Campaign Managers

I request help. I work at a company that has been involved in a financial crisis. A consequence of this crisis his image has been seriously damaged, both in the minds of their internal publics and public opinion. That is why I appeal to you to see if they could give me websites or references and articles where the subject of communication plans concerned in times of crisis. Wrecker! Often we find this request for help in the advertising agencies, in virtual forums, magazines, newspapers, and, frequently, there are no immediate visible alternatives. Several years back I have served as spokesman, publicist, journalist, public relations, communications director or Manager of marketing of several multinational companies.

Also, on the other hand, I have been a prestigious international advertising agency account executive and now am consultor independiente. In all these roles has touched me face situations of scandals and attacks through News in media (radio, press, television or internet) to my brand, my company or my customer looking for its loss of prestige or influence public opinion for the purpose of competing in unfair manner or by conflict of commercial interests in the majority of cases. How preserving the image of my institution or client and their brands in these difficult times? This is the big question that we become professionals of communication when our company – suddenly – is in the spotlight of the media and his name appears in large headlines with negative adjectives. We went to respond? But what will we respond? Is contrapoducente answer these attacks? Is it better to remain silent and let the news circulating and expect to lower the negative noise? Journalists who seek our version of events we attend? And if this rather makes things worse? Go pressing moments! It is incredible but the silence also communicates! Staying silent is not the best solution, but should be planned carefully and strategically the key messages of contingency to disclose to achieve a proper positioning that change, or at least balance the discursive context of the public debate through the media. It is a mistake to think that with a conventional advertising campaign we will succeed, this is just one tool among others that could be used, depending on each situation.

The handling a situation crisis specifically and in general the image management and corporate communication has experienced in the last ten or fifteen years an unusual development. In some countries is still an unknown discipline but be charged boom soon. Globalization and entry into force of free trade agreements with the consequent arrival of international companies accustomed to a high corporate culture and knowledgeable about this subject, oblige to communication professionals and business executives training, planning, control and measure the image of the institution, that is your highest value asset.