apt to argue on the subject. It is observed in the third question that the majority of the educators as parents would accept the son homosexual, in the previous question where six of the thirteen participant educators had designated the option of that it would organize a lecture with psychologists, psychiatrists, parents and pupils on homossexualidade. In accordance with Toni Kings – president of the Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bissexuais, Travestis and Transexuais (ABGLT), many professionals of education still find that the homossexualidade is an illness that it needs to be treated and directs the pupil for a psychologist. Some professors had chosen the option prefer not to answer, of this way, perceives that these educators face difficulties to debate in such a way on homossexualidade in the pertaining to school space how much in the familiar scope. In the last question all the participants of the activity recognize that its function is to respect and to make with that its pupils also respect the differences, although not to consider the homossexualidade as being ' ' natural' '.