Call Center Management

Looking after the ‘the truth tell’ the inbound and outbound actors be can not so quickly get rid mentality even in the near future of their negative image. Over millions of opt-in addresses of consumers are circulating in call-center circles resemble explosives and provide sufficient legal attack surface. Terms such as address, data abuse, gag contracts and pirate shops back the communications industry on the moral siding. But the real problem is extensive, it is not only about the misappropriation of personal data but mainly to the ethics and morality in the modern call center management. It makes it seem, as the question whether the operation of a dialogue and customer service agency can be operated at all yet morally. A sales representative of a company per hour perhaps has 2-3 times the opportunity to submit overly optimistic offers its customers or business partners, comes an average call centre agent on 8-15 NET contacts per Hour.

Sabine Schleinig, founder and operator of customer communications agency Saha marketing service GmbH Frankfurt am Main has a clear focus: truth sells best! The communication is interface and heart artery of the customer service. Quality, expansion and sustainable livelihoods are only be achieved if the desire of the people is recognized and complied with honesty and commitment.” Following this philosophy the industry efforts are everywhere. In the schools, courses and the companies that today more per ethics and morality preached the motto of tell the truth tell the truth’ arrives now at the German call center service providers. Companies that hire for their communications service provider, are well-advised to put truth, clarity and social skills – addition on the factors about the price because who pays with peanuts, must not be surprised, if its customers are served by monkeys! Contact for press inquiries: F. Alexander KEP (Marketing and sales) Saha marketing service GmbH Mainzer Landstrasse 47 D-60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone: + 49 (0) 700 999 333 66 E-Mail: Internet: about s.m.s Saha marketing service GmbH: S.M.S.

Saha marketing service GmbH of an experienced partner for effective in-house and nearby customer customer care -, communication – and support center solutions. S.M.S. stands for efficient relationship, process – and quality management. Customer-oriented, integrative actions of project-related staff, as well as the common desire for success are the decisive key functions.