Campaign Hasbro

The main activities in this area, which under the force of full service advertising agency are: – Organization of a solid advertising. – Preparation and distribution of press releases. – Assistance in organizing and holding press conferences. – Creation of an interview with the heads of the media. – Publishing articles on non-commercial nature. – Holding commemorative events.

– Sponsorship activities. – Publication of annual reports. – Issue corporate publications for staff and clients. – Tour of the enterprise. – Organizing and conducting scientific and technical conferences. During these activities, except the first, it should be borne in mind that they do not replace but complement advertising; have positive information to the public consciousness and create a trust relationship between producer and consumer.

Crown of the advertising agency is to develop a brand campaign, which allows to obtain additional income, helps to distinguish the product from similar campaigns faceless products, which simplifies the process of selecting a product or service consumer removes dripping manufacturer and its products from competitors, facilitates the release of new products in related markets, establishes a relationship with a buyer on an emotional level, lets talk about the future of the campaign. Here are just a partial list of services provided by these firms and advertising agencies from which it follows that the cost of the services of advertising agencies conducting market research on the qualitative level – high, and is more than one thousand dollars if the order includes all activities, then its value increases many times. The price of services of these advertising agencies depend on long-term contract and budget plus the costs the agency itself to produce advertising materials. Self-employment in these areas is much more expensive, because these ad agencies have long been cooperating with the media, the rates offered by them significantly lower than the previous exhibition in the media directly. Non-professional studies in this area may entail erroneous results, and therefore unnecessary expense funds, as well as a significant drop in image. It's just a case of cheap is not always advantageous. Head of Campaign Hasbro ink., Herbert Bown (Herbert Baum) said: "Market research – a very important step for the process of corporate marketing. I do not think that someone can take marketing decision without research, as this will cause you to lose a lot of time and money. a>. "