Central Bank

The benchmark interest rate (Selic rate) is currently at an historic low of 8.75%, and everything indicates they will remain at that level. For the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) Central Bank series of interest rate cuts performed between January and July lagged effects will continue to boost the economy. The Copom also see the prices contained economy, which is a message on the profile that will keep monetary policy in the interest of economic recovery. A happy Lula said after the news of GDP growth: a Este country really was more prepared than the entire developed world to tackle the economic crisis, rather than all over Europe and the United States . But Lula is not only celebrating the end of the recession in Brazil. The importance of the Brazilian economy in the region increases the prospects for recovery by the beneficial effects that increased economic activity in Brazil may have on product demand American.

The Argentines, saddened by the defeat in football against the selection of Rio, held in the economy improving neighbor by their direct implications on the industry in Argentina. The recovery of Brazil also has a solid foundation of sustainability in the long term. The grounds for confidence that this is so, is a proactive long-term policy to which you are adding more social justice. In this context that a few days ago the creation of a new state oil company, that will manage the deepwater fields, discovered three years ago, applying the benefits that such an activity to improve health and education in Brazil .