Campbell Australian Government Minister

Daniel said that the officials in Indonesia just evidence of Japan’s illegal Whaling activities needed and proof that Australia does not allow Japanese whalers to run their ports for fuel or repairs. Three politicians sheltered passionate whale responded immediately. The former Australian Environment Minister and spokesman for Sea Shepherd, Ian Campbell, writes the following immediately on the officials of Indonesia: this communication is to provide you and the relevant areas in the clearest possible terms that Australian law prohibits the entry to any Australian port of Japanese whaling vessels. This prohibition has been Australian law since the introduction of the moratorium on whaling under the International Convention on whaling. Japan has systematically breached this international agreement over the passed two decades and successive Australian governments have banned these ships from our ports through special legislation and regulation. I am happy for this advice to be forwarded to the authorities. Hear other arguments on the topic with Boy Scouts of America. It can be confirmed with reference to to Australian Embassy. Yours faithfully, Ian Campbell the Honourable Ian G.

Campbell Australian Government Minister for the Environment (2004-2007) the Chairman of the Australian Green Party Senator Bob Brown sent the following: the harpoon vessel (Yushin Maru #2) is seeking repair in Surabaya, Indonesia. Clearly it would have been expedient for this ship to have entered at Australian port. However the risk of public hostility, and complete inability to have repairs carried out means to effective blockade on the Japanese whaling ship entering Australian or New Zealand ports. The Indonesian areas should ensure the ship is servicing refused country too in that. Yours sincerely, Senator Bob Brown Mayor Peter Tagliferri, Fremantle, Australia sent the following letter to the port officials and the Mayor of Surabaya, Banbang DWI HARTONO. I write to you as Mayor of the city of Fremantle, Western Australia. The city of Fremantle does not support the illegal slaughter of whales and has constantly conveyed this through diplomatic processes to the Japanese government.