Canada-coins Shine In The Splendour Of The Maple Leaf Anniversary

Collection of Canadian coins (pdn) one of the world’s most important coins 2009 celebrates its 30th birthday: the maple leaf from the famous Royal Canadian Mint, which last year celebrated its 100th anniversary, the eponymous maple leaf in the finest precious metal bears still proudly marked. It was the 2nd January 1808, when the fourth Earl Grey (Al) wrote the history. Before the gathered economic, financial and political prominence, the Canadian Governor-General launched at that time in Ottawa the minting of the first coin produced in their own country, a 50-cent piece. It took the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), the Royal Canadian Mint, officially their soon internationally recognized work on. Her current President Ian Bennett can look back rightly proud of what has been achieved: In the course of the last century, the Mint has played an important role in the economic and social structure of our nation by her course and commemorative coins produced, a true Legacy of Canada’s rich heritage and its values are.” Not to mention the investment coins made of gold and silver as the world famous maple leaf.

The 30-year anniversary of the maple leaf is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the mentioned rich cultural heritage of Canada and to gather a valuable and yet affordable collection of coins from the Royal Canadian Mint in silver for coin collectors. The maple leaf stands out especially by its extremely high content of fine silver of 999.9/1000. On the back of the maple leaf is the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. This and the execution of the usual high quality of the impression Royal Canadian coin, the maple leaf connect other silver commemorative coins of the collection. For example the silver coin French colonization”, that the first settlers sailing ships from the distant France recalled in 2004 at the crossing at that time 400 years ago.

Even further back in the history he reaches Canada silver dollars dating back to 1972, the quiet has a sliding in his canoe Indians to the motif through the wilderness and duly pays tribute to the indigenous people of the continent. A younger Edition of Canadian 1 dollar coins had in 1998 the also memorable theme mounted police”: Canadian Mounted Police celebrated its 125th anniversary this year. The coin shows a the famous Mounties, high on horseback against an impressive scenery. Already these few examples show how diverse and distinctive Canadian coins to capture the story of this great and peace-loving nation in the collector coin cassettes is capable of. By the unusual design and stamping art of the venerable Royal Canadian Mint and the outstanding quality of the impression the Canadian silver coins are among world’s coveted collection objects for decades. Here, the strict spending policy of the Government in Ottawa ensures confidence and solidity. That has already led to some of the coins released earlier The sustained years silver boom does rest increases in value. Canada’s silver coins are so not just a little more interesting country history of North America, but also a worthwhile investment.