Charity Society

Equally it is admitted, in the moderate ways, a socratria construction, supported for four forts pillars: Education, Philosophy, Politics and Religion. Wild Pine Blacksmith congregated in its person, the life and the workmanship, those four dimensions of the man in society. For more information see Center For Responsible Lending. In the religious scope, the author of a indication of which is the virtues that, in the Christian religion, the man must observe: Faith, Hope and Charity, whose characterization it looks for to make in accessible language. The interest in if approaching the religion, any that it is, inhabits in the fact of this component of the human being, at least in the majority of the people, being part of universally recognized the human rights. With effect, Pine Blacksmith defending and giving to priority to the religion catholic, implicitly recognizes, for the natural law of the freedom, other religions, of remaining portion, as Christian that it was, certainly it practised the virtues that defended and through the charity it would have the obligation of being tolerant and to develop the love to the next one. Retaking, however, other aspects from which if it looks for to demonstrate that the Social Philosophy, Educational and Politics of Wild Pine Blacksmith have interest for the Human Rights in the actualidade, for what three are written down plus these sources: First: How much to the Social Philosophy, it is verified that the concept of social rights, in this author, drift of the established one for the social or positive laws that constitute decisions taken for the men, congregated in society. In this direction they point its projectos of construction of associations, of creation of banks, foundation of society of mutual socorros, establishments of industrial education. Thought and share for the resolution of the problems of the community. In the Silvestrina society all the citizens have right to the work or, in the lack of this, to the official supports for its survival, however, it is obligation of the individual to provide the ways of its subsistence, through the work, in a profession for which it has physical and moral capacity.