Catholic Church

In the case of Mexico, a country with serious disadvantages economic front to its northern neighbor, the participation of the Church in the social sector (hospitals, primary, secondary schools, bachelors, universities, orphanages, nursing homes, homes for the treatment of addictions, houses for the aid of single teenage mothers, institutions like Caritas and many others) has not been back, that year with years saves the Mexican State several million pesos to attend a significant number of people on different social statements. In my own experience, as a graduate of a Salesian educational institution, this being just one of many religious orders living in our country, I realize how this religious community has in particular helped to improve the level of education at the national level and has put special care in supporting the most vulnerable sectors of the population. In addition, would have to recognize the hard work of literacy and education of priests in various marginalized communities in general. All this without counting groups of missionaries that come together every year to assist indigenous communities more abandoned. Now well, continuing with the study of Sam Miller, in health and social welfare, the Catholic Church Jan USA has 637 hospitals non-profit and cater to 1 of every 5 people in that country; without distinction of race, culture or creed. Additionally, they host 1 of every 5 indigent, at a cost to the Church of 2.3 trillion dollars a year. This does not differ much from the reality that exists in our country, where the Catholic Church serves a number of organizations medical and social that they seek help to people of all income levels to a range of problems; included health problems, addictions, among others.

Only in Guadalajara, my home town, thanks to the Diocesan Food Bank, 85 thousand poor families have access to the basic basket, a clear example of how the Catholic Church is a social driver of extreme importance in the region and the country. After displaying these data hope that the reader this pleased and proud to be Catholic. We must keep our faith strong, despite the bad apples that exist on both sides, and remember that finding a rotten Apple doesn’t mean that the entire tree this rotten, sometimes the circumstances work shaking the tree that ends up getting rid of bad fruits, and thus again the Church is renewed with a better membership. Either way, brethren in Christ, I call on them to walk with head on high, since we are members of one of the organizations most collaborative, largest and most important in the world. Fear not sign in the morning, go to mass on Sundays, although the neighbor see them, strive to deepen the knowledge of their religion, and above all rejoice to be Catholic!