Case Music

At first glance, the first way is preferable, because they are constantly in contact with all new music, songs, people Art, you're always a sovershenstvuesh in music. But this way is good if you had already reached certain peaks and regulations. Or if you can find a creative work, where almost nothing from you do not need, but pay (Occasionally, if lucky, and sometimes is). We are talking about starting young, unknown artists music and songs, which in most cases, the first option is waiting for roughing, a thankless job "on Uncle "is essentially different from any other work only on the order of a lower salary. Yes, plus another side effect: the music on the orders may be sick of it. Writing new music and lyrics do in your spare time and glad I chose the second option.

And while the music doing in their spare time and with pleasure. Of course, time is short, have to deal with fits and starts, when no one interferes. But this is rare. Official site: BSA. But it happens. and At such moments you want to splash out the accumulated emotions, impressions, put them in a melodious romantic music and songs.

Equipment for composing new music and lyrics is good for that now I have the bare necessities (Third paragraph) – an apartment that has a corner with a table on which are connected with each other computer, synthesizer, amplifier, speakers, headphones, microphone. In addition, there is a music software and guitar. But it was not always the case. Yet some 10 years ago because of all this I had only room in Shabby dorm, recorder and guitar. If you love, inspired by love – the arrangement of bright emotions in the language of new music and lyrics may and in modest circumstances, but in this period I created the melody and lyrics of most of their best, the most beautiful romantic songs. Because I was in love, inspired this romantic love, and emotions are literally bursting with me. I wanted them to experience again and again. And for this arrangement of bright emotions in the language of new music and songs, followed by repeated listening to their suits as well as possible. So, everything is relative: if you have the ability, emotion, the desire and inspiration (the fourth, fifth and sixth paragraphs), then it is enough and minimum conditions.