Casts On Kids

Casts of children’s hands and feet – a great opportunity to preserve the memory of my childhood! What could be finer than a baby in the lives of his parents, his every movement, every smile, every step of causing her mother a desire to remember and always keep in mind all the happy moments. From the first minutes of birth a baby, we love it, love these small things like toys, feet, hands Could there be something more touching and sweet? Unfortunately, children are growing so fast that we simply do not have time for them: we take pictures of their kids, take videos, running his palms on a paper that even for a moment to stop the happiest moments of our lives. Moments of tenderness and love, carefree smiles of children, gentle touch of hands, reliable warmth of family – is that, for what makes life worth living. And many are now aware of this. At the moment, Russia is increasingly gaining popularity service making casts of children’s hands and feet in decoration.

How it looks, you can see on the site. Exclusive songs from the casts of hands and feet toddler can “stop time” because the show will agree to your child years from now 10, what he had tiny puffy ‘paws’ and not just the photo, but almost ‘alive’ – it is a real miracle! These unusual services immediately became, if not fashionable, it really popular. Another would be: touching palm or heel of your baby will be embodied in a miniature sculpture, retaining all the happiest moments of life.