Business Examples

Thus was born the project "therefore choose a designer," which turned into a club fashion, "My Line". – You are a graduate program "First Business". Whether such projects help to start their own business, because you can in perfectly learn the theory of business, and another thing – to translate all this into practice? – "First Business" – a very good school. But to go without their own business idea does not make sense. We came back with a real project, and already in a student-faculty advisory it corrected. Here you have the motivation to learn, because you know, more than all the count during the study, the less money you will make it in the future, after consulting services are expensive. I graduated from the banking institution, is now the cfo of the cutaneous plant. That is some kind of knowledge base I had.

But when you start your own business, confronted with so many underwater stones. There are various non-standard situations where you just do not know what to do. In "First Business" Teachers are taught not to American books, tips of which are in our reality do not work, and examples from domestic business. Often – from their own examples, since many of those invited to teach in this project have their own business. And what examples can lead the majority of teachers from the university if they themselves are aware of business practices only from books? – Was it difficult to raise capital to start? – We work in the service sector, and here to enter the business does not need such a large starting capital than in the goods and services or in production. There is a formula on which success – it is energy multiplied by time multiplied by the money.