Business Administration

We all know products that have an emotional component in the purchase, pure rationality is not always present in our acquisitions. Thus, cologne ads tend to emphasize the seductive power of those who use them, but also high-priced items such as cars, homes, or certain brands of watches, for example, often are bought for status that provided to others. In this battle in the mind of the customer is very important from the crowd. In each category of items can be a number of basic features that have to meet everyone in it to compete. For example, toothpaste must fight tooth decay. They may also be desirable other qualities, such as tartar, preventing bad breath, with tooth whitening Marketing is a battle for positioning in the mind of the customer. No matter so much the actual characteristics of the product but the attributes assigned to the client.

All this would lead to a battle where it could be difficult to differentiate, so the best thing is to concentrate the focus, even sacrificing the emphasis on other features, and trying to position itself as the best at something. For example, the cream that makes your teeth whiter, or are caring for your gums, or the most appropriate for teeth sensiblest. Of course, all these positions do not mean that these creams do not fight tooth decay or bad breath, which so do, but concentrate on a feature to try to distinguish themselves from the mass. Sometimes, this differentiation involves high doses of candor, recognizing or promoting characteristics that in principle might seem bad, but through an implicit reasoning become good. a For example, in the case of Listerine mouthwash strong flavor. This quality could be in principle a disadvantage, and there were even competitors positioned themselves as good-tasting mouthwash.

Against this, Listerine could argue he did not know that bad, change your taste, or do what he did, recognize (launched a campaign entitled a The taste you hate twice) and reposition this quality implying that stronger flavor a mataba more microbes. Another example would be tomatoes, tomatoes are very tasty, but looked a bit a feta . At this time we live in would not be impossible to have had a better look, but this rarity gives them distinction, are easily identified, and even cut better. A third example would be the frosting deal 1880, which positions itself as a the world’s most expensive a . Although at first sight, a feature not desirable, the implicit reasoning involved is that if they acknowledge and even boast that they are the most expensive, must be because it has better quality. Pablo Rodriguez is a graduate in Business Administration, Auditing postgraduate in MBA and Master, passionate world economics and business management.